Warning: Places listed here requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. LCP asks you to be respectful of our national and state monuments, as well as privately owned properties and buildings. Below are a collection of paranormal stories and experiences from eyewitnesses from all over the state of New Mexico. Some of these stories are well known and have become legends of the southwest. LCP has searched the web compiling all these stories, [and has included all of our own stories, personal and submissions] in an attempt to make the most complete collection of NM ghost stories on the web. We will add more stories as we find them. Stories categorized by city in alphabetical order. Sources listed at the bottom of this page.



Hi one time I was living in a House in Alamogordo and I couldn’t go to sleep so I turned I saw a ghost figure between the door it made a three with it Finger.

                Submitted by Kevin

I've lived in this House since I was born. Nothing had ever happened to me until just recently there's a Man in there he's not just a blob he's actually powerful enough to show his true figure it scares me so bad I usually don't sleep in my room. I know now there are more than one ghost there's two woman and two men. One woman isn't so Nice she often posses my dog yes literally possess I often Wake up to my dog shaking breathing heavily and she won't respond to anyone. The other just appears as a big Black blob but it feels like a woman. One Man wears a hoddie with the number twenty three I've seen him Only once which was when I rolled over on my bed and he was standing right next to my bed. The other Guy appears more frequently he keeps his distance thought he's Only appeared at least 4 feet away from me he Means no harm (i hope) and just watches me. I don't know who my dad is neither does my mom so me and my friends think one of the Guys are my father trying to apologize to me for what he did or maybe keeping me safe. (Alamogordo= pretty scary place come and join our undead Tea party!).

                Submitted by Amber

When my wife and I visited her parents, we encountered a spirit in where her brother's bedroom used to be.  It makes it's strongest appearance at night, and seems to be evil.  It will stare at you and then it will take form into a dark shadowy form.  After the last couple of times visiting there, we do not go in that bedroom.  It has also been known to knock over any of my wife's pictures or belongings onto the floor as well.  It seems as it is targeting my wife for something.

                Submitted by Mike

The story of the lady with the devil sign in her back is actually ghosts of kids that throw the pebbles. Go about 2-2:30am and you will see for yourself.

                Submitted by Sonjia

Cemetery and canyon road - many people and especially the older residents of Alamogordo have claimed to have seen a woman dressed in white in the cemetery late at night and also along and up canyon road as far as the scenic extension floating, and always at night. What she is looking for and why she is there is unsure.

DWI Offices - People who work in the DWI offices (located in the old part of Alamogordo.) claim that there is a ghost haunting it. It used to be a sheriff’s office and cellblock. People who work there claim they see and hear doors open, hear footsteps, and occasionally see a young male dressed in an old style suit from about 90 years ago. No bad vibes are usually felt in these offices, unless you make noises like running or moving furniture. That’s when you feel cold and doors slam.

Washington Park - A while back in the day there was a shoot out at this park "Washington Park". There was 2 or 3 hurt but one of them died. They say during the afternoon you can here foot steps in the grass and from far away bye the shut down swimming pool you can here moaning or crying but when you get close to the location you cant here the moaning or crying no more just fill strange and cold.



When I was just a kid a lady was killed in a House fire in Albuquerque. She was trying to escape the fire by opening up a window. But the window had been nailed down and so she just stood there until her feet burned off and all of the smoke had killed her. For Many years after the fire a ghost of the lady could be seen walking around with a pink Blanket wrapped around her. If you looked at her feet there were Only stubs she was standing on. Who ever saw her could always smell smoke and burning flesh.

                Submitted by Kim

The paranormal community a belief in ghosts is pretty common place. If they are or if they have a connection to orbs seems to be divided. Numerous photographs seem to exist showing both phenomena. Ghosts are typically a hazy humanoid transparent against the background of the picture in whatever dress the deceased would wear during their time of death. Orbs show up as small balls of light moving about in an environment or seem to be some type of photographic imperfection. To my knowledge a ghost has never been caught on film as they appear in their pictures while orbs have been seen moving everywhere and sometimes even appearing to open doors.

                Submitted by anonymous

 Wednesday March 20 one of my friends was over for a play date ten at the time I had a lot of weird stuff happen to me. There was an old Half Way fixed House next door that we could get to through a hole in the Fence [note it was abandoned!] so any way me my Friend and my sister. My Friend wanted to see the House so we did and it didn't turn out so well. We all say something my Friend saw a red hand worked raw. I saw a face that was full of misery and my sister saw something indescribable.

                Submitted by Richie

 About four summers ago a friend and I were in Albuquerque in Old Town. We had stopped at the tiny and beautiful Guadalupe Chapel there. When the photos were developed after we got home, the pictures were filled with orbs everywhere! The energy there was ''spirited'' but very pleasant. A group of us are going there next month and will be sure to stop in Old Town and the lovely little chapel. And, about 10 years ago on my first trip to Old Town in one of the restaurants I had the spirit of a Spanish Colonial lady walk out of the wall and through me as I was waiting for my table. Once seated, a ghostly little boy was tugging my long hair, which I kept feeling. My friend across the table could see him sneak up on me time and again!  It's good that spirits don't frighten me as long as they're not negative. These were happy spirits. I think the woman was the mother of the little boy. 400 years later and she's still trying to make him behave.

                Submitted by Carol

 When I was 5 years old, my Grandpa passed away. Me and my mom were on our way back from a visit to him and my Grandma in Mexico, my dad stayed back because my Grandpa didn't feel well. The last memory I had from him is him sitting on the bed wrapped in a blanket, and my dad patting him on the back. About 3 years later, I was in bed and could barely sleep, I was reading a small chapter book and looked up for a second, there standing in the corner of my room was my Grandpa. He looked slick, and laid back and then he vanished into thin air. Since then, some of my other family members, like my cousins mostly, have seen Grandpa in there room. The most recent was my cousin, who is 4 years old, has seen the same thing in his room. I feel happy to know that he has checked up on us, but I really think he is waiting for my Grandma, so they can always be together. He loved her a lot. And I know they will always be together. I know he is out there and he cares. That makes me feel like I can trust him.

                Submitted by Alex M.

 My grandfather passed away leaving when my grandmother was bedridden after a stroke. They had never slept apart since after WW2 until grandpa fell ill. Following grandpa’s admission to hospital within 24 hours grandma had a debilitating stroke. Grandpa and my mom had a great relationship as did my daughter and I with him. After his death, he would appear to play checkers or Go Fish with my then 7 year old daughter. My daughter was not making too much sense in those days but she was adamant about Grandpa D. coming to her room. One night about 02:30 hrs, I heard a male voice coming from my daughter’s room at the opposite end of the house. That voice was familiar with rasping and sharp intake of grandpa’s emphysema Loaded with my pistol, I walked in to find my daughter seemingly talking to air but the rocking chair that was my grandpa’s favorite when he was alive was moving slowly back and  forth. Meanwhile, Cathy, our German shepherd dog, was focused on that chair. Within seconds, my daughter turned to me and said Grandpa has to go now. I said, Goodnight, grandpa. I miss you. The chair stopped rocking and you could tell that his presence had gone. My daughter wasn’t scared so I told her that it was time to hit the rack, I turned out the light and headed back to my room. It was a sleepless night but I now had proof (to me) that he was watching over my little girl. It gets better: Grandpa would appear to me on various occasions. His comment would be Check on Milly (grandma)? then he would turn a shuffle off from my bedroom door and disappear within seconds. I would call the nursing home where she resided and ask the staff to check on Grandma. Each time it was weird but here goes:

1.)She had fallen out of bed on her way to the bathroom.

2.)She had been given an inadequate dose of insulin and was having a reaction.

3.)She had accidentally pulled her IV.

4.)She was dying and since I had called, she did not die alone. The charge nurse was with her after I called in her last 3 minutes. She had signed a DNR. Once grandma had passed on, my grandfather focused his attentions on my mother and daughter. My mom developed lung cancer in 1997. While she was undergoing Chemotherapy, she was pretty much bedridden herself. Twice grandpa came to tell me up to check on her.  Once my mom had stopped breathing but I managed to revive her. The second time, grandpa let me know that mom needed me. I was 30 miles away walking into a restroom at a restaurant when he appeared at about 1:00 PM. I called my now 13 YO daughter’s school and had her sent home. She found my mom on the floor of her bathroom, she had broken her ankle. Now mom admits that she has seen and talked to grandpa, when she had another close call with cancer and later when my dad was in the hospital for heart surgery. As for my daughter, now aged 22 YO. Grandpa still appears to her mostly when she is just beside herself because of my ex-wife or her family. When she was visiting my Ex for visitation, she said that she could feel him around JIC. Physical location means nothing to him. To date, Grandpa has appeared in Albuquerque (NM), South Central Indiana, Grand Prairie (TX) and Wickenburg (AZ).

                Submitted by Scott L

 Albuquerque Press Club - the ghost of "Mrs. M" appears at the bar. - Bartenders at this historic 1903 building, leave a shot for the ghost of Mrs. M. There have been numerous reports of Mrs. M sightings by both employees and guests of the Press Club.

 Albuquerque - The Aroyro - "Albuquerque - The Aroyro - "el Yorone" the crier is the ghost of a mother whose child was drowned in the drainage ditch. It s said at night she wanders the ditch crying and searching for her lost child" - December 2003 addition - There are a few discrepancies. First off its called The Arroyo and the woman's name is "La Llorona." its an old legend told to children by their parents. Go to - www.lallorona.com for a better understanding.

 Albuquerque - Carrie Tingly children's hospital-1113 university blvd. - There is said to be glowing rooms in unused portions of the hospital. There are also invisible "force fields" that do not allow a person to pass. The force fields also make a static/hissing sound when encountered. There are sounds of crying Voices, heartbeats. Black robed figures in darkened halls.

 Albuquerque - Desert Sands Motel - Located at 5000 Central Ave SE it's a cheap and easy place to stay when you're headed west on I40. Visitors got the corner room of the center building on the first floor. Immediately things began. There were cold spots, voices in the bathroom, the water ran by itself, the TV kept turning on and off on it's own, changing channels by itself, and the door kept unlocking.

 Albuquerque - Haunted Hill - Located at the end of Menaul in the foothills. You can hear screaming, footsteps and bodies being drug. You can see a lantern swinging as if someone is walking down the trail and you can see an apparition of an old man coming after you. It is said that the old man used to live in the man caves at the top of the hill and kill prostitutes up there on the weekends.

 Albuquerque - Abandoned Insane Asylum - There is an Abandoned Insane Asylum on the corner of Edith and Osuna. The asylum is owned by the neighbors and are strict about trespassing. For those who have risked going into this asylum have witnessed a large black cloud hovering above them. This black cloud has appeared in pictures as well. It is said that one patient went so crazy that he killed several patients and staff (nurses and doctors etc.) After the murders, the asylum was never the same and they were forced to close it down. The neighbors of the insane asylum is The Banditos Motorcycle gang... they don't mind releasing their Rottweiler on anyone who enters their property.

 Albuquerque - Kimo Theater, Central Ave., NW - A young boy was killed backstage when a hot water pipe burst from the theater's boiler. The tradition is to place a donut backstage before opening night of any performance so things go right, i.e. lighting, sound, etc. There are two other entities that seem to be much older than the young boy. The theater's opening night was in fall of 1927. These entities seem to be from that era, where as the boy is more contemporary. There have been  reports of disembodied laughter and footsteps and the little boy's apparition running on the stairs.

 Albuquerque - Job Corps - By the lunch room there is a nun that is sometimes carrying a baby. You can see her when the lights from the light posts are on. The new dorms the upstairs girls side one night I heard someone running down the hall, my roommate and I looked out to see who it was there was no one there some of the girls said that they did not hear anything. According to city records, at one time this place was a convent  in the 1800's, that cared for small children. Sister M went insane, and began to randomly killing the children, tossing bodies into the well. It is reported that the residents at this center, hear the cries of children, see a spectral woman. Bodies of small children were discovered when the residents were installing a swimming pool, where the well was located.

 Albuquerque - Johnson Gym University of New Mexico - While in the facility at night after closing, there is a strong presence and a feeling of being followed and watched. Also, shadows appear in the corner of the eye, and then immediately disappear if looked at directly. Rumor (urban legend?) has it that a murder took place many years ago, or that a student hung herself in one of the locker rooms.

 Albuquerque - Old Honeywell bldg on Bluewater - Supposedly the building was built on or near a Native American grave. A young woman appears to people who work in the dark supply area. A witness saw her in the IT room at the opposite end of the building. She simply walked through the closed door and stood and stared at them.

 Alamogordo - The old hospital - You can hear moaning and crying at night because of deaths of people who were suffering at the hospital and it is cold by the area and you could see shadows by windows.

 Albuquerque - The old Salvador Armijo House, now "Maria Teresa" Restaurant - This house dates back to 1840, and has been occupied in one form or the other up to the present. Various staff members of this restaurant have shared personal experiences of voices, noises, and sensations of being touched by unknown entities after hours. A great place to visit and ask questions. To those that haven't quit or are willing to share. Some of the phenomenon includes a piano that plays by itself, mirrors that show reflections of ghosts, silverware that moves on it's own and many reports of apparitions.

 Albuquerque - Radisson Hotel - On the first floor of the hotel you can hear scratching noises and slamming doors above you late at night, even if there is no one renting the room above yours. There is loud yelling and screaming in rooms that are vacant and sometimes women are shaken until they wake up by what seems to feel like children’s hands. The third floor (which no one is supposed to be on) is the only floor that has not been remolded. As soon as the elevator doors open you are hit with a gust of hot air. As you walk further through the floor there is the remains or what used to be a bar. The top is in perfect condition but the rest of it is completely destroyed. In the corner of the bar is what appears to be newly broken glass. No one knows how it was there because there were no employees up there recently and none of the windows were broken.

 Albuquerque - Ramada Hotel - The Corner Room - >From one of the staff, the corner room, of this big hotel is haunted by a young broken hearted lady, where her once true love killed her because he wanted her out of her life. She is said to only be on the bottom floor, where she is said to haunt the lobby and the corner room where she was killed. When the service ladies go to clean the corner room, they find that the room is all messed up, bed sheets all aver the place, the TV knocked down, and the curtains all torn and up. This activity went on so long that management just closed off the room and don't rent it out anymore. But often, staff still visits the corner room. And it's all messed up.

 Albuquerque - San Pedro Library - At night you hear the dead librarian saying "please come check out a book!” The lights turn on and off and things control themselves on they're own. Her dead children slither around while darkening the room!

