The Members

This page lets you get to know all our members! Who is who and who does what, and a little bit about who they are.

Current Members:

Sumi, Kevin, Kenny, Marla, John, Vick, and Jeramy


Co-founder, along with Kevin; Sumi is in charge of most all our web related activities; building our website, doing updates, email, typing, compiling, research, scheduling investigations and more. She is good at taking notes and organizing. She helps with a lot of evidence review and presentations. She's good at the tedious stuff. She seems to have a lot of luck in photography, as a large chunk of our photographic evidence was captured by Sumi. Last but not least, she is a beginner sensitive; she can feel energies and can psychically pick up on these energies and interpret them into words and images in her mind; her instincts are always quite accurate, if not spot on. She is always learning!

Kevin is our sound guy; he worked at the Spencer Theater for 4 years and is a highly trained sound and lighting technician. He contributes a great deal to our gear and tech department. He is the one who usually sets up most if not all our equipment and still cameras, etc. Kev is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects and has a great strategical mind, always there with helpful suggestions and ideas.


Kenny Walter

A member as of 2017, Kenny works out at Fort Stanton, and has been doing living history out there for a year.
Enthusiastic about our local history and equipped with an awesome camera, he's a great new addition to the team!

Marla Caughron

Another new member as of 2017, Marla, like the rest of us, has had paranormal experiences in the past, and has been a close friend for many years, having attended a number of our past events and presentations. Glad to have another girl on the team!

Jeramy Narramore

Another new member as of 2017, Jeramy is a long time friend of Kevin, and also has a past and an interest in the paranormal.

John Shultz

Another new member, John offers his knowledge on local history and more; He works for Lincoln historic site and participates in Fort Stanton's Garrison activities.

Vick (Victoria) Suzette

Guest/new member, Vick is new to the ghost hunting scene; she did a great job on her first time out! Having fresh outside perspectives gives our ghost hunting balance.



One of the 4 original members of LCP, Jerry is to some degree our skeptic, and is knowledgeable in various fields. He is usually one of our camera guys, helps carry equipment, etc.

✠Kori aka Seph
A sensitive and an aura reader, she is a magnet for the paranormal; wherever she goes, activity follows! She has a great amount of experience with the paranormal. One of our lead investigators, Seph (short for Persephone) contributes enormously to LCP in many ways, and is a crucial member of our team. Her specialties of equipment are the Ghost Box and our new phone apps, as she seems to have good luck using these to communicate with the spirits. (Side note: Previously referred to as Kori, for those of you who have kept up with us since the start, her old name is still in our older videos.)

Our new investigator as of June 2012! Currently working on completing his degree in History, he has had a fascination with the paranormal for a long time, and has had past experiences with spirits, much like the rest of us. Dedicated,  Lewis is good at communications, making calls, getting and scheduling investigations for us, as well as doing interviews.

Brian Scott ✠
Our other new member as of July 2012! He is bringing a lot of experience and background to LCP and we are thrilled to have him! An all around good guy, he is a Singer/Songwriter, graphic designer; National Karaoke Champion '09 & Top 10 World Karaoke Champion. Judge for ABC TV's Karaoke Battle USA. Restaurant Owner of the "Blue Goose Cafe" and later "New Cali Cafe" in Ruidoso NM. With a long time interest in the Paranormal, Brian is friends with Joe Chin and Scott from GHI.


Jake has helped us out a few times with our Telecommunication. He has the phone skills the rest of us don't have! And he's also our comic relief; the ghosts really seem to enjoy and respond to his jokes.

He is our other cameraman; during his first investigation with us he did a wonderful job! Thanks man!


Teresa Sousa✠

 Teresa is always there to give us feedback, sharing her stories, experiences, and photos, as well as some historical knowledge. Thanks for your continued support!


Jerry Scott
Lewis Dodson
Group pic after case 9