LCP's Photographic Evidence

 No Scum Allowed, White Oaks,
   Picture Gallery   

In this gallery you will see our collection of paranormal photographs caught in the No Scum Allowed Saloon, in White Oaks NM. None of these have been tampered with, hoaxed, or in any way faked. They are not camera malfunctions nor any other normal occurrence that we can decipher; I remind you here that  we are experienced and know the difference between dust and orbs, fog/steam/smoke and mists, normal lights and unexplained ones, etc. I assure you we post nothing but the best of our evidence, what we have deemed REAL and unexplainable. For this gallery we have enhanced some of the photos (brighten, sharpen, contrast) so they may be more easily viewed.

We captured 2 great full spectrum photos! We've tried to explain these rationally, we thought both of them might have been an LCP team member at first, but everyone was accounted for. This first picture we feel is especially indisputable. If you look, you can see near the center of the photo, (just above the blond's head) LCP member Lewis's face is bright and illuminated by the equipment he was looking at, and right above and behind his head there seems to be another person/head looking over his shoulder. Lewis is sitting at a table, and there are saddles and other stuff piled up in the corner. not only is there no room for someone to be standing back there, but if someone were, their face should be similarly illuminated by the equipment's light. It seems like Lewis is casting a little bit of a shadow on it, and it is casting a close shadow on the wall. If it was a person more in the foreground, their shadow cast should be much larger against the wall. the second photo is clipped, enlarged, and circled for clairity.

 In this photo, you can see LCP member Persephone; and passing behind her, it looks like someone walking past. Even in motion, everyone else shows up with more detail in our full spectrum photos; whoever this is, is very see-through. Almost everyone sees a cowboy wearing jeans and a cowboy hat. One woman disputed that she saw a woman, and thought there was a skirt, however you can pretty clearly see legs and space between them. there is also an arm extending out, just above the hitching post.
What do you think?

 Lastly, we captured what we think may be a credible orb, bottom right of this photo; scroll down to the next photo to see it enlarged and circled. we are very skeptical when it comes to orbs, since there are so many things an orb could be. we did have some precipitation outside that night, however while we were out during the time we caught this photo, the other photos before and after this one of the same area were clear, no orbs, nothing. this one is pretty bright, and it is not circular, as most normal orbs appear to be; it has an odd shape to it. judge for yourself!

Apparition behind Lewis
Apparition circled
Apparition next to Seph
Possible orb, bottom right
Possible Orb circled