 Albuquerque - UNM Children's Psychiatric Hospital - employees who work here know about the seclusion suite being haunted. Numerous employees have witnessed water turning on and off by itself, lights flickering on and off, doors unlocking or locking without being able to unlock, and small black footprints walking across the bathroom floor. In one instance, the security cameras were blocked out by a black image and a figure walking towards the camera lens, which appeared larger and larger when you looked at the monitor televisions. Numerous patients who have stayed in the seclusion suite claim they cannot sleep due to visual "hallucinations" which may actually be ghosts.

 Albuquerque - Xilinx - This building used to be a mental heath hospital, and on several occasions banging noises have been heard throughout the building (mostly in the bathroom). Some see shadowy figures moving up and down the hallways, groaning noises out side in the courtyard, and voices whispering in the back office area. Also on several occasions objects began to move all by themselves.

 Wool Warehouse Theater Restaurant (Albuquerque) - During performances a man in a double breasted suit appears by the stage.


Old Courthouse - A woman form Spain came to live in the house with her new husband that was picked for by the bride’s father. Soon after the newly weds settled in the husband became very abusive and through his bride down the stair case and she died. Soon after the bride was dead the French man commit suicide. A few years down the road the house was turned into a courthouse. People guilty of crimes were hung from a tree in front of the mansion. Today the house is locked up and no one lives in it. People have claimed to a see woman walking up and down that staircases and a man pacing back and forth in an upstairs bedroom. Other witnesses have since bodies hanging from the tree in front of the property. Lights go gone when there is no electricity hooked up etc...

Los Luceros (Alcalde) - There are numerous reports of haunting activities associated with this 400 year old building. There are numerous reports of ghosts haunting the house, the most prevalent being that of a woman who was murdered by her husband. The hanging trees out front are said to be haunted as well.


I lived in Amalia for 8 wonderful years. Many ghost stories were told to me, the only one I've ever witnessed were floating spheres of light. Lighting balls. That zipped around low to the ground. Long time Amalia residents said the light/fire balls were witches in disguise. I've also heard them described as coming in different colors red, blue, white, or yellow. I wish I had a picture to upload.

                Submitted by Neita

Gadsden High School - It is said that a white apparition of a female frequents the Old English Building. This building is located at the front of the school, near the end of Washington Street. Apparently, a girl student was attending the school dance. She was taken to the basement by two males where she was raped and murdered. Students, staff, as well as custodians, have seen and heard her in the building. Her spirit can be seen from the street walking from one end of the building to the other, as if she was walking through the walls.


I have a photo taken summer of 2007 near Angel Fire. The photo was taken on Highway 64 towards Eagle Nest. I did not see the apparition when I took the photo. It was taken with a digital camera. There is a face to the left in the photo. Very scary when I uploaded it to a computer.

                Submitted by Sarah


A tall beautiful Indian girl very pregnant and sobbing seen walking Arenas Valley Road late at night alone, she looks real until it's noticed she is floating above the ground when approached she acts startled and vanishes into the air.

                Submitted by Juanita


It was a party night and my brother went outside and went to the bathroom and saw an old lady he started running he tripped when he looked up he saw the same lady in the window.

                Submitted by Alexis

 Artesia - Atoka School - It's an old building that was a school awhile back...It has been closed for some time, some youth today sneak in the old haunted school and hear strange noises from around.


We lived in a house on Parkland Dr and lots of weird things happened there. We always felt like someone was there with us, watching us. We would also see things out of the corner of our eyes. One day, my dad came home during the day and saw someone looking out my bedroom window. He was mad thinking that I had skipped school, but then he found out that no one was home. Another time, we were all woke up in the middle of the night  by a big crash. We had a clear glass shelf that held some porceline dolls and the shelf had fallen to the floor. The weird thing was that the dolls were standing up on top of the shattered glass as though someone had placed them there. They weren't hurt at all. We liked living in the house in spite of the weird things, though.

                Submitted by Sarah

 Aztec - Miss Gail’s Inn - There are several ghosts. One is of a lady that floats down the stairs. We've personally experienced an old man in room #7 who's very "cantankerous". There is also a tree in the back that was the site of a hanging.


 - Chino Mines Creek - There is an old lady seen in the creek crying and yelling for her child. A flood had supposedly gone through this woman's home and washed her son away. She is still heard and seen in the area calling for her son. Another story is, She was a beautiful Hispanic women the only problem was that she was poor. One day she was in the village when she met a handsome man. They started dating and ended up getting married. Then one day she noticed that he had changed. He was always leaving town and leaving her to tend to her children. Well he would leave more and more. Until she caught him cheating on her with another women. Well instead of getting even, she that she would get back at him by not letting him see the children, by drowning them in the local creek. When doing this she realized what she was doing and tried to stop but she lost control and let the kids go. Well they started to float down the creek, she tried to run after them and try to save them but it was no use she had lost them forever. While running she tripped over a root in the ground and hit her head right open. She died instantly, Well the story goes every night you can hear her crying and yelling for her children this is what they call the "Llorna" which means crying lady. Since that had happened it is said that you can hear her crying all over searching the riverbeds for her children.


One time I was outside with my Friend and we were walking around my back yard not being tired. We hear a hammer banging and both my parents we asleep we go back inside... I still can never find out what that noise was..

                Submitted by anonymous

One night I was in my living room and I went to go into my room for a while. I turned the light off. Light switch down and everything. I go in there 2 minutes later and the light switch was one and so was the light. I asked both my parents if they turned the light on and they said no.

                Submitted by Charel

Scary things always happen like one night I was already asleep and my dad thought he saw me in a nightgown walk in the kitchen and he asked ''what are you doing in here? '' so he went to see what I was doing and I realized I was sleeping! That's where it all started. Then the trash can lip flipping on its own. Me and my parents were always seeing different color flashes which we think are orbs. We wanted to know what they were or what was going on so we got my dads phone and started recording a video in his and my moms room. After we listened and heard a faint whistling tune. So then we just started to use the voice recorder and after a few tries of that we got that same whistling tune again Only a little louder!

                Submitted by Tabitha

This is other Story about my grandpa rancho.... My grandpa lived there for Many years... He lived alone... The House has huge trees.... That Day we went to visit my aunt that lives in belen.... But something always draws us to visit the rancho.. Before we head back to lc.... My brother was driving my niece was in the back seat and I was sitting close to her.... We couldn't go in the property because the Gates were lock they had been doing remodeling to the rancho.... So we stop on the other side of the ditch... Just to look at the House again.... When I notices something in the window the window is in the front of the house... It looked like a shadow of a man with a hat on... Nobody saw it but me but the more I watched it started to somehow move .... I turn to my niece and told to look in that front window and see if you see anything.. She said she could see a shadow she took out her video cam... And started taking video... When we got back to LC ... We wanted to watch what she had tape....

The shadow came out the shadow look like a tall Man with a hat... First looking out the window and then turning sideways it moved sideways like it didn't want us to see him....We still have the video we can't explain what it was but that room was my grandpa bedroom when he lived in the rancho...

                Submitted by Johnny

One Day my grandpa told a Story about a lady dressed all in black. My grandpa had fruit trees he would water his trees from the two canals that run on the side of the rancho. While he was opening the canals to let the water in this lady dressed in Black stood there looking at him. He could not see her face her face was covered up. He thought nothing about it until the lady came closer to him and that's when he noticed that she was holding a baby in her arms. The lady never spoke to him but the baby did in Spanish the baby asked my grandpa that he wanted to live with him in the rancho. My grandpa didn't know what to say all he remembered that how could a baby talk and smile with adult teeth.

                Submitted by Ghost

There is a rancho in Belen that my grandpa lived for Many years the rancho as we Call it is haunted.. Ever since I was a little girl... That rancho has been t part of our family.... My grandpa sold it before he die...But the stories have been in our family for years... There are so Many stories about this rancho... You let me Tell about one night when we spend the night at the ranch... The rancho has a dirt road from the main street....It is gated and along the dirt road is a two canals ... One night my Brothers and me were playing life the game we didn't want to go to sleep it was about 2 or 3 in the morning.... We were trying to stay up till the Sun would come out... We were afraid to go to sleep.... When I heard my mom from the other room telling us to go to sleep.. When we see a car coming down the dirt road... I saw the head lights and so did my brothers...We told my mom that a car was coming.. By now I think she was asleep.... The car kept coming into the rancho... We heard no noise coming from the car no engine running.... It Circle around the rancho and I know it was a Black car.. Like a funeral car old looking car.. We watched it leave because we could see the tai lights in the back of the car... It never make any noise.. Next morning we told my parents.. They didn't believe what had happen ....So Many more stories of the ranch.... We have videos so Many sighting I believe this place is very strange... I wish I could Tell you all the stories about this place the rancho.......

                Submitted by Felix


-I was on the Mid-night rail runner commuter train, when the train came up to the downtown Bernalillo station and then left 2 minutes later , I was walking along the train tracks (station is located in rail yard) and this is a very dark rd, and I saw what looked like a man walking the tracks, so I yelled and said ''GET OFF THE TRACKS'' the he looked at me and just disappeared, over the past 15 years there has been around 5 train collisions with cars a people, in 1998 there was an incident where a girl was tied down to the tracks and she was ran over by the train, and town teenagers where killed by the Amtrak southwest chief train as well.

                Submitted by Adrian G.

-We were driving home from sandia casino, and just before we got to the Bernalillo exit we spotted a man standing on the top of a hill in plan view dressed in all black with pitch black eyes and his arms were opened and as we looked at him his arms came together as if it was telling us to go to him we drove on feeling something very evil.

                Submitted by joe/celine


One night me and my mom where going back from Bloomfield late at night there was a car coming by when my mom looked behind us it disappeared my mom was scared that she drove really really fast there was a cop behind us. This is based on a true Story.

                Submitted by Natista


In Kittel Loop, almost nightly, three or more ghostly apparitions have been sighted smoking cigarettes near the mail boxes. They have been known to harass small children, shout at passers-by, and even flash vehicle headlights on and off.

                Submitted by Cayden

The Triangle Cafe has been known to host a variety of spooks. Patrons believe that the spirits belong to those of regulars that would eat there often and have since deceased. The artwork that hangs from the wall is known to hauntingly change appearance, particularly those of the animals that are forbidden to kill by the Navajo people, such as the cougar, wolf, and coyote.

                Submitted by L

Bonito Lake - Full of abandoned gold mines, this lake used to be a miners prospect. There is still an entire town underneath the lake. In the camping areas around the lake you can still find many miners carts, lanterns much of it untouched. There is a house in one part that many people camping in the area have reported strange lights coming from as well as sounds. "I thought there were a bunch of kids goofing off" claimed one camper. "It sounded like a party with music, lots of people talking and gunfire." Later this camper discovered the only other people in the area were three adult campers and a border collie.

The Bonito City Murders- Bonita City, a rather grand name for the cluster of log buildings that housed a saloon, post office, schoolhouse, church, general store, a hotel, and a number of residences. Located twelve miles northwest of Ruidoso, Bonita settlers flourished in the 7000 foot meadows at the edge of the forests. All was well in the world, or so it seemed untill two events took place that would cause this serene and pleasant community to literally disappear. The centerpiece of Bonito City was the two-story log hotel called the Mayberry House operated by Mr. and Mrs. John Mayberry. They had three children; John, Eddie, and Nellie. On the night of May 5, 1885, the Mayberry House leaped into the records books with one of New Mexico's most bizarre crimes.

Earlier that evening some miners ate supper there then left. Only two guests had rooms, Dr. R. E. Flynn from Ohio and a youth named Martin Nelson. Everyone was in bed by ten o'clock. About 1:00 AM, Nelson woke up and knocked on the bedroom door of the two Mayberry boys. John awakened and opened the door, at which point Nelson fired two rifle shots, killing the boy instantly. He then turned on the 7 year-old Eddie who was screaming in bed. Nelson killed him with a single blast. Dr. Flynn, hearing the shooting, rushed from his room and was shot through the head. John Mayberry, after hearing the screams, was making his way up the dark stairs from the first floor when a shot through the heart dropped him on the landing. Blood was everywhere. Mayberry's daughter, Nellie, appeared and was shot through the side and left for dead. She later recovered. Mrs. Mayberry ran upstairs, where Nelson shot her in the chest but failed to kill her. She stumbled downstairs with blood streaming all the way to her feet, leaving bloody footprints visible on the stairs, which were still visible years later. She fled to the nearest cabin for help; Nelson followed her, killed her, and threw her body into an irrigation ditch. Pete Nelson, the saloon keeper (no relation to Martin Nelson) appeared on the scene, grappled with the youth but was no match for the murderer. Nelson shot him to death and left his bleeding body in the street. The next victim was the storekeeper, Herman Beck, who came out to learn the cause of the gunshots. Nelson killed him with one bullet.

Bonito's terrified citizens locked themselves in their homes until morning while Nelson roamed at large, finally climbing up a nearby mountain. In the morning, as Charlie Berry, Rudolph Schultz and Don Campell were standing in the street discussing the murders, they sighted Nelson returning down the mountain. He saw the men, brought up his rifle to fire, but was an instant too late. Berry felled him with a bullet through the heart. Nelson's last shot went harmlessly into the air as he fell. The total casualties were eight killed, including the murderer, and one wounded. It was years before the people of Bonita City recovered from the shock, and for fifteen years nobody set foot in the log hotel. Folks said it was haunted, telling stories of shrieks and groans in the dead of night, of seeing lights flicker from room to room, or hearing muffled shots. Those who peeped through the dusty windows could see the bloody footprints left by Mrs. Mayberry's feet. The murderer was buried at Bonito with his head pointed down. Folklorists say this custom was to prevent the buried person from walking as a ghost. The victims were also buried in Bonito side by side of each other and a reasonable distance away from the murderer Martin Nelson. Gradually Bonita City died. The final blow came when the railroad arrived on the desert below and took a business like approach to acquiring water rights in the Bonito Valley and later on buying out the land in which the remaining residents of Bonito City lived. In 1930 Bonito Dam was built by the Southern Pacific Railroad, the remains of the victims were moved to Angus Cemetery. A large stone marks their resting place and as for Bonita City, it is presently resting under seventy-five feet of water that is now known as Bonito Lake. Since then, Bonita City (or Bonito City) has become an old memory and a murder mystery of the past. Some people have claimed that during a well moonlit night, they can see the top of the church steeple shining below the serene resting water of the night. (But the church steeple is a myth.) This is only the legend; for the whole true story, click here!


6/15/09 Bosque Farms Public Library has had ghosts for 30 years! At Christmas time you can hear a wind chime ringing and we always have books flying off the back shelves when we are open and patrons have witnessed this as well as employees. Usually happens when we really get busy.. Guess the ghosts feel its a good attention getter.. Our resident Chihuahua, Noel gets along fine with them.. She just stops and stares and wags her tail!!

