Mission Statement; What We Do!

Our goal is to try to capture scientific proof of the paranormal and supernatural; armed with a wide array of equipment from night-vision and infrared, camcorders and cameras, EMF detectors and voice recorders, we do our best capture evidence of the paranormal in order to scientifically explain it, to either prove or disprove its existence. Modern science is able to prove that some paranormal happenings are real and occur without any reasonable explanation, while other things are uncovered as natural occurrences with logical explanations. We like to use as many methods as we can in our quest to understand the truth of these matters. We do our best to keep a balance of open mindedness, discernment, and common sense. We do not favor any specific method or religion as a group.

One of the questions people always ask us is why we do what we do; the answers are short, long, and many, but simply put, its our fascination, and a shared interest for the mysterious and unknown realms of life. Its fun and interesting; we would never grow (as individuals or a society) if we didn't ask questions; who knows where possible discoveries could lead! We wish to share with others who’ve experienced the paranormal as well as those who haven't, to both learn and share, bringing new understandings to anyone from curious to experienced about the paranormal field; we are always discovering the mysteries of life, and we want to pass on those experiences, adding them to history. I feel its an honor to be an included participant of a land with such a rich and varied history!

Speaking of history, we hope to bring new interest and support to past and historical monuments; we love our local history and monuments, and hope to see them well preserved. Perhaps a different perspective on the past will inspire more folks to see and learn the fascinating things we’ve come to know personally; perhaps the mystery of the unknown will capture the imaginations of people who might otherwise view history as uninteresting. Ghosts are the spirits of people after all, and maybe through those eyes we can view new perspectives on the past; and maybe even the future (when you look at the science and tech of ghost hunting!) Lastly we hope we can create a new kind of recreational activity locals can get together to enjoy, no matter what age.