Video Evidence Gallery

Below are short clips and videos with the best audio and visual evidence we have collected from our investigations. The most recent videos are on top,  older towards the bottom. More to come!

† † †         LCP Case 15 Dolan House Investigation, Jan 30 2013         † † †


† † †         LCP Dolan House Interview Jan 30 2013         † † †


† † †         LCP No Scum Allowed Saloon! Jan 26 2013 Evidence         † † †


† † †         LCP Fort Stanton Live! 2012 Audio and Video Evidence         † † †


† † †            LCP Capitan Cemetery EVP's            † † †

Random EVPs we caught in the Capitan Cemetery one night a few weeks ago, 35 minuet session we caught 16 evps, not too bad! Enjoy! =)

† † †            LCP Case #8 Fort Stanton            † † †

This was our second investigation of the Sierra Building, aka the Hospital. We captured so much evidence! over 200 EVPs/Voices! We threw in the best ones on the video; Soon we'll post a second video of the voices we captured on our ghost box. [A note from Sumi: I would like to apologize for it taking us so long to post this! its been like 4 months since we did this investigation. It was a hard winter and our main computer crashed, we almost lost all our evidence, and its been a struggle. We were short on help from the begining, going through I think it was about 40 hours of evidenc, sorting and putting everything together in our spare time. That alone took a whole month! We've tried to improve our video this time around, I did the voice overs as best I could, lol; its still not perfect but we are still short on time; at least we finally got it done and posted! I really hope you guys enjoy it! =D Thanks as always to everyone for your time and interest in what we do! Remember to leave us some feedback! And hope to see and hear from you agian on our future investigations; we get better at it each time! ;)

† † †            LCP's Complete Compilation of Enhanced EVPs            † † †

This video is a compilation of all our previous EVPs from past investigations and other things we've done, enhanced with our new software. You've heard all of these before, but now you can hear them better; we've figured out what some of them say, but some we still have no clue. Please Enjoy! And leave us some feedback and comentary! ;)

† † †            LCP: A Compilation of Random EVPs            † † †

We've had these laying around for a while now, no rhyme or reason to them. These are EVPs we've caught around our home and in the Capitan Cemetery etc. I've been meaning to compile and post these for a while now; consider it a late Halloween present! Enjoy! and as always, thanks a million for your time and support!!!!

† † †            LCP: Fort Stanton Investigation            † † †


Our biggest and most exciting Investigation yet! The historic Fort Stanton! Go here (insert link later) to learn about the rich history of this U.S. fort! Please watch and lis­ten care­ful­ly! We broke this one down into 2 video clips; the first video contains all our EVPs, pictures, and video evidence captured at Ft. Stanton's historic hospital, which was also used as a womens prison and more throughout its time. It now sits unused. The second video of evidence is more debatable between skeptics, so we kept it separate. We caught even more evidence than we are sharing here, for as of yet we are unable to transfer it to our computer/upload it online successfully. Go here(insert link later) to read about this investigation in further detail, including personal experiences and descriptions of the evidence we've yet to upload!

† † †            LCP: CASE #6 EVIDENCE VIDEO            † † †

Location: Basement of a House on East Lobo, Capitan NM.These are the best EVPs we caught, a few are hard to hear. On the investigation we heard a lot of thumps bangs and scratches, but not all were caught on record and such sounds are generally hard to prove or disprove so we left those out. We confirmed that the name Jack was the name of the previous owner, who died in the basement of a heart attack. *update* we were able to make out what a few EVPs said. the first one we didn't know says:" turn the water off in the hall to the well", it says it really quick we had to slow it down al ot. it seems to be residual, and it is relevant, there's a switch for the water to the well in the hall. the last one we didn't know says: "i cut you, I'll kill you!" there is also the word "No!" before "Bring it!"
† † †            LCP House Session #1            † † †

One of our first Investigations, right in our own house! The girl speaking in the EVP saying "I died" we believe is a young girl named Magdaline. If you listen close you will also notice there is something talking before her, and through what she says. The EVP of the man saying "Gettin a little antsy" we believe is the ghost of a miner named Carl; Kevin saw a full apparition of him once when he was a kid. When we asked if there was any relation between Carl and Magdaline we got the response "Direct" so we believe she may have been his daughter. So far we have been unable to find any historical records to verify our theories, but we are still looking.