                Submitted by Sophita


Ghostly Experiences in the Capitan Mountains- In 1986 we were picnicking out there in Capitan New Mexico and we took a photo of the campfire we built with us standing around it.  When it was developed we were not in the picture but there were spirits or faces.  It is amazing and with all the ghost shows I see i have never seen anything like it and we have kept it secret for sometime.  We took it to a scientist who told us to burn it.  There are a few clear images you can spot clearly, but every time we look at it we find something new.  I want to share it with the world along with the story.  Another time in 1991 we went back out to camp there, and were attacked by two white wolves with red eyes.  It is an amazing story and so real with 8 other witnesses.  They were ghost wolves hard to explain but I will tell the full story.  I believe there is gold buried there cause in the photo there is signs of Spaniards and it is a route they took when slaughtering Indians for gold.  There is also signs of Indian spirits.  Whatever it is there is something that didn't want us there both times.  I have been there many times since I'm older now and there is always the same feeling of something watching you.  It is in the Mountains and there is old Cabins around it.  I took some pictures of the original with my digital camera and also a video of the original.  I am including a photo in good faith.  Pay close attention to the rock, in the original you can even see the white in the eyes and the pupils.  It is a one of a kind and the first of it's kind I guarantee it.  There is also a Indian in the picture and a cane that had weird lettering on it that was burnt and the next morning it was standing next to the fire in it's previous state, after being burned, you can see it in the fire.  Thank you R. H.

Paranormal accounts from LCP member Sumi: Living next to the graveyard, we tend to get paranormal activity around here on a fairly regular basis. Here are some stories about the things we see around our home.
There is a miner, his name is Carl; he's around 50 years old, Kevin saw him clear as day one night when he lived here a long time ago. He has a long beard and his cloths are kinda raggedy and dirty, plaid, and he wears boots. There is a young girl, about my height (4' 10"), I have the feeling she died of diphtheria or dysentery, one of those diseases from the 20's. She touched me once, it was the most interesting feeling I've ever felt; the best i can describe it, is an energized tingly cold feeling. I still haven't seen her full apparition, but everybody else in our group has, she haunts our hallway, you just see her standing there, or walking by/peeking around the corner, or see her hand swipe down. I'm pretty sure i saw her in mist form there once. We're always see shadows too, or like somebody is there/watching you. she goes in the other rooms too. I've seen her in mist form several times, once walking in front of the TV, sometimes shes in the kitchen; The people who rented this house out for a while before we moved in said they saw her too, and they said if you leave out a red jax ball in the kitchen, she'll play with it. One morning one of the boys woke up and found the red ball in his shoe. we haven't tried this yet cause we cant seem to find the right red ball. her name is Magdaline, we caught her voice, saying (i died.) we caught Carl's voice too we are pretty sure; the one time we did an EVP session in our living room. we asked if they were related (Carl and Magdalene), and we caught a voice saying 'direct'. also I think I caught him saying Sheryl, from best i can make out. I wonder who Sheryl is? We believe Magdaline had an older sister too, but a lot of this is just intuition/psychic readings, things I feel; but not just me, even some of our less sensitive friends have picked up/felt the same things/names, so; I keep trying to find out history about out house but i haven't had much luck. Also we think there's some unmarked graves in our backyard somewhere; it wouldn't surprise me at all. I'm just not sure where... I've felt other spirits around here as well; sometimes they come and go, they arent always here. sometimes i think they come up from the cemetery for a visit, then go back; who's to say? There's also a woman in our driveway, Kori has seen her at least 3 times, clear as day. We've heard her ring the bell by our gate at night; the wind doesn't even make it sound, and nobody was ever out there.  She wears a white dress, white shoes, medium length to short hair; at first we thought she was a nurse. Kori felt her name was
Lena; and the only reading I felt from her was the name Charles or Charlie, either her husband or son or something. I researched and the only Lena buried in Lincoln County is here in the Capitan Cemetery, not too far just over the fence from our house. Her name was Lena White, married to Charles White! Don't you love it when you get stuff right?  Lol. One of our friends has the name white; I asked him if he was related to Lena or Charles. Turns out they were his grandparents. Weird huh? I still have no idea why she would be haunting our drive way....
Some of my other paranormal experiences around here: since I was little, I've been noticing paranormal things. I didn't always notice or realize what it was till much later on, but for the most part I've always lived in haunted places. I've heard people argue, that with all the deaths that have occurred in history, why isn't everywhere haunted? Well, I do think everywhere is haunted; the whole world. Its just that some places the energy is more concentrated than other places. But now that I'm more aware, or more sensitive, the more you get into it, the more paranormal things you notice; and it is in fact everywhere. Just most people are so caught up in their own reality, that they don't notice these things. Looking back, i remember the places I've been, and where i used to live, in Nogal, there's always been spirits and energies, and weird things. I could recount all the weird things that have happened to pretty much every person in my family, and almost all of my friends, and people i know. Honestly I'd have to sit down and think hard to try and name somebody i know that hasn't experienced something strange in their life.   My mom has seen an Indian on our old property in Nogal, 2-3 times; clear as day. we ended up building my room over that exact area; there used to be a tree, a nice big juniper right there;  i remember when my dad had to cut it down, that and the one beside it; i hate seeing nature destroyed, we'd had to cut down some small trees to make our driveway and such, but especially these 2 trees, it really upset me inside, made me cry. it bothered me for a long time. over the years, i always felt there was something else in my room with me; sometimes it would watch me, or I'd feel it sit down on my bed; always thought it was my cat, and sometimes it was; but sometimes it wasn't. Kori saw the Indian man once, thought it was a few years later before he told me. when we first moved there, we had to live in a small trailer; we had to sleep together until my parents built themselves a room. when i started to have to sleep alone, i didn't like the feeling; i always felt there was something watching me through the window, even during the day; it took me quite a while before i learned to ignore everything and be ok being alone. there was always this little black shadow that would follow me around; or it would always be in certain places. again, always thought it was the cat; but then there would be nothing there. there all kinds of different feelings around there, in the forest; across the street there's bunches of Indian pottery, arrow heads; all kinds of signs of Indian life. these artifacts belonged to the Mogollon Indians. Not a mile away you can find petrographics as well; You can find all these thing all over the place around here, its quite literally everywhere. This whole area, all these mountains, have the same dark vibe if you will; i don't want to call it evil, because i don't think it is. its just... dark. you can feel it, especially going through the reservation; it will make the hair on the back of your neck and your arms stand up. you can defiantly feel the places where you aren't wanted.  
 Another thing, that happened to me one winter, at our old house; that year, that winter, my room felt more haunted than usual. same sorta stuff happened, but more intensely; enough that it started to scare me, or creep me out. then one morning after it had snowed all night, we went outside, i had to go to school; and there in the snow, were these tiny bootprints; like it would have to be boots for a 1 year old. i wish I'd taken a picture of them, didn't think of it at the time; they started and stopped in the snow, there were at least 10-12 bootprints. now i think a gnome decided to spend that winter in my room, lol. oh and i saw a faerie once, last winter, here in my current home; you know how they portray tinker bell and a little gold sparkly? it looked just like that, it was this quarter sized golden sparkle that glowed as it went from one of our house plants to the other one. at first i wasn't sure what it had been, but when i started reading some stuff about faeries online, i found several pictures of real faeries, that looked just like what i saw. that winter all our plants on that shelf kept moving, like somebody had been blowing on them, with no apparent cause. when spring came the movement stopped, after we re-potted some of the plants and such. it was a neat experience, i hope i get to see them again some day =)
                Submitted by Sumi


We recently moved from a House on Utah st. There was an attack there my husband had to open to Check insulation. When he opened the attack there was a flat box. He took the box down within the box was a pair of curtains. They looked like they were from the 50's or 60's. He didn't think anything at the time and sat the box on the back porch. It began with eerie feelings of being watched not wanting to go in the other  rooms while alone. Terrible feelings coming from no where. About the 5th Day I noticed our rocker in the living room began rocking on its own loud enough to hear it in my bedroom. It scared me to the Point where I wouldn't go look. The next night my husband was Home and it began rocking again very loudly. Another instance my mom was in the back yard and saw the shadow of a large Man Cross her when she turned no one was there. What really convinced me was hearing a baby cry over and over when I would put my baby down to sleep the crying would be loud enough to make me go Check on her. When I would get there she would be asleep!! My mother and I both heard it on numerous occasions. Since we've moved I don't feel it any more perhaps it stayed to haunt the new owners. Just Hope it doesn't follow me!!

                Submitted by anonymous

I and my family lived in Carlsbad NM on elm Street and Green we had an old Story shed in the back side of the yard it was board up my mom and dad said don't go in there off limits the landlord said it was just old junk and we obey until one Day we (myself, and brother and sister were Boring and we went towards the shed and we peek through the holes of the Wood and the Sunshine was glaring down to a shinning red wagon and we said hey there is a wagon lets get it and play with it my little brother said now parents said no and my older brother primed the hinges of the door and we got in and pull that wagon out we played all Day with it and in 2-3 days we notice the wagon was never there where we left it and always in the front porch. So one Day my parents told all of us I want you all to get up at 5am I want you to see something in the morning so we all went to bed wondering what well guess... We woke up and I lay by the window I slept with my big sister and we all look out the window that morning and heard the wagon coming around the corner of the House by itself it past the window with the handle up in the air, and no one was there maybe the ghost kids wanted us up to play that morning mom and dad told us told you to put it away we did and next Day it came out by itself and my dad and big brother place the hinges and board it up and before my mom and brother and dad from a door on the floor of the shed and there was pots and pans and tools and other stuff they left it there and we moved the House was haunted the House on elm Street the shed still there just a little remodel and the House is big time redone.....I wonder if they see or hear the shinning red wagon. Pleasant dream.

                Submitted by Olga

Werewolf Hill guys! Its close enough to carlsbad. Many people have been murdered up there there's a tale of a witch that will kill you. Many satanic cults visit there. I've witnessed shadows and shadow demons. A Street just off elm has a scent of burning flesh. A graveyard has spirits tortured by a demon. 6 mile dam harbors mist and shadow beings. Phantoms are chained spiritually up on streets. Many spirits haunt the hallways of p.R. Leyva Carlsbad high school and Riverside elementary. I have yet to see the old woman but I've seen native american spirits. Literally Carlsbad has so Many spirits. The flumes has spirits it was built by pows during WWI and WWII. The Hills of Brantley werewolf Hill Avalon and other places have spirits. If you go out there stick to your gut watch for symbols in the clouds and remember to run cuz if you don't Carlsbad will never let you leave.

                Submitted by Carlsbad

I come to this sit a lot to look for any Story from Carlsbad that fits mine- it happened in the summer of 2002. It was my first time in Carlsbad and me and a few friends were there from Portales to get out of town and find some skate spots. We were staying at my friends Sisters trailer House I decided to go for a walk around town (it was about 11:00 pm when I left) I left by myself and I was strolling around Parks and other neighborhood streets. It was about 2 in the morning and I was walking down this Nice neighborhood Street messing with my c. D. Player. There was absolutely no one in front of me or behind me when I stopped to clean my Black flag C.D. I was standing on the front Lawn of this small Normal looking White House and looked up the Street and saw an old lady walking towards me! was shocked because she almost appeared out of nowhere but she was also very very pale and in a night gown (i know this sounds like b.S. But I put this on my 4 year old son) as she walked toward me I remember being scared but silently stepped further in to the lawn. As she got about arms reach I asked her if she was OK because she was shaking and seemed cold- I also noticed she was bare foot. Both her hands were    up against her chest and shaking- she looked at me as if she had no idea where she was and seemed to look right through me. I watched her in complete awe as she walked the rest of the way down the Street and turned the corner. When she turned the corner I slowly jogged over to see if she was going down the road and she was gone. To this Day this event freaks me out if any one has heard any stories of an old lady in a night gown walking down any streets there in Carlsbad please write me back on this page. -thank you-.

                Submitted by Mister

There's something quite Peculiar at the old steel depot. I'd advise against strolling in the Park at night near it unless you want to feel it's dread.

                Submitted by Lazarus

Well I live in Carlsbad new mexico.. And well I believe there is a ghost living in my place. Once my little sis had her toy tricycle in her room and I was in the living room. Once I turned too look in the kitchen there the tricycle was pointed at me.

                Submitted by Randy

One month ago my friend and I were in my backyard talking to a ghost but the ghost was answering the question by blowing the wind. We asked if she could show herself and she appeared for about 20 seconds.

                Submitted by Victoria

Carlsbad - German Town - An old Dam Works with the overseer house and garage/ storage building. Strange noises and lights at night. Some strange photos taken.


The town and General Store - The town of Cerrillos (little hills) is a charming, tree-shaded town located 27 miles south of Santa Fe. The village is one of the old traditional villages in Santa Fe County. Cerrillos officially came into being in the 1870 s as a wild and wooly mining town, and little has changed in its appearance since then. It contains many old western storefronts and adobe buildings, complete with hitching posts, old grocery and western bar, old church, ancient cottonwood trees, dirt streets, and railroad tracks. It can be seen in the Walt Disney movie, "Elfego Baca" and then later in "Young Guns I & II". While there, if you go into the old General Store - which is still in operation - there is a cold spot, although no one knows why, or they aren't saying, on your right even though there are windows directly in front of its location.


While on the hiking trails you can feel the presence of someone with you, following you.


  St James Hotel (Cimarron) - More than 26 people have been killed here. Room 18 is locked tight, the ghost in this room doesn't like to be disturbed. When he is disturbed a swirl of energy can be seen to make people leave. Room 17 is haunted by a man that was killed after winning rights to the hotel in a poker game.  The hotel is also haunted by a female ghost in what is now called "Mary's Room."  In that particular room there is a strong odor of perfume.  Numerous events have occured in that hotel, you might want to check into it.  "Unsolved Mysteries" had a special on it at one time.  Also, the hotel is haunted by a strange, short man w/ pockmarks called "the Imp."

Cimarron - St. James Hotel - Room 17 is haunted by a female ghost in what is now called "Mary's Room." In that particular room there is a strong odor of perfume. If the window is left open, she will knock upon it until you close it.

Cimarron - St. James Hotel - Room 18 is haunted by a man that was killed after winning rights to the hotel in a poker game and they say he is so violent, the room is padlocked and no one is allowed in there. A local says staff members occasionally enter the room to refill his Jack Daniels and afterwards, he seems to come downstairs and wreak havoc on the place for about a month - he does NOT want anyone in his room for any reason.


