~Triangular UFO sighting, Loma Grande, Lincoln County NM, February, 2011~
     -Anonymous- It was between 9 and 10pm that night, and I stepped out on my porch for a smoke; I looked up to the sky to see a triangular shaped UFO with lights in the sky! I ran inside to call my son to come look, but by the time we got back outside it was gone. The next day I called my family in Midland Texas, and was telling them about what I'd seen the night before; and to my surprise, they said they had witnessed the same craft in the sky, the same night as I had!

~UFO Sighting in Schuylerville NY, February 3, 2011
     -Stephen White- hey sumi! i saw a ufo this morning. it was unreal. here's my story. i was driving to work and have to drive through the woods. it was 530am as i was driving when i saw light through the trees. this light is never there before. so i was like what the heck is that. it was super bright. as i drove past the barn to see it on the other side it shot up in the sky so fast. like within the blink of an eye. so i pulled over and watched just to make sure i wasnt going crazy. i sat there for about a minute or so. i could see lights come on and go off! holy crap i said. so i continued on driving and had to drive under it and lost visual on it. so as i turned into work i was looking for it off to my left to where i last saw it. couldn't find it. so as i turned back around to get my things outta of the truck there it was . right in front of me! i watched it for about another minute or so then went to the barn. it hung around it the sky for a little bit then it left. it was crazy.

~UFO sighting, Capitan Subdivision area, NM, 2012
 -Anonymous- me and my dad were driving home one night, i was looking out the window as he was driving, i looked up at the moon and saw this huge triangular shape ship flying way up high, it had a few lights on it, it was crazy! and it had to be enormous. i yelled at my dad to look at it, and he saw it too; and then it vanished.


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