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June 2013 updates

June 10, 2013
Showing our very first documentary this friday at the Ruidoso Public Library! scroll down to read more details about it!

We were trying to schedule another investigation at Fort Stanton in June, to capture new evidence and investigate some new buildings, so as to have new footage to show the public this year at Fort Stanton Live, but we have been put on hold. Reguardless, we will do what we can to show you guys something awesome like we always do! Come see us July 13 at Fort Stanton Live! Im sure we'll be in the Socorro Building like usual.

Also, we are working with ENMU, discussing doing some sort of class/tour close to Halloween this year; say a 2 hour course and an investigation to follow at a chosen location; we've yet to figure out the details. We've also discussed doing a Halloween tour at Fort Stanton like we'd planned on last year, when Santa Fe declined our request; since we've got an earlier start this year, we're hoping more things will fall into place, but I cant promise anything yet.

 We also went back to No Scum Allowed Saloon on April 13; unfortunately this time we didn't seem to catch too much evidence, however We did a lot of documentary filming, and met lots of cool people out there; we had a great time! We were, and are still planning, to make a White Oaks Documentary. We were going to show it this Friday, June 14, but unfortunately ran into some problems and had to change our documentary topic back to Fort Stanton. We didnt have as much footage as we'd like to make a substantial documentary on White Oaks and No Scum, partly due to some contamination in our footage. Until we have more to work with on that project,
everyone is welcome to view our evidence video from No Scum on Jan 26; check it out HERE! Dates changed and We went to investigate the St. James Hotel in Cimarron on April 24; caught a good orb picture, and 2 really cool orbs on camera! I know, its June and we still havnt uploaded our investigation footage; I'm really sorry guys! life happens, I've been workin from dawn till dusk for at least a month now; I'm hoping to be caught up with this and everything else soon!!! I do my best to keep my word and I hate it when i fall behind, i always think i'll have more time to do things, but life doesnt like to follow a schedule, lol.

We've been published in the Ruidoso Free Press, read the articles HERE and HERE! Thanks Eugene and Milu, and Everyone at the Free Press, you guys are awesome!

Thanks again to SOPAH paranormal for inviting us on their radio show March 15, we had a great time chatting with you guys!

Lastly, Check out our new Raw Footage page, and Terms and Conditions page!

 ***We Investigated the Dolan House in Lincoln Jan 30! Please read our  Investigation Blog , and See the pictures we got HERE. View our Interview with the Owners of the Dolan House HERE. See our evidence video HERE.***

Busy Busy Busy!

March 15, 2013
2013 is getting better and better for us! We have been booked to investigate the St. James Hotel in Cimarron! March 25. Also, on March 15 we have been invited as a guest on SOPAH paranormal's radio show! If you have a story to tell or a question about the paranormal, there will be a plethora of paranormal knowledge on this show CALL IN!!! (907)474-5782 Talk to you all TONIGHT!!! LIVE from KSUA Fairbanks,AK and MTD Radio Ruidoso,NM!!!

Last but not least we were published in the Ruidoso Free...

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2013 is here!

January 25, 2013
Geez! Sorry guys i thought i'd posted more updates since last time. Our attempt at a Halloween tour last fall didn't pan out, everyone was so excited about it too, we were really disappointed when Santa Fe denied us permission to hold a public event at Fort Stanton. We tried to get a few things going after that last fall, but an immediate family member took a turn for the worst, and died of cancer in early December. After our winter hiatus, January 2013 has been a good start of the year for ...
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Fort Stanotn Live, Saturday July 14 2012

June 7, 2012
NEWS! Currently setting up 2 investigations for June. We will be at Ft. Stanton Live Saturday July 14th, we have the Socorro building (aka old nurses quarters, same place we were last year) roughly from 1-4pm, we will have 2 presentations which i will post times for that later, and in the side room we will have all our stuff set our for people to look at, for the whole time we are there. A big thanks to everyone at Fort Stanton for inviting us back, I've been told we had many inquiries and re...
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Been a while...

November 25, 2011
Just after our last event, fort stanton live, an imediate family member got diagnosed with a terminal cancer, which im sure you can imagine has caused alot of things to happen; between that, work, and life, LCP has been on hiatus. We're all itching to hunt again soon, hopefully we'll get rollin again soon. We never even got to finish posting up the evidence from our last hunt unfortunately, which is regrettable since we said we'd post it soon, lol; but thats life! what can ya do. Our blog ran...
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Fort Stanton Live! stuff

August 8, 2011
Thank You, everyone who went out to the event and saw us! We had alot of technical difficulties the night before and that morning, but we managed to figure it out! somehow, lol. We only wish we could've shown you our original presentation, which was much better, but we are glad it turned out alright anyways, and that we seemed to be a big hit! those last 2 presentation, the room was packed, couldn't fit more people in there if we wanted to! we didnt hear any negative feedback thus far...
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July 29, 2011

For a complete list and detailed description of events, please go HERE.

Plans have changed a few times, we thought we might have a booth as well as presentations but we will not; which actually works out better for us this year, because otherwise we would be under-maned for the event. We will still be at the event all day, either wandering around or we may pick a place to sit or stay near our truck, where you can still come talk to us in-between the presentations. Since there will be no presen...
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Updates, July 27 2011

July 28, 2011
Uploaded new photos to the Lincoln Photo Gallery
New Picture Gallery: Submitted Photo Gallery
New page: NM History
Updated mission statement and a few other small things; more to come again soon!

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Updates, July 19 2011

July 20, 2011
Hello all! Updates are as follows:
Read about our last investigation here: Case 9
Photos from last investigation here.
New photo gallery for those who arent on facebook, here. [scenic Fort Stanton Gallery]
We welcome our new member Lindsey! He did a wonderful job on our last investigation! thank you! he is now our cameraman =)
Updated our members/about us pages, with a couple group photos.
added a new page, Gravestone Symbolism
will be adding another new page soon about history and ghost towns.
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July 9, 2011
We'll be going on a new investigation this coming wednesday! woot!
in other updates, we added a new story to the local accounts: i'll just post it here too:

Lincoln County: OK, you asked for it . . . . . . around six years ago my husband was out in Arizona on an exhumization of John Miller, a man who claimed he was Billy the Kid. On his way home they were stopped along the highway between Datal and Magdalena b...

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