We live in a house thats haunted, there is a little old lady about in her late 80's gardening in our back yard. we live on chestnut Street in clayton NM. my wife and I live in this house. I put things down in certain places and in seconds there not there a few hours later there back in the same place. my cats go around in circles in certain spot in the hallway. like there purring being petted even where nothing there. our dog Peetie barks at the back door for some reason. I have seen a fully dressed elderly woman in our spare bedroom. she was in the room and the door was half way open, when I turned on the light she was gone. My wife and both have heard voices in the basement. and the doorbell rings from time to time for no reason. lights flicker in the living room and the door opens in the front living room with me opening the door. people say we are crazy but I know there is ghost here in this house. It doesn't bother us to badly but to some one else it might.

                Submitted by Mr and Mrs. Burke.


This 3 story mountain Inn is reportedly to be haunted by a redheaded ghost by the name of Rebecca, who frequents the dining room. There is also the spirit of a chambermaid in her 20s or 30s who was murdered by a jealous lover and buried somewhere in the basement. Reports include footsteps, objects moving on their own, door opening and closing and her 'favorite' activity is connected to the phone in one of the guest rooms.


-We lived in a House like amiville in Clovis New Mexico the things I saw was out of this world. All I can say is Clovis has a demon and its real and brings harm to this town. (ghost are everywhere but not a real live demon. Jimmy Allen class of 1977

                Submitted by Jimm

When I was little we were at my aunts House it was a two Story House in Clovis she had just moved into it so they had not unpacked anything. All the adults were in the living room and me and my brother and sister and my cousin were playing in her room she is 6 yrs old and my sister is 5 my brother 6 and I was 8 at the time. This was back in the 70's but anyway my aunt had told us not go up stairs just stay down stairs well my dad and uncle left to go get food and my mother and aunt was sitting in the living room talking. We went up stairs to get some toys we didn't turn on no light's. We just grabbed what we could and went back down stairs after a while my sister wanted to go back upstairs to get a giggle stick she saw earlier I told her no we could get caught going back up well we went to playing hide, and seek I found everyone but my sister we went to go upstairs to see if she was up there but as we got the stairs and looked up she was floating in the air on her back like someone was holding her then it threw her down the stairs she landed on the bottom step her eyes were rolling up in her head we ran to go get our aunt by that time my dad and uncle were back they were asking what had happen but they were saying that we had let her fall by coming down from up there I told them what I saw that's when my aunt went to telling my parents that the mail Man told them that a older Man lived there and he was dating a woman that was a lot younger than he was and that she left him for a younger Man she said the Man hung himself up there she said she had asked about the House because she said when she was at Home a lone it would be like someone peeping from around the corner at her and when she looked it would back up.

                Submitted by anonymous

Clovis - Norman Petty Studios - Ghosts have not been seen first hand here, but have been photographed. Phantoms include: a group young men who were photographed in the living quarters of the old studios (now a museum) and strange orange lights in the same location. Sensitive visitors have wanted to cry for no reason.

Clovis - Pathway House - Employees at this treatment center for adolescent boys have reported seeing shadows late at night. One administrator was working late at night when he heard some one climbing the stairs above his office. He went to investigate because he knew that no one was supposed to be in that part of the building at night. When he opened the door to the staircase he saw a white life sized object floating up the stairs. - June 2008 Update - Memorial hospital closed more than 30 years ago and stood vacant until very recently. During its vacancy, people would see a woman run in terror from the building. Thinking it was a "real" woman; people would stop to help her only to find she was nowhere to be found. Over the years, people have also seen the dark figure of a man lingering in the south parking lot. He would fade away if approached. Recently, the Memorial Hospital building was reopened and is being used by non-profit agencies for storage and office space. People working in the building report seeing dark figures and hearing unexplained bumps and groans at night.


I lived in Columbus and outside of Columbus for Many years. My children and I have all experienced Many events that led us to believe ghosts lived amongst us in more than one of our homes and also the elementary school in Columbus as well! The events always seemed to grow stronger near the anniversary of poncho villa's raid on Columbus where the genocide of 13 American civilians and Many more deaths happened in March 1916 (or 1917). My children told me how they Felt like someone was following them in the library of the school which was the original schoolhouse of the high school. Also my kids refused to sleep in their bedrooms one room in particular was cold even in the summer. One of my daughters and I both witnessed a cowboy like apparition in the middle bedroom. My son and I witnessed glowing red eyes staring out at us from inside the House when we were outside. He refused to go back inside and slept over at a friends House that night- it was the anniversary of Camp furlong. I also believe that this House May have been some sort of a Portal for spirits or something as life there was just Plain hell and I ended up even losing my children while being in this home. The House should be condemned as it is a very scary place to be it Felt like something was trying to literally crawl into my body and I believe my ex husband was possessed while living here causing him to beat me to a bloody pulp and not  remember doing it. He said he heard voices telling him to do it to me once but later said he never said that!?.

                Submitted by anonymous


Here is a picture of what I think is a ghost in the dam. It is in the middle of the picture. It is easier to see if you zoom in and lighten the picture. -                Ghost picture submitted by Mark Martinez


We have lived in Corrales for 15 years in a new home. Just a year ago I started to see ghosts in the masterbedroom. I saw a face and a hand coming out of the floor. Then I started to see a Man and women and little kid. The little kid has on a bright Green hoodie. It has gotten so bad I can't sleep in the master bedroom anymore.

                Submitted by Glenn

Corrales - Rancho De Corrales - This gracious old hacienda was built in 1802 and now houses a  restaurant. A sad tale of jealousy and revenge sums up the history of this site. The Emberto  family lived here in the late 1800s. In 1898, the son killed his father's mistress. Dad then  shot his wife (the boy's mother) for starting the trouble. In all the confusion, Dad himself  was shot and killed. It seems the spirits of the Embertos are still going at each other today. Reported activity includes items moving on their own, disembodied voices and the apparition of  a woman in 1800s era clothing.


Hi I have had a couple of weird experiences in costilla. A few years ago we bought the former 'mustang' bar. It is across the Street from the school and Post office. Part of the original adobe structure is still standing. Around Midnight one night I was inside the structure. I observed a strange large dark shadow. It moved along the edge of the Wall and ceiling towards me and appeared to slide down the Wall towards me...So I spent the night in the camper instead.. I couldn't figure out anything that created that shadow.... Never saw it before or after...Submitted by Felicia


It is believed the spirits of the past leaders are still haunting the Corwnpoint Chapter. There had been sighting of the first president, and the first delegation still voting on past agenda. People have been reporting to the Crownpoint Police Department that they have been hearing voices, and of the delegate who was buried alive during its construction during the year of 1889...

                Submitted by Mercella Desiderio


Dawson Cemetery - The site of the two worst mine collapses in history which happened ten years apart and killed over 300 men. There is an obvious forlorn feeling as you walk around and the immigrant diversity is grand. It feels as if all the spirits are waiting for something and are watching you, expecting some sort of change.


-While staying at my parent House in southwest Deming we would hear someone dragging their feet walking sometimes making banging noises and it would turn the lights on and off. It would touch our legs and sit on the bed. We couldn't see it but could feel it. One time it Felt up my husbands shoulder/arm them gave him a kiss on the cheek. He Felt so heavy he could barely move. He heard the sound of the kiss though. When he looked in the mirror his face was red where the kiss occurred.

                Submitted by anonymous

One time my family and I was living in Hachita NM . There was an old school and a gym there. We always play there . When we were there we play hide and seek out side the gym. I run around the old school and I heard like something was running behind me. I turn around and it wasn't no one there but im still hearing something behind me. I look back and I hit a tree and I pass out. But I love it there and I Miss it there.

                Submitted by Janera

My grandparents used to own a Home on Lead st. I had the misfortune of spending an afternoon alone in the Home which is an experience I'll never forget. In my visits to the Home I'd seen things that I hadn't particularly thought Odd or other worldly. The screen door would open and close by itself. A chair that was in the guest bedroom would always wind up in an outer room. When my grandpa was refinishing the fake fireplace he found an old Black and White of himself and my grandmother posing in front of the home. At the time they had Only owned the Home for few months. This picture was from the 50s. When they announced they were moving the kitchen door slammed shut so hard the glass pane broke. While they were out one afternoon in preparation for the move I was left behind to finish washing the last of the dishes. I heard noises upstairs like footsteps and since the Home had a balcony with stairs down into the backyard I was afraid someone had come in. No matter how Many times I checked I didn't find anyone in the Home but the noises continued. The difference between getting creeped out and actually encountering something supernatural is highly pronounced. Once you've experienced a ghost you'll never mistake the willies for a specter again. You'll know when you're not alone. When the neighbors learned my grandparents were moving they asked if it was because of the ghost. While I know that House was haunted and it creeped me out what I found scarier were two instances that happened years later. It was halloween in Tucson AZ and my friends and I were telling ghost stories. I couldn't wait to talk about my grandparents Home when my Friend mike began his story. It was about the haunted House in Deming NM that his grandmother lived near. She lived on copper st. and this Home was over on lead. It had a balcony with stairs that led into the backyard. I think I scared him more when I told him I knew all about the house. Years after this once again at Halloween time my husband came Home from work White as a sheet. I asked him what was wrong and he said ''we were telling ghost stories at work and this Guy starting talking about a Home he stayed in in Deming NM. It had a fake fireplace in the living room and a balcony  with stairs that that led into the backyard...''.

                Submitted by Kg

While working in a restaurant on East Pine st. (I cannot give the actual name of the restaurant because I still work for them), there has been numerous occurrence of somebody haunting this store. Numerous times doing evening paper work in the office you would always feel as if somebody was watching you. I have had somebody touch me like a electrical charge on my hip numerous times while working on a oven. Each time this would happen something wrong was happening in the store or something would be about ready to fall out of the oven. It was like somebody telling me to pay attention and that something wrong was going to happen. One Day working very Early in the morning I heard somebody walking behind me while I was making some food. I thought it was another worker so I turned around and nobody was there. I was the Only one in the store and I checked all doors and they were still locked. One employee female has constantly seen a Hispanic male wearing a White Tea shirt walking around in the store. This employee has stated that she has Felt him and seen him standing right behind her and touching her hair. Many times she had thought this was a employee, but when she turns around this person is gone, and she is the Only one in the room. A truck Driver delivering food to this restaurant has also seen a person walking around in the back room Early in the morning, when everybody has gone home. The truck Driver went into the store to make sure nobody was robbing it and found no one in there. The truck Driver has said this has happened on a few different occasions. This block of Deming is very old and has been around since the Early 1900's. A hotel around the corner and is reportedly haunted as well the business all around this block report numerous haunting. All of these buildings use to have access to underground tunnels that connected most of the city during the Early 1900's. These connected from the old Camp Cody to the Deming air field.

                Submitted by Ray

I lived in Deming, NM last year for the summer (2008) in an old house that I was told was moved from an old military base years ago.  The closest military base from there would have been the old Camp Cody.  That was the most interesting summer of my life.  I was there to fix that old house up for a catholic sister to use a homeless shelter.  Going in that house for the first time I had a very strange feeling like I was not alone.  Good thing I really wasnt alone my friend had gone with me to do the work on that house.  We almost immediatley started hearing like walking sounds coming from the attic, so we spent most every night taking pictures and videos and voice recordings to see if anything would show up, and yes we caught a few things.  Some evps, and a white shadow in the window looking in.  Also a black shadow figure  that formed right in front of our video camera which we left alone in a room.  That was the scarriest.  It was a very short figure, formed from the floor and moved very fast.  We almost didnt notice it in the film except for my son looked over the videos and found it.  Playing it in slow motion you can clearly see it.  It was a very exciting summer.  I will try to upload the video.

                Submitted by Angela

One time on a drive back from Phoenix to El Paso, I encountered a ghost on I 10 east right by Deming, the ghost appeared to be running onto the road, I was forced to stop because it appeared to be an actual person.  My girlfriend and I, both saw it and also saw the ghost disappear into thin air seconds after we saw it.

                Submitted by Joel

We stopped at a Best Western in Deming, New Mexico for the night and at first everything seemed normal but then strange noises began occurring It started out as loud pounding sounds from up on the roof and then it became foot steps. Then strange high pitched chime noises started happening which was fallowed by voices. There many different voices talking some were women some were men and they would laugh every few moments and keep talking but then strange thing about it was that if you listened in on the conversations they weren't speaking any language I've ever heard it was voices but without language. There was even growling sounds at some points. It went on and off and sometimes it would stop with just silence and then it would start all over. The chimes the voices the laughing the pounding and then nothing. Deming new Mexico is definitely on my list of places I will never again go in my life.

                Submitted by Zach

Deming - Deming Middle school - in the basement their are loud sounds up stairs computers turn on by it self.

Deming - Greensands - Old factory in the desert, you can hear screams from an abandoned house 50 yards away. Shadowy figures, and a little girl holding a baby doll.

Deming - Holy Cross Sanatorium - It was a military base in WWI and a TB hospital during WWII. In the mid 70's there was a devil-worshiping cult that used it to sacrifice animals. It has one remaining building all others were torn down due to the decrements. This building is definitely haunted; witnesses have heard noises from the upper floor and seen lights near the fountain at night. It has tunnels that lead from Northwestern part of town to the Southeastern side of town, which ends up at the airport; they have all been caved in. It has been a place for teenagers to go and party. Different people have experienced something in what they call the "Alter Room". It is a shadowy figure that lurks just inside the doorway. There is also a cemetery just to the north of the building, graves disturbed and a large cross has been cut down. Town legend says that the teenagers that cut it down in the 70's all died that year. The houses around the area are also reported to have paranormal activities. The Holy Cross in recent days has become a dangerous place to be. Murders have been committed there in the last few years. A gang has killed a peer as a sacrifice and a lover’s quarrel was the demise of a man in a drainpipe. The place has always been that of graffiti artists writing their names or the names of their favorite bands. Now gang names and signs are all over it marking it as territory. Sheriffs patrol it often now and run people off who are in there and possibly arrest them for trespassing.

Deming - Martin Elementary - Recent janitors have been in the building by themselves and have heard doors opening and closing. Down the west side hall the girls bathroom flushes on it's own. They have also heard what sound like some running along roof. Teachers have reported that when they were by themselves working in the evening, they have heard doors slamming, someone walking in the hall, sound coming from other classrooms. Also doorknobs turning, knocking windows and noises that escalates in sound. They have also had as sense of uneasiness as if someone is watching you and also and apparition of a women reading a book.

Deming - Memorial Elementary - Two students have reported seeing a knife in the gym, noises, lights flickering. They have also heard the piano in the third grade hallway when no one was there. Also two girls staring in the windows.


Me and my bro the killer tomato aka mcquade were at the old dorm and we were kicking it his room I was sitting on a chair and he was on his bunk bed with his back to the window facing this building just then I seen a lil head Peak out of the corner of the window at first I thought it was the lil kids then it looked again and I yelled and it took off and we checked every were but it was gone. There is this other time me my bro cruz and some other people were there watching TV and at the same time we both looked at the doorway, and we both seen a lil girl run in to the room and jump behind a Couch I got up and said did u see that my bro cruz was like ya so we went around the Couch and there was nothing there and we both freaked out.

