Raw Footage!!!

 Welcome to our library of raw footage, fresh off the memory cards!

Here's the deal. With as much equipment as we have and set up, we end up with A LOOOOT of footage! And it takes forever for us to go through alone. Evidence review is the thing we need the most help with; even with as many members as we have, between our jobs/careers, families, lives in general, it gets hard for us to get through everything in a timely manner. So! We have decided to make this raw footage page! Linked below are all of the raw footage files we have saved on our SkyDrive, those which we have and haven't had time to go through. Whoever is interested is more than welcome to peruse what we have here, and let us know what you find, if we captured anything credible! Take notes and tell us the time signature where you think you see/hear something, so we can go back and give it a watch/listen, and tell you what we think; and if we believe its credible and indisputable we'll clip it out and post it online with the rest of our evidence! By the way, helping us review newer evidence which we haven't gone through is the most helpful ;)

Another reason we have decided to do this, is because we  thought some of you would have fun with it, getting to watch us in action, what we do, and get to know us. Plus, perhaps those of you with more time on your hands, may be more likely to catch the things we've missed, if there are any, since we only keep an eye/ear out for big things; visuals and audio that are unmistakably there; things that are indisputable; anything that is a "maybe" we throw out the window. That's why we have added old files we have gone through along with the new ones we haven't. We always appreciate outside, unbiased opinions; fresh eyes and ears!
Thank You, and Have at it!
*NOTICE* LCP owns all the rights to all footage posted. you may not take credit, edit, or re-distribute our footage without our written consent.

New Footage! (We haven't gone through this stuff, at all.)

Notes: We used Audacity to record our live mic sessions. Audacity is a great free audio program!

Dolan House, Linoln NM, Case #15, Jan 30 2013. 15 of our Live Mic sessions from that night.

Notes: we have not had the time to listen to this footage; also, we caught very few EVPs from this case on our other 4 recorders, so we dont expect we caught much on these sessions.

Old Footage. (We've gone through this stuff before, but threw this up here for the fun of it.)

No Scum Allowed Saloon, White Oaks, NM, Case #14, Jan 26 2013. Our Live mic sessions from this investigation.
Notes: There was some contamination this night, from people in the adjacent room. we did not hear much we could not explain away; however we got a number of good ghost box and phone app hits.