                Submitted by Sir-smoke-alot

7am in morning went into the New Administration Building and open for business.  This black figure was standing near the receptionist desk in front.  I went to open the doors to the offices.  When I went to see who was here before me, no one was around.  Only a few have a key to access the building.  It is said that under the building use to be a trailer park, where two people have died.  One a tall black man, and a small Indian women.

                Submitted by Magret V


I saw the Robinson girls as well. The Day I went to elephant Butte I was standing near the rail and I looked in the water and saw the reflection of a Young girl. I got freaked out and turned around and bega looking around trying to find the girl but she wasn't there.

So I looked in the water again and she was there. After I did some research I saw the exact same girl! Kreepy.

                Submitted by Scaredy


-Did anyone else see the ''robinson girls? '' two ghost of Sisters that drowned shortly the Lake open to the public. I heard the Story years ago and didn't believe it but last summer on Long Point about dusk I saw what I though was two girls playing in the water. I noticed they were wearing old clothes like from the 1930s. I pointed it out to my wife and when I looked back to Point them out they were gone. Thought maybe I had too much beer but the next Day we found little foot steps in the sand from the water around our rv and then back into the water. This was before 6am and I didn't hear anyone. Freaked us out!.

                Submitted by John

As I swam in Elephant Butte Lake, a strange force started to pull me under!!! As I retired to my tent for the night, a strange figure stood outside my tent, howling at the moon. when I stuck my head out to look what was happening, I saw a huge man, with teeth of a wolf, and bright yellow eyes, soaking wet, licking at a cut on it's hairy, reptile-like hand. it was then I remembered the incident that had happened earlier that day, and how I had cut what was grabbing me with my pocket Knife. The next day, I had heard some local hunters had killed a big wolf a few days earlier. When they showed us, It was a giant beast, and it had wet coat of fur, with a cut on it's paw.

                Submitted by Patience


There is a House a little past Eunice called the ''Freddy Kueger House” it's been said that there has been about two deaths unexplained and two suicides. The two deaths were two Young middle aged Guys that were drunk. They were on top of the House (of course drinking) and rumor has it that they had got so drunk out of there minds that they jumped intentionally off the roof and the police say it was accidentally but to how  they were found it couldn't be an Accident it was suicide attempt. The two suicides were two Young girls that hung there self for unexplainable reasons. The last death is unknown till this Day all that is said is it was a little boy that was about six years old. If u go here at night you can here a Man yelling get out you will see shadows of the girls hanging when you first walk up the stairs. You can see that these people that have died worshiped the devil. There is a few things you should know when you visit the house.... Don't come alone!!           Submitted by Aylexis

There was a school talent show. When all the kids were looking for the teacher to tell them to go on stage nobody could find her. But 5 minutes before the show started they found her they said she was so white she looked like a ghost, they asked what was wrong. She told the other teacher that  she just found a hand cut off in the dressing room, she said it looked really recent for when the hand was cut off...

                Submitted by anonymous

A woman ghost has been sighted North of Town looking for drivers that are alone, usually follows drivers to their destination and then shrieks at them. Calling them Frank.

                Submitted by Bob


Shattuck/St. Mary - There has been a number of hauntings in this old school. You can see old headmasters walking through the halls. In the boys dorm you can see a mama lab and her puppies. Shattuck/St. Mary was an old military school and you can still see in the theatre people walking around the stage. - April 2007 Correction - Shattuck was NEVER an infirmary. www.s-sm.org/arch/history/. It has been a school since 1858, never was a hospital or a ski lodge. faribault.org/History1/Limestone_fun.htm#Shattuck. Whitney Memorial Arch artistically frames Shumway Hall at Shattuck School. Shattuck was originally a grammar school as part of the Episcopal Seabury Divinity Seminary. It later offered secondary-level military education for boys, and finally merged with St. Mary’s to become a private co-educational preparatory school. The arch was constructed in 1926 of limestone salvaged from two other early campus buildings.


Me and my grandma were going for a ride and gonna but food at nite well we were just laughing away we saw a lady on the side on the highway we passed her because we were going to the store for food but we turn around fast when we got there she was gone my grandma said'' she must got a ride or something'' then we went back to the store we were done shopping. After buying food we left. Then got back on a highway we saw the same girl I looked at her. She waved then disappear. My grandma was fighten I was scared too we got back to the House and my grandma tried forgetting about it but she couldn't that's my first time seeing a ghost .. When I was small..

                Submitted by Shay

How about the paranormal activities on the old hwy. 666? There are numerous stories of ghosts skin walkers and shape shifters that I have heard over the years.                           Submitted by Engred

BACK n the 1940's a woman would kidnap boys 3 to 15 years old. After she kidnapped them she would put then in a cage for 1 to 2 weeks at a time. No food no water and if they were still alive she would drown them in her pond and throw them down a Concrete shaft in to the ground. I went there and all that was left of the House was the bottom. The cage pond and shaft were still there. At night people say they hear the water and a baby's cry.

                Submitted by Asa

Farmington - Lions Wilderness Park - there has been some strange sightings of a person who has been taking things from people and making some strange eerie noises and seems to scare people away from the park. People say at night that you can hear walking footsteps coming towards them and suddenly stopping at a few steps away them and then someone touching them and no one is there. Late at night you can here screaming and then laughs so scary that you cannot even image.


FBMC hospital and housing - Fort Bayard Medical Center has been around since the 1800's. It was originally a cavalry base where the Buffalo Soldiers(first African American soldiers in the U.S. cavalry)were first introduced in New Mexico. After military use, a medical center was constructed and used as a TB center. It is now a long term care facility, and veterans hospital. In the basement (where the dungeon for the original base was) there have been sighting of wheelchairs rolling down the hall, door opening and closing, sounds of shackles and chains, moaning, crying, conversations, laughing, voices, people touching your shoulder, and apparition sightings, throughout the whole hospital on all 6 floors, esp. 2 west. In the housing area there are reports of hauntings, footsteps, late at night when everyone is asleep, apparitions, knocking on the doors and no one there, covers being torn off you.


August of 2007 when I was about seven years old my mom volunteered for fort Stanton days. While she was face painting I looked up into the window of the old hospital behind her and I saw a Young Black girl about ten years old standing there staring at me. A dog which looked like a saint Bernard stood with her. The girl was just watching me with a solemn face I Felt confused and thought I was seeing things. For about  ten minutes she stood there with her dog just watching me. Finally I walked over to the schoolhouse and when I looked back she was gone. I'll never forget that experience.

                Submitted by K

Experienceses in Ft. Stanton and Lincoln County
My mom and grandmother worked there. my mom for 7 yrs and grandma retired after 12 yrs there. My mom worked in the sierra 2 building and my grandma lived in the last cottage. Some nights you could here marching in the  middle of night her German talking . where my mom worked she said you could here voices and see stuff out of  peripheral vision. I also have had experiences in white oaks my other grandma lived there and the house I grew
up in in Hondo had a apparition in it. I also believe the O Bar O ranch has some haunted buildings they were very strange when I worked there and hear sounds and dogs woulds go into these buildings.
Submitted by - EaRl TuRcotte-

I stayed at fort Stanton for six months, back in 2004, it is currently a rehab facility. I can say from experience that this place IS haunted, the dorm I stayed in (Hidalgo), was used for housing dying children back when it was used, me including almost everybody staying in that dorm have had experiences of a little boy, some have seen him, some have heard him, and some have even felt him. A lot of people didn't believe in the supernatural, but with in a couple of weeks they had their own story to tell, including things moving on their own,(which I have seen personally) a little boy talking, or even tickles on their feet with nobody in the same room, I know for a fact after staying here for six months, that  this stuff is real. Alot of people at the fort would not walk anywhere alone after dark, including me. I have had several experiences at the fort, me and a roommate were talking after hours when most were asleep, and out of nowhere we hear a woman talking just going on and on you could not make out what she was saying, but it freaked us out, all my hairs stood straight up, I got goose bumps like I've never felt before, and my eyes just started to water, my roommate felt the same thing We did not talk anymore that night. We just listened to this women talking. Let me remind you that this is purely men, no women allowed. I've also seen things in the windows, heard voice. You walk by yourself at night and you can hear somebody following you when you stop it stops, nobody around, I have seen things move, and moved back. I've seen huge laundry doors slam shut and reopen. I ran outside thinking it was a friend playing with me when nobody was there. I had a feeling like no other. Truly terrifying...this is the first site I was able to find about the haunting at Fort Stanton, for all those non believers I assure you that this place is truly haunted.....


                Submitted by Jon

HISTORICAL FORT STANTON PARANORMAL REPORTS Documented by Lincoln County Paranormal- These are interviews from numerous people over the years and their experiences at Fort Stanton. Some names have been with-held at the request for privacy.
-1920’s- Reports of shadow figures and unexplained crying in the administration building. One person anonymously reported, “Indian drums and flute music is what I heard and no one could have been there because it was a guaranteed clean up.”
-1930’s- Interview with Kori and Emanuel Beltron.
Emanuel: “Well I never believed in ghosts and stuff like that until I got my janitorial job; my first night I saw something evil, scary.”
Kori: “Shat did you see?”
Emanuel: “El Diablo sus solo.” (Translation: The Devil himself)
Kori: “What did you do after seeing the entity?”
Emanuel: “Yo corre para mi viva y terminado mi trabajo en la manana.” (Translation: I was afraid for my life and I quit my job in the morning.)
-1940’s- Records show 24 suspicious deaths, 37 documented suicides, and 80 Japanese held. Reports of abuse by guards and also of malnourishment of certain P.O.W.’s. Nadene Hererra was reportedly raped by a guard. (note: this was before women’s rights, so she was most likely raped.) During the late 1940’s there are more reports of banging, screaming and groaning before the release of P.O.W.’s. Nine of the 24 had suspicious deaths.
-Interview with Connie Montes, fall of 1948. “I was in the admin building listening to the A.M. filing some paper’s, and I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye; well I thought it was a mouse so I went to get up to get the traps, and as I was getting up out of my chair something grabbed my hair hard and threw me back in the chair. I tried screaming but couldn’t, so then I started praying, and right after I started, whatever it was let me go. I couldn’t let my job go, so I had a priest bless my rosary. I always wore it while I was working and nothing ever happened as long as I had it.”
-1950’s- Interview with Kori and Maria Montoya.
Maria: “I worked at that hell of a place and I would see shadows, hear voices, and weird things like that.”
Kori: “How often did these events occur?”
Maria: “Ay, dios mio, todo dia!” (Translation: Ay, my God, all day!)
Kori: “Where did you see/hear these things?
Maria: “Mainly in the gym and admin buildings but sometimes in the cafeteria.”
(other workers reported seeing and hearing the same things.)
-1960’s- Interview with Kori and Tomas Frujillo.
Tomas: “Well I was down in the morgue smoking a cigarette, hahaha, Lucky’s. Well I wasn’t too lucky that day, I was putting my cigarette out when some demon ghost thing whispered in my ear, “Tomas, your coming with us.” After I heard that I felt hot on my leg, it was so hot it was cold, and when I looked at my leg there was three 8 inch claw like marks on my leg. Well I went to wash my leg off upstairs. When I was walking towards the stairs I tripped over nothing, and I still don’t understand it but maybe you guys can figure it out, hahaha.” (This happened in 1964)
-1970’s- The women’s Prison era. Inmates would report all kinds of paranormal occurrences. Anonymous-“I left my cigo in the building and went to go get them. As I was walking in, I saw it; if the devil walked the earth, that was him.”
There are also reports of sexual abuse by the guards on the female inmates.
-1980’s to 1990’s- Mental Facility
Interview with Lilly Hardy- “When I was working there every day I would hear strange noises coming from the morgue, like someone banging on the ceiling, screams, but not people screams, like a lower pitch voice, but it really never bothered me though.”
Interview with Heidi Greer- “Well we would always see shadows and stuff like that, but the weird thing about it was I would have everything organized in my office and the next morning every drawer and cabinet was open. And I would also commonly hear my name called in a deep raspy voice, that’s what gave me the biggest chills.”
Anonymous- “I was in the cafeteria and a trey was on the floor; it was kind of out of place there to begin with, well anyways I picked it up, put it up, and when I turned around and the trey was back on the floor in the same spot; I quit the next day.”



-The whole grade I was in (I am not telling what grade!) had an experience with the La Llorna. One of our fellow hunters went into a bathroom and heard screaming. Everything went weird that one day!.

                Submitted by Ft. Sumner ghost hunters


Fort Wingate is the best place in the Gallup area to go if you want anything paranormal. Iv been out to that hospital on Many occasions and nearly every time something incredible and unexplainable has happened. On one  occassion 3 friends and I went out there just to go look around. We were in the old pharmacy having a Circle when I Felt a presence walk into the room. Not 5 seconds later one of my friends was hit in the back so hard that he fell to the ground and his nose started bleeding. We left that room and went down to the mourgue where we had a Circle around a table. Suddenly the same person got pulled under the table to the Point where his pants were nearly ripped off. After this happened I was very interested so I took my time getting out but about Halfway out I started feeling something grabbing my neck and I couldn't breath. I started shaking and couldn't walk or talk and my friends had to carry me out. This was Only one time I had been there and it was probably the most insignificant experience we have had out there since.

                Submitted by Lilith

Halloween of 2006 a couple of friends and me went out just a casual halloween night looking for adventure being mischievous. Out of no where a buddy of mine said lets check out the old Hospital up in Ft.Wingate. We were skeptical about it but decided to check it out anyway......Upon arriving we walked up to the hospital and we waited a couple of minutes debating if we should go in. The girl that was with us was scared but we weren't. We all went in. At first it was dark. I didn't know where I was going or what we were going to see...We were all huddled togethor and out of nowhere we heard heavy breathing, so I thought it was my friend Seneca,so I told him shut up and quit being a #$%^& and he told me it wasnt it him. So we paused and listened. It was heavy breathing like someone was ahead of us. Then out of nowhere we heard stuff fly across the room and hit. We all got scaied and ran out or crawled out. I would never forget that night.

                Submitted by KB

Fort Wingate WW2 Hospital - Fort Wingate which is just due east of Gallup, once used to be a huge Fort used for storing weapon caches during WW2. Wingate also had a hospital used to treat in injured that were returned home. Well some that were injured there had major problems such as loss of limbs and mental retardation. The hospital was said to be sad and lonely. Rumors have spread around stating that spirits could be seen and heard looking for there limbs and or minds. The military now has the hospital closed off to the public ever since the rumors went out. The hospital closed right after the end of the war. To this day strange and weird noises can be heard coming from the hospital.


old house on Aztec - The old house is said to be haunted by a little boy named Billy. Who had an unfortunate death while playing in his room. He is said to live in the closet of the front bedroom, and is a friendly ghost that has played with children that have lived in that room.


Me and my mother were walking by the cemetery at night. I saw an eerie figure similar to what cristy said. My mother is Kelly the 15yr old girl from christy's storie. Some of my dads friends said that it sounded like it was a skinwalker.

                Submitted by Matt

In 1995 at around eleven pm. My Friend Kelly 15 at the time my nephew 6 years old and myself 14 where walking Home from my brothers. In order to get Home quickly we decided to take a short-cut. The short-cut however was through a dark field located behind the cemetery. We walked this Trail Many times but this trip would prove to be different leaving a long lasting detailed memory with all of us. As we began to enter the dark field we heard comotion and some kind of voices off in the darkness to our right figuring it was some people having some drinks down the way we continued our walk with no second thought. About twenty yards into the walk standing to nour right no further then eight feet from us stood a very dark hooded creature it stood about 3 to 4 feet tall was slightly hunched over. It looked us directly in the face and there was an endless darkness. That was its face. I stopped in my tracks frozen by what I had seen. I asked my Friend if she was seeing what I was starring in the face. She said yes. It was then I realized there were about 6 more in the distance behind this one.  I asked what I should do still maintaining my gazing standoff with this being. She said ''look straight and just walk'' that's what we did. When the stair was broken the creature ran off. As it ran it looked as if it had a tail. As it ran it seemed it took long strides kinda side to side with a hopping motion. . . . What the hell???? We May never know what we saw that night.. . But we all know we saw something !!!!!.

                Submitted by Christy

Grants - Econo Lodge - No one is allowed on the third floor, it now is used as a storage. From the swimming pool, you can see people looking down at you. You can hear footsteps, screaming, and the elevators going up there. The elevators don't even work. Someone appears in the Kitchen. You feel a coldness upon you. December 2003 addition: They say it’s just a fake. People are forgetting about it. No newspaper can be found, it like the town has covered it up. Some locals say they know there’s something there. They heard a Maid was murdered there, she was taking some towels up to a man and when she got to his room he grabbed her and murder her in his room on the third floor. The police tape is still on the left wing of the third floor. People say that if you go to the room that it happen in that you can still smell blood and that the room is very cold. If you go at just the strike of midnight you can hear her screams and moans. All the rooms that don't have numbers on the door are said that something happed in those rooms. The hotel it filled with evil and people say that if you sleep on the second floor of the under the room that it happened in that you can hear here yelling and cry for help!

Grants - Montecarlo Restaurant - Upstairs there is a room used for banquets. The upstairs used to have apartments, but they were gutted by a fire in the early 1990's and remolded. There is a ghost that shakes what sounds like a key ring full of keys. Often the ghost shakes them right next to people's ears. There are cold spots, and the ceiling fanlights go on and off at will.


Lea reginal hospital is also known to be haunted. They say a doctor who they Call Fred had hung himself in one of the rooms on the 4th floor which use to be a floor where they held all the patients for recovery from surgery. The doctor plays with the Call Bell in the empty rooms along with turning on and off the lights. They're also a lil boy who has been seen that runs through the rooms and plays with the TVs. He runs through the 3rd floor and 4th. He also runs into patients rooms and plays with their curtains. As they say the ones close to death will see spirits some paitents who are in really bad shape will complain about the children playing in their rooms. Now days the 4th floor is used for storage and offices but it still gives an uneasy feeling...

                Submitted by anonymous

The legend: the old Hobbs cemetery has more than just loved ones in the cemetery trying to enter the cemetery anytime from 8pm-8am you will hear noises as soon as you arrive at the door enter if you dare but as you drive away a vehicle will follow you through town until you ask for forgiveness, and even then an old men will follow you or one of your friends to warn out to not play in that cemetery and vanish when your not looking. The dare: go to the cemetery and try not to be cased by a Carr an old man...... And good Luck try not to anger a spirit.

                Submitted by Jmp106

One night after a long Day I was riding my Brothers friends bike Home when I heard someone Call ''hey'' they said it as if it was someone who hasn't seen me in a while when I turned my head nobody was there so I kept riding then I heard them yell something I don't know what so I turned around thinking surely they need help or something so I was looking but no one was there so I was like forget it so I started peddling back Home when I passed this Man that was walking not on the sidewalk or in the Street just barely off the sidewalk I thought he was my moms Friend but wasn't sure I got a couple more yards down marland, and remembered the name of my moms Friend ''alvin'' and I turned around to ask if that was him but when I did he wasn't there and im freaking out because there's no Street for him to turn down or anything like that its all flatland and    nothing but a wire Fence since then I started getting rides Home but surely it was a spirit or a ghost I pedaled Home non-stop like 4 Miles quick I will never forget that night.

                Submitted by Reid                             

A woman with long black hair, pale skin and a crimson red dress has been spotted looking out a window at a small store in the north side of Hobbs. She makes eye contact and then ducks down slowly. This has occurred late at night when the store is closed.

                Submitted by Anonymous


I used to live in the same dorm as the person below. I also had many horrible encounters with something evil. After I got married and moved in to the old base housing I think just followed me there. I lived on Sierra Pl. I have so many stories but the feeling of overwhelming evil and dread is no lie. I also think that it enjoyed knowing I knew he was there. Just like the person below, I also couldn't get it to go away    unless I said my prayers. It was the word God that fended him off. When I lived in that house I had just had a baby. I left the night light on so in the middle of the night I could jump up and make my way around the house. One night I could hear the baby stirring around in her crib through the baby monitor. I opened my eyes and there was this dark shadow blocking the light from my cracked bedroom door. I was petrified. I couldn't breath. I rubbed my eyes and steered at it. Then it dawned on me... My baby! I jumped from the bed a threw open the door and no one was there. I went through the house and couldn't find anyone. The only satisfaction I felt he got was when I described him as A MAN. He is evil.... He would touch my feet, wake the baby, I always had things happening like knocked of pictures open cabinets and the feeling of horrible stalking. I moved to Hurlburt field.... He followed. I would hear my now 3year old daughter get out of bed and run to my bed side and tell my to wake  up... When I did she wasn't there.. I would get up only to see she was still in her bed sleeping. It didn't matter where I slept it would come to me every morning at 6am some times a little earlier. Always when I was alone. I was very taken to me. I know it was him... Torturing me. I am shaken to this day by it. I feel like now after many years I don't have to much of a problem with him. Unless I talk about him. Then he comes back. I just want him to leave me and my family alone. I swear I am not lying... I was just wondering did anyone else out there have the same experience with the MAN. Were their any murders or killings in the dorms or on the base? If you live here and had a haunting too please tell your story. .

                Submitted by Cindy

Has anyone heard of the ghost of a lady with green hat that likes to show up on the rear view mirror when you drive past the post office? Please post.           Submitted  by anonymous

I use to live in dormitory building 336 or 337 (which everyone is closest to the chow hall.  I lived in room 333 I think (faces the street), its been a while.  Around 1999, I woke at approx 3am with a weight on my chest, felt like something was on me and trying to force its way into me, I couldn't move, couldn't speak, I had an overwhelming sense of dread and evil from it.  All I could do was think the word ''God'' and slowly it subsided and left, it lasted for maybe 10 seconds.  I freaked out, didn't know what to do, I called the base Chaplin and he gave me a scripture to read.  I read it all night and couldn't sleep with the lights off for the rest of my time there.  Still to this day I wake up around 3am, sometimes with a sense of dread in the room.  This was before 3am became the ''scary time'', propagated by the movie ''the haunting of Emily rose''.  I don't think the room is haunted though, I think it was a demon and it picked me that night, it could of been anyone and anywhere. say your prayers kids, its a scary world...

                Submitted by Prior resident


When my grandma was little she saw a weird little girl playing with a dog the dog look at her and ran a way. The little girl stand up and start to scream really loud and went away.

                Submitted by Anastasia

When my friends were playing this game thing weird happen. They were having fun but they said that a weird animal but it was a witch looking for them so the witch with inside and scare them half to dead and they all ran out of the House and they all have White hair now.

                Submitted by Anastasia


Hey what about the lady who walks on the old shiprock road with a cane ,and then just disappears into thin air. Even at Morgans lake there is ghost who just want to take a swim at night.

                Submitted by Judy


I live in La luz New Mexico. My grandma had died in 2008. Strange things had been happening ever since she died. One night I needed to use the bathroom. So then I was in my hallway and all of a sudden I seen a shadow walk across the microwave and I snapped and said I know that's my grandma. So then I said my grandma is my guardian angel.

                Submitted by anonymous

Me and my family live in La luz. My grandma had died in 2008 some strange things had happened ever since she died. One night I woke up to use the bathroom then I was so close to the bathroom the I seen a shadow walk across our microwave.

                Submitted by Kristina

La luz canyon. When you stop in the middle of the road at the bottom of a Hill in LA luz canyon you will be pushed up the Canyon Hill by the ghosts of 3 children and a mother who were killed on the road.Your car will be pushed up the Hill by the ghosts of them wanting to get you out up out of the road. They were killed by a big truck and are trying to help you.

                Submitted by Amy

La Luz - La Luz Canyon - It has been reported that a mother and two children were killed when their car was ran off the bridge by a truck coming down from the canyon. People say if you go up the canyon road to where the road divides going down to the hanging tree. It is said that if you stop on the bridge before you turn onto the dirt road you can put baby powder on your car or you can also see it from the dew on your car. Park your car and wait. You will feel forces pushing the car off the bridge in either directions or then if you *dare* get out of your car and look on the bumper you will see handprints and hear children giggling. People say that the giggles are merely signs of the children saying your welcome.

La Luz - Water Treatment Plant - Though it is unsure what haunts the water treatment plant. There is no denying that it is in fact haunted. As you walk in one flashlight will light up the entire room as it reflects off of the water and the crystals. It provides you with an eerie feeling right from the start. As you walk around you will notice cold spots and hot spots. Though not particularly the most desirable place to spend eternity, it would seem that many apparitions could be seen there.



You can see big bright lights at night in a graveside in lake arthur.          Submitted by marybelle



Legal Tender Building - 4 different ghosts have been seen. Lady in White with child Chinese railroad worker. Man in black(bystander in a card game)


Well I happened to be at a cemetery and the was Many orbs around me and my family my mother had a family member buried there she had called her uncle cruz and he appeared.                             Submitted by Lexi

One night me and some friends went out ghost hunting. Leading our journey was the use of my phone. I had googled ''ghost hauntings las cruces'' and nothing  really came up. The first one was Goddard Hall here at nmsu. We went at about 10 and all the doors were locked. Disappointed we started driving around and thought about places that could possibly be haunted. We wondered if anybody had ever drowned at frangers so we parked and started walking around. Almost immediately we started seeing shadows so I pulled my phone out and put it on the voice recorder. I started walking around asking questions hoping to get something recorded. After about a minute I ended the recording and tried listening to it but my phone started tripping out not being able to play it. As we walked towards the car we saw an all Black cat so we booked it to the car Only to see another Black cat waiting by our ride. Needless to say it was time to Call it a night.

                Submitted by Ace

This Story is true .... We lived close to a 2 cemetery my mom still lives there to this day.... We grew up playing and riding our bikes in the cemetery.... We like going to the cemeteries ... We were never afraid of them ... We also had 2 churches side by side one of the churches was in front of our house.. It was an old White church that stands they till this day... Since than they have built a New Church on the other side of the old one... When we were little... We would walk around the neighborhood at Sundown my Brothers and sisters... Would take us to the cemetery and then we would sit in front of the old White church.... Many times we would heard music coming from inside the church... They was no service going on... But yet we use to hear the piano playing and people singing inside... The church had 2 small windows in the front doors... We would all get up and look inside the church windows.... But they was nobody there.... We would go all around the church to see if we could find a door open to get in.. But it was lock... So we would come around to the front again.... We sit there again in front of the church... And again the music would start playing so Clear and loud.... We all heard it till this Day. We talk about it now that we have got older we remember it very clearly... I believe the people (spirits) that we were hearing were Only people that used to go to church there before they past away maybe somehow they would come back to have a service of their own..

It was very strange... But not scary at all... After all it was a church....true story...

                Submitted by Emily


This Story was told by my mom my mom had a brother that she loved so much he was very Young when he past away.... My mom told us before her brother died he visited her at her Home as a ghost.. My uncle lived in California....  My mom said that one morning she was sitting in the kitchen when she looked outside the window she saw her brother peeking inside the window... He had come down to visit her a couple of months before...So it was strange to see him again... So soon... She decided to go outside to see what was going on she open the door and didn't see anything... So she thought her mind was playing tricks on her... Thats when the phone rang.. And it was one of her sister called to let her know that their brother had just die in a car crash... It was so sad... She never forget that day... Her brother visit her for the last time..

                Submitted by Unknown

About 2 yrs old ago we decide to go ghost hunting we do this often we were heading toward mesilla nm it was about 11 or so. First we decide to hit the cemetery in old mesilla everyone know witches grave is the place to go the Gate were closed so we could get in 'so we left to see if we could find ghost that night..  My sis had told me about other place across the ditch so we headed that way. We found the old school House when they say children die in a school fire.... When we could find ghost we decide to go down this narrow Street close by there to come back to Las Cruces... This is where it get scary my sis was driving I was in the passenger side.... When I couldn't believe what I saw they was a Young girl crossing the Street from the last side of the Street she was about maybe 13 14 years old ..... She was wearing the brightest White gown I had ever seen .. We stop the car and I could and walked into the desert as he gave me a cold stare chills went down my back as I knew he was the devil.

                Submitted by    Flip

Lots of strange things happen around 3 am in the morning at the pan american center. Footsteps, lights flickering, elevators going up and down, loud Bangs in the nigh, chairs and trash cans being moved and a little girl giggling.

                Submitted by anonymous

I bought a house in Las Cruces about 10 yrs ago and it turned out to be spook central. You can hear footsteps in the hall, doors opening and closing and we have even seen a shadowy image of an indian boy about 15 yrs. He didn't have a lot of ornaments on him and no hair decorations like feathers or anything. One day we were digging in the back yard and dug up some stone hand tools and a big chunk of flint. I found out that flint isn't native around here which kind if creeped me out. at night you can see misty figures going thru the yard towards    the Rio Grande. You could sort of make out some of the clothes and they were from turn of the century to 1940's. There are 2 cemeteries just east of us and one of them is pretty old. Maybe the people are just going back to the river like they did when they were alive.

                Submitted by Maggie


                Submitted by @LaskA


-Many ghosts have been seen lately but not like the one at aqueduct park... it was deserted and windy a small strange singing woman was in the pond singing... I thought she was crazy then dogs started to howl dirt got in my eyes I rubbed them and she was gone. the wind stopped no howls but a small eyrie silence was among me. I felt depressed and alone...

                Submitted by Strange senses

The ghost of La Llarona has been seen near the Rio Grande.She has been reported to scream for her children. she was wearing a tattered ,old, white dress. She was bleeding immensely from the head.

                Submitted by angel 90210

The ghost of La Llarona has been seen an uncountable number of time outside the house of my dentist, and she lives right next to the Rio Grande. She has also been sighted by a close friend of mine.

                Submitted by Patience

A young woman with bloody clothes, tattered hair and no shoes has been sighted on many occasions. the lady has a night robe and is caring a baby trying to calm her/him.               Submitted by Angel 90210

Las Cruces - Hangerlake Hanger - Have been reports from witnesses upon entering this off-limit's and somewhat guarded building. They tell of seeing the dead, hanging from the rafters. Of course strange sound's, banging noise's, people's voices. Residents in the area, in the neighborhood have seen and experienced demonic activity on many, many accounts.

Las Cruces - El Patio Restaurant - the original site of the San Albino Church. The restaurant is said to be haunted by a woman (maybe the original owner of the restaurant) at night after closing you could hear trays falling in the kitchen and things missing. The owner's great grandfather was Albert Fountain an attorney for Billy the Kid. He disappeared presumably murdered.

Las Cruces - Rio Grand River - This lady back in the days when the river ran a mile wide. She got sick of her kids and drowned them. She shortly died after word. Only to be sentenced to her own type of hell. She is now in search of her kids, which was promised she would never find. To this day you can see her faint glow across the river with her high-pitched screechy scream that will leave your ears ringing for weeks.

Las Cruses - toys -r -us - a little boy about five or six years old haunts the store in the night you could here his laughs and during the day has always playing with the toys so employees have a hard time keeping the toys off the floor. - October 2007 Update: Store has now been closed and abandoned for most of a year. Was shut down as part of Toys r us financial problems.


I live on the West side of town on Rincon Street in las vegas. For Many Many years I have experienced activity all around town. As a teen my friends and I made our own ouija board and that's when things started to get freaky for me. In my Home my sister and I would hear strange footsteps walking through the House and even the animals would get agitated at something that wasn't there. One night when we were asleep my sister awoke to our dog growling at the closet. Then when my sister asked the dog what she was looking at the dog began to bark and snarl at the closet still. Then my sister heard a voice from the closet say ''shhh'' to the dog then everything in the closet fell over. She jumped up turned on the lights opened the closet door and found nobody in there but did find her clothes and other stuff all on the floor. I know for a fact that nobody has died in our Home because my father built it when my mother was pregnant with me. Still over 40 years we still feel hear and see things we can't explain. Now I sleep in the room that was once my Sisters and both my cats act strangely when in there. On several occasions they have woken up with backs arched hissing at the closet. Then when I lived in a trailer on Mills Avenue the neighbor’s kids decided to take an ouija board over to see what it was about. Since I knew the dangers I said yes as long as I supervised them. Big mistake since whatever was talking to them claimed to be the devil himself and that he ''loved'' me. Every time the kids tried to play without me it wouldn't answer their questions but kept asking for me. They would say I wasn't around but it would just freeze up and then start making circles or a figure 8 on the board. Shortly after that I began to experience voices calling my name coming from the closet in my room. Then things started to fly off my Dresser at me my son was having night terrors and one by one my 4 kittens disappeared. I moved from there a year later and whatever was in the Trailer followed us to our apartment. There my sons bed would shake doors would open and shut on their own and I began having horrible nightmares so bad that I opted to not sleep at all. For 5 days and nights I did not sleep. Every time I was close to falling asleep horrifying images would ''pop'' into my head and Wake me up in fear. I eventually moved back Home where I Felt I was safer on my ground. Where I knew I would be safe. Every now and then I feel a presence around me but not as evil or intense as before.

             Submitted by Dj

Once of in a graveyard far down 8th Street in Las Vegas NM my friends and I played the ouija board, and we started hearin weird noises and we followed them I asked the spirit where it wanted us to go and the Reader pointed down a road so we followed and my friends saw something White run across the road. Nights later my friends and I got to the House and we took the keys out of the car and locked while we were in the House we heard a car honk a door slam and a car engine start when we went outside to leave we found the keys locked in the car in the ignition. We always hear things whenever we get together now its real cool.

                Submitted by Sean

I  spent my teenage years 1958-1965 outside of Las Vegas a place called san Pablo 3 Miles south of san Geronimo. There was a settlement of comanche's in the area before the Spaniards came into the area. The property is owned by the lujan's family. The Valley that they live in is haunted by the spirits of long ago. The tribes that lived there met with a terrible death of some sort which I know not. However when riding thru this Valley a person will feel a discomfort of uneasiness. I was there a year ago May and the feeling is still the same. There were over a Hundred native indians families in this area. To this Day I wonder what really happen in this area. I am steadily drawn back to this area and its surroundings. When I Tell people about it they think I'm nuts. Life goes on as well as San Pablo is forgotten; there still a cemetery there and the ruins of a church.

                Submitted by Michael       

One night my cousin and I went to visit Las Vegas just to see are family. When my grandparents told me about the ghost girl who lives there. They said she died because of a text message. And that she still haunts girls who are between 10-18. I of course didn't believe them and I went up stairs to go to sleep. I tossed and turned and I woke up cause my phone got a text that said leave my home. All of a sudden my cousin ran screaming into the room and said I saw her!!! I kept telling her who. She finally calmed down to Tell me the ghost. She described her wearing a dress with Diamond earrings. And her face bloody and her neck was broken. Right when she told me this the host came in and stood right in my face I fainted and the next thing I knew I was in my cousins car driving away in are pjs. We have never gone back there and we never will. But I warn you don't go to that House unless u want to die....

                Submitted by Brooke         

One night me and my boyfriend and my cousin went to this place about 8miles south of Las Vegas to see if we would see this ghost of a Young girl that passed away at the age of 15. As we got there we didn't hear or see anything so I dropped my boyfriend off at the area so I could turn the car around and as I was driving I heard my boyfriend yell for me to stop the car so he could get in. As I stopped he said go! Go! So I drove off and I asked him what happened? What did u see? He said he had seen a girl sitting under a tree dressed in White so later on down the road we turned around and passed the area again but nothing was there so what we believe is it could of been this girls spirit.                                 Submitted by B&s

One errie night 20 Miles east of Las Vegas in a place called LA lendre we went out for a ride while we were driving we noticed a mist we drove threw after that chills ran up and down our spines trying to get back to Las Vegas as fast as we could we kept seeing White owls flying around us. A few Miles down the narrow road we saw a tall Man dressed in black. Till this Day we don't know what it could of really been because people don't live around that area and there's nothing around except empty fields.

                Submitted by B&s

Any time me and my cousin Dustin were Home alone and we did bloody mary just for the hell of it. Then creepy things started happening such as lights flickering doors slammin stove turning on TV turnin on and off...

                Submitted by Anonymous

One night I went outside to Check on my kids. We live by a the Rio grande so I always Tell my kids not to go over there at night because of LA llourna to scare them off. Well that night I could not see them anywhere. I saw a White figure not moving just observing the open. I saw my kids playing in the River and the White figure moved closer and closer to my kids. I ran over but when looked for the White figure it was nowhere to be found...

                Submitted by Selena

This is a weird story from Las Vegas. I lived in old town a block away from West Las Vegas middle school in old town Las Vegas. Our house is very old, built in the 1900's. I lived there since I was eight years old, anyhow! For years, we never had problems at all, but I had turned 15 and things started to get a bit creepy. I kept waking up in the middle of the night with chills taking over my whole body, not knowing why I woke up, and kept feeling some kind of ''Presence'' in my room. Over the next few weeks the chills got worse and worse. I had a dream, and when I woke up, I thought I heard something say my name in a very deep demonic way. Scared the bejesus out of me. I stopped staying  in my room thinking maybe its something weird inside the bedroom. I started sleeping on the couch in the living room. One night in particular I woke up once again in the middle of the night. The chills were unusually strong I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep and then I heard the sound of a chainsaw right up the street. My father works with wood and tree trimming, so I kept wondering...who could be trimming a tree or cutting wood with a chainsaw this late at night. Almost immediately following that thought I heard the chainsaw right next to my face, like someone was cutting right through the wood floor with a chainsaw right next to my head. I then felt something like plastic come over my face and I could not move or scream, talk nothing. Chainsaw sound right next to my head, and the only thing that would come out of my name was god's name. Immediately the ''hold'' on me was released...very weird. To this day its vivid in my mind like it happened yesterday and yes! this happened in old town Las Vegas. I've heard several more accounts of weird things that have happened as well. Creepy...

                Submitted by DC

When I was a kid I lived in a house on Montezuma st in Las Vegas, New Mexico where at night there was a ghost. She was a woman. She was pure white with a yellow glow. She would be staring at me while I was in my bed. She was always in the hallway, and I would get scared and hide under my blankets. Though I don't think she meant no harm now that I've grown up. The house has an old rock basement. She comes out late at night and she's always in the hallway. I was young when it happened, so I don't know what the number of the house was. but the old rock basement got to be one of a kind.

                Submitted by Kris

One night, back in the late nineties my Wife and I were living close to the rail road track in the area where Hoffart's store is. At that time there was a state wide search for a serial killer that was reported to be riding the rail's and murdering women. We were out side one night on the sun deck in front of our home discussing the ''Rail car Killer'' when we noticed the light in the kitchen turned off with no one in the house. We started freaking out since we were merely 100 feet from the tracks and up the road looked to be an old abandoned train depot, that no telling what could be hiding out in there. an ''Intense ''search inside the house found no intruder but, the light switch in the kitchen was moved to the ''off'' position! Was it a Ghost, or was is Angel Resendes..The Rail Car Killer? Scared the poo out of us for sure!!!.

                Submitted by anonymous

Strange Experiences at the Wortley Hotel- Have you guys ever done an investigation on the bed and breakfast in Lincoln? (Wortley Hotel) that place is haunted... scary place haha. We stayed there twice and both times have had something appear and happen! I'm glad you guys do what you do...it helps people like me prove were not crazy, haha. We actually got to stay in the very top room..the first visit when we were little kids my brother was walking around and he said he had seen a man..kinda floating down at him..laughing and vanished into thin air...that made him extremely scared of the place! The second time...'05 we stayed there again and I was in the restroom ..and got that strange feeling someone was there too..I walked out of the room and started to head back upstairs to our room and at the same time..my mom and brother were walking down the stairs..the door that separates the top from bottom flew open right before both of us! I saw a shadow of a man that night as well...i think i'm the odd ball that finds it interesting..the rest seem scared!! lol Also...out on the back balcony one day we were just standing around and all of a sudden it sounded like a herd of horses were running below us..maybe there were some around but we couldn't see anything! It just seemed really odd at the time.. Sooo many personal experiences not only at this place..but a couple others as well... Im not crazy am i? haha
Submitted by
Crystal Beck

All of Lincoln is haunted; I’ve heard stories of spirits in nearly all the buildings. My mom used to work at the schoolhouse when it was a pottery shop; one day she looked out the window and saw a see-through Victorian couple walking out in the backyard, near where the outhouse is, and fade away. I’ve heard lots of stories from the hotel across the street; the wortley. I’ve heard according to the maids, the room on the end on the west side, when your standing in front of it, is the most haunted room; after cleaning it, the maids would go get something, maybe fresh sheets or whatever, and when they come back, everything is undone and a mess again. Nobody stays in that room much.                     Submitted by LCP member Sumi

Lincoln County: OK, you asked for it . . . . . . around six years ago my husband was out in Arizona on an exhumization of John Miller, a man who claimed he was Billy the Kid. On his way home they were stopped along the highway between Datal and Magdalena because Lonnie"chipmunk bladder" Lipman had to pee again. Steve walked up a highway cutout to look aroud On the way up the ground was spongie and he decided to walk around the long way instead of coming back down the cut out. He was standing there looking at the horizion when he felt someone pushed him. He tumbled down the cut out and came to rest with his boot in his face. He pushed himself up and pushed his leg off his chest and it fell at a 90 degree angle. Lonnie rushed him to the hospital. In the hospital he had a room mate who was an Acoma Pueblo medicine man. The man asked Steve what happened and Steve told him that he was on his way home from an examation in Arizona when he took a fall. The next day before the man left he told Steve, "The reason my people don't mess with the dead is because this is the kind of thing that can happen. The man who pushed you was a prankster in life and he is a prankster in death. He didn't mean to hurt you. Can I say a blessing over you?" Steve and I were stunned because Steve had never told the man about who he exhumed or that he felt like he was pushed. To this day when people ask me what happened to Steve's leg I tell them, "John Miller pushed him".                           Submitted by Carolyn Sederwall


A large brick house in Largo canyon has 2 ghosts. One of the man who built the house has been seen multiple times going into the back rooms of the house and knocking on interior doors. A very ominous ghost of a young boy (possibly the ghost of a young toddler boy who froze to death outside the house has been seen numerous times asking to come in, jiggling outside door knobs and peering in thru windows.                                Submitted by anonymous


There are some places in the out skirts of Los Alamos that can be dangerous if you go hiking by yourself. Once upon a time about 70 years ago a teenage boy went out hiking a few Miles south of Los Alamos and never returned. What was so bad about his disappearance was the fact his hat was found but his horse was never seen again either. During the 1940's my mother lived there as a teenage girl. She told me the Story about   the boy and his horse. Her teacher told her and other students that there May be an opening to another dimension south of Los Alamos because of the way so Many people have vanished in the past. I know for a fact there has always been a lot of ufo's spotted in New Mexico and that could be why some people just vanish around los alamos.

                Submitted by Alvin

I like to hike with my metal detector looking for old coins and other metal objects. I have found several old coins Belt buckles and horse shoes in the countryside a few Miles out and around Los Alamos New Mexico. My cousin always told me to be careful of ghosts because there are so Many of them around los alamos. This is because of so Many wild and unusual people helped to settle the state of New Mexico. I always told him that I did not believe in ghosts and would laugh. Early one morning I was just about 10 Miles east of Los Alamos exploring with my metal detector when suddenly someone behind me said boy, I have already staked out this claim and you had better get out of here. I looked in every direction but there was nobody to be seen any where. I thought it was probably just my imagination and continued to walk around some before it got too hot. Suddenly someone pushed me so hard that I went to my knees. I whirled around to see who it was but there was not anyone to be seen. At this Point I decided to leave and began walking back to my jeep. Just about the time I opened the jeep door I could hear a donkey braying somewhere close but there was not a donkey to be seen either. I never told anyone else about it and especially my know it all cousin. If you like to explore or hike be careful around Los Alamos New Mexico and the surrounding countryside.

                Submitted by Anonymous

I have reported to the Los Alamos county 9 times that a ghost haunts chamisa elementary school. Many other witnesses who have had this ghostly encounter say that it is the spirit of Daniel Reed, a computer scientist died by falling down the overlook cliff.

                Submitted by Nicole Foss

Los Alamos - Los Alamos High School - The auditorium is the dwelling place of the two most frequently seen ghosts in the school. During a performance one night back in the 50's a girl fell from the spiral staircase above the stage. She died and is said to push people off of the staircase by a huge gust of cold air. Another ghost is of a girl that had a heart attach in the 5th seat from the left in the front row. Whenever somebody sits in this seat they can feel her presence through cold air and a sad, uneasy feeling.

Los Alamos - Peggy Sue Bridge - There is the remains of an old bridge connecting two sides of a canyon in Los Alamos. It is said that in the 1950s there was a girl named Peggy Sue that was so depressed that she went to the bridge and jumped to her death. Her ghost now lingers and pushes people off of the bridge. It is an old Los Alamos High School tradition to go to the bridge and brave the crossing of the bridge. October 2007 Update: This is considered an Urban Legend, until further proof.


-I live in a House down coplen road in los lunas. Everything was Fine when we moved in I lived upstairs in the Only room up there. My parents lived down stairs rite under my room on the first floor. Weird things started to happen. All my friends always got the feelings of being watched. Not one spent the night and when my family did awful stuff would happen. Everything I'm about to say is real and authentic. Silverware  shaking in drawers while your in the kitchen. The House itself promotes violence and to this Day something evil has tainted me I lived there for four years. A voice like ammittyville saying get out and also calling my name from across the very long upstairs room. We found Black magic books and dolls in the basement which the entrance was where in my little Brothers closet. My aunt slept in that room once screaming from the top of her lungs as something evil scratched her back as she slept. OR maybe days I would come Home from school I be the Only one there and I hear people walking in the second floor. And as I walkup the stairs and our rocking chair would be rocking while I was coming up and when I shouted what do you want in stopped that moment. That House is really destined for something bad to happen. or maybe someone or a whole family did. Can't put nothing passed anyone since they been finding them dead bodies in albuquerque. I think if I knew better I buy a ouiji board and ask what the hell they want rite no! Physical apparitions as well as poltergeist activity to some Force smothering your face at night this is definitely the place to go if you want to investigate a haunting.  After us everyone that has moved in this place has left. Since the owners don't rent it but try to sell it there has to be a good reason why everyone leaves. If you dare to go in you will be scared stupid my first ghost I seen I froze couldn't walk couldn't move or maybe that was the evil in the House or maybe that's why all the crosses we used to hang up were always thrown to the ground. Every Day is the same beware!

                Submitted by First

Los Lunas - Luna - Otero Mansion - about 20 miles south of Albuquerque, the ghost of Josefita Otero has appeared in numerous rooms here. Luna-Otero Mansion (Albuquerque) - Built in 1881, this mansion was turned into a restaurant. There are many reported sightings of the ghost of Josefita Otero. She seems to prefer the second floor bedrooms and the stairway. Other reported phenomenon includes chairs that move on their own and pots and pans that rattle and move in an empty kitchen.


-There has been a ghost seem at my house, but there not just one of them. There are 6, and they can be nice but at the same time they don't like visitor. When my cousin come down from Georgia my littler cousin get scared too sleep because she say a man try too get her!! She is always scared and she cant sleep either. When my other cousin playing it make the doll come and talk and she get scared. My sis is scared of my room and the bathroom because when this happens the water turns on in the bathroom and then the toilet flushes by itself. And they are nice, but they don't like other people but me. But they do scary me a lot.

                Submitted by Aleka L.


The legend: going down a highway leading out of Lovington a Young lady dressed in a White bathrobe with wet hair and her head facing down has been spotted in the road by multiple drivers that almost run her over try to look for her to never find her and drive away the dare: drive down and try to find or communicate with her and unravel the mystery if you dare.

                Submitted by Jmp106

In the cemetery in Lovington you can hear noises and at night you can see a elderly Man walking when the cemetery is closed and you can hear people crying                       Submitted by Blank

I have seen faces in this House right by the high school where I live and it just looks at me and I Tell my mother to look then it's gone when she picks me up from school I Tell her to look and she doesn't see it....

                Submitted by Celeste

-Yea I have been in ghost hunting for about almost a year and I have done some crazy stuff like ouija board and stuff but I live in Lovington and I think I have the Power of communicating with the dead idk if its a gift or what but I have been imagining lots of things like I was in class this past week and I dosed off and I was dreaming of this little boy that I have been seeing in my dreams and I dreamed that he bit me and I woke up and I had like a little kids mouth like his bite Marks on my arm and its still bruised I have Many stories so if you wanna know just reply to this.

                Submitted by For


The entire town and surrounding hills - Madrid was a coal mining town in the 1800's through 1940's until it became an abandoned ghost town. In the 1970's hippies, artist and outlaws began rebuilding it and it is alive today. The entire town has been site of numerous ghost sightings, most notably in certain houses, the old miners/town cemetery, the old church (now a house)and the surrounding arroyos. Apparitions range from sightings of la llarona in the arroyos, silent cowboys escorting a Spanish woman in fine dress though mainstreet, and various ghostly forms at the cemetery. The town area was also the site of the Aztecs trade for turquoise in New Mexico / Mexico older history.


Right in Melrose New Mexico was a House called the saines House my family and I lived in it when I was Young it's two houses built together something bad lives in this House in the back up front was my bedroom and something used to tuck me in at nite and sing. My brother had a confrontation with this one ghost the bad one scared my mother and older Brothers right out the front door the town sheriff at the time also had a run in with this house.

                Submitted by Lori


Mescalero day care center - An old high school burned down at the location. And is now a daycare center. A ghost that is said to throw objects move objects and knock on doors. Employees of the daycare center reported sightings during later after hours when the building was closed.


Mesilla - Double Eagle Restaurant & Peppers Restaurant - ghosts have been photographed and witnessed here. An aristocratic residence on the plaza was built in 1849. Here, a petite Spanish maid, Inez, was stabbed to death by the mother, Senora Maese, of her lover, Armando. The son was stabbed himself and died just days later. The Carlotta Room, the scene of the tragedy, has a reputation for cold spots, a woman's laughter, the apparition of a small woman in black skirt and white blouse, and the strong scent of perfume. Double Eagle restaurant and Peppers grill are both in the same building. -Double Eagle Restaurant (Mesilla) - The ghosts of ill-fated lovers Inez and Armando, killed in the mid-1800's, have been sighted and photographed in this restaurant. The ghosts are also reported to move glasses, wine bottles and even tip over a chair or two.

-One night after 0 dark 30 my family and I saw a strange shadow it looked as if it were a Man about 30 years old or so walking down the Street of California he was wearing a dark Black looking cloke with a top hat while a Black cat fallowed him till he disappeared. We have seen him over 5 times and is always walking away never towards us. It seems he's sad he's always walking with his head down as if he were looking down at his cat. I want to know if anyone knows if a Man has died in this area...

                Submitted by Rosa

La Posta De Mesilla Restaurant (Mesilla) - La Posta has been haunted for a long time. Employees talk about the ghosts smashing glasses, moving chairs, opening and closing doors, throwing clocks, chilling the air, exuding sulfur smells, shoving customers. Sometimes, they even scare the dickens out of the caged parrots at the restaurant’s entrance.


Montezuma Castle - 60 miles east of Santa Fe, The Evil was filmed there. Ever since, people have seen some sort of woman in the castle towers at night. No one wants to go in there at night. It is currently being renovated.


One night we went in search of ghosts. So we had heard stories about a little school there being haunted we wanted to see if it was really haunted so we tagged along with a Friend who had heard the same stories. Once we got there it was very dark and we all had very strange feelings about this place we still got off the truck, and went into the little school and the three of us heard noises like someone or something was  running in there we got freaked out went to walk out the school when out of the corner of my eye I saw a small Black figure running away into thin air. We all jumped back into the truck speechless scared and pail faced. About a week later our Friend started hearing things he ended up in the state hospital 72hrs later when he got released he killed himself leaving a bizzare note saying something Black was going to get him.

                Submitted by B&s


In the 90's we purchased the Hannosh general store property and attempted to develop it into something other than an eyesore. From the outset things were not just right. We had turned the hotel into office spaces and the general store into several cubicles with different types of small businesses in them, and the Hannosh residence into a Bed and Breakfast. Every night there were odd sounds coming from the store and hotel but  the very strangest thing happened at the Bed and Breakfast in 1997. My then wife had stayed at the B&B alone one night because we had some hunters coming in and we needed to get things ready for them. The weather was cold and snow was on the ground. She was from the Mora area, and to be honest, she wasn't really bothered by much in the way of strange happenings, she just sort of knew that this kind of stuff happens, and oh well! This however even freaked the otherwise calm Toni. About midnight or so she had heard a noise in the hall, she got up stuck her head into the hallway and said ''is there anyone there?'' Thinking maybe one of us had shown up, but she received no answer. She decided to go back to bed and just chalk it up to house noises, however when she got back to bed she had left the door open and laid back down, she then heard a noise again and noticed the door was now closed, this was un-nerving to her but she didn't freak out about it, she just got very concerned that someone    or something was in the house. At first she only noticed the door but then she looked to the foot of the bed and she saw a suitcase on at her feet on the bed, opened up as if someone were putting something away or packing it. She described the suitcase as old like something from the early part of the century. When she got over the shock of this strange happening, she just laid her head back down and started to pray, now she was really freaked, when she opened her eyes again she saw the door was open and the suitcase was gone. This was only one of the weird things that happened there. I was staying there with her one particular night and it was around 12 am as I was watching Letterman on the tube and wide awake, I hated to stay there, it just gave me the creeps, anyway this night as I was watching the tube, wide awake, something lifted up the foot of the bed on my side and dropped it, my x was asleep and had no idea what happened, just one more freaky thing from Mora. We had some    folks from California stay there one night, they had come to the area to be cleansed by a sweathouse a common thing in New Mexico and Arizona where those people just died a couple of weeks ago. Anyway they had occupied two rooms in the B&B, in the morning the guest had said that a ghost of a young cowboy had walked into their room while all of them were sitting and talking, he seemed to come in thru the wall, stop and stair at them, and then walk out the other wall.

                Submitted by W Pulcini


Hello! My name is Natista I seen someone or something outside my window and seen something in front across the Street it was very dark cause I live next to a dead end, and there is no Street light so I went outside with a flashlight and shined it towards the thing and it ran off I shined to where it went and I seen nothing and the next Day I seen some footprints so I ran off and told my parents and showed them where the prints where and they said it was from a skinwalker.

                Submitted by Natista

One time it was like 12:54 Midnight I was going to sleep and I thought I seen a head stick out of the bathroom I went in there and thought it was my mom my dad or my cousin but there was no one in there so I started freaking out and then in the next night was like that again.                  Submitted by Lakesha

Well a long time ago I use to think there were ghost's at my grandpa's House too. Well let me Tell ya this Story when I was 6 or 7 year's old I use to go there to spend the night but I still do but this time my mom and I were coming back from the store. We went to my grandpa and grandma's to pick up my movies that she use to borrow sometimes. I asked her were the movies are she told me that they were in her room. I went back there and got them out of the shelve and went back to living  room were my grandpa grandma and my mom were. So I was going back and there was a room were the guest stayed and all of a sudden I seen a dark figure on the corner of my eye and I turned back there was nothing I was gonna Tell them but they might not believe me so Only Jesus and I know. :)

                Submitted by Lakesha

I hear there was a little Man in the back of Nageezi upper housings he was called ''little Man tat''.

                Submitted by Lakesha

I don't think there is ghost there because I use to live there but nothing paranormal is there but I think there is my grandpa Lewis he was going to his brother's House and he seen someone walking on the side of the rode but then his other brother past him they stopped and my grandpa said ''did you see that girl in the cheerleading outfit''? Then his brother said ''no'' but my grandpa still remembers it to this very Day I moved to dzith-na-o-dith-hle 2 years ago I met someone with the same Story but that someone is my aunt she said ''someone that was her or my uncles Friend or relative was driving back from Nageezi he picked up that same girl but she talked this time she said ''i was coming back from a football game and I wanted to go Home but my Friend took me here to get drunk with her but I told her im going home ''the Guy that picked her up said ''were do you live''? She said by bike about 10 or 11 Miles from Nageezi he got to there he was going to drop her off by the rode by she floated out the door.

                Submitted by Lakesha

Triangular UFO sighting, Loma Grande, Lincoln County NM, Ferbuary, 2011- It was between 9 and 10pm that night, and I stepped out on my porch for a smoke; I looked up to the sky to see a triangular shaped UFO with lights in the sky! I ran inside to call my son to come look, but by the time we got back outside it was gone. The next day I called my family in Midland Texas, and was telling them about what I'd seen the night before; and to my surprise, they said they had witnessed the same craft in the sky, the same night as I had!
                Submitted by anonymous

I’ve heard many tales from friends and acquaintances, of odd happenings in the Nogal area; I could say the same for all of Lincoln County. The stories are too many and too scattered, it becomes hard to recall who experienced what, and a lot of these stories I’ve heard of  are what I call second hand accounts; but I know most of these people, and I believe them all. Some of my closest friends, and fellow LCP members, used to live in Nogal, as I did. In the backyard of a friend’s house, one night they saw orbs, little balls of flashing light, nobody could explain; they appeared literally right in front of their faces, and in their tent. We’ve all seen strange things out there; I already typed up most of my experiences (submitted under Capitan above). The old ranch house on Lammay road, I feel is haunted; the few times I’ve been in there and around the old house, you get funny feelings, and sometimes hear little noises you cant always find explanations for. The attic and basement especially have a strange feeling, you feel your being watched, and my neighbors dog wouldn’t go up to the attic. One of my favorite stories was when in the forest, a friend witnessed a sapling turn into a faerie/nymph, kiss other friend on his head, then turn back into a tree; and that sapling is still bent over to this day, though it had not been before hand. wandering through those woods, I’ve come across places I feel that other faeries live, and forest sprits; and of course, native American spirits as well. there is pottery and arrowheads everywhere out there once you start looking, and I think I know where some of their buildings may have been, though its hard to say. You can even find petroglyphs in places, and other artifacts. There are old abandoned mining camps everywhere out here, go out in the forest anywhere and you can find old trash and all kinds of things, mining carts, equipment, shoes, cans, bottles, cars, you name it. I know there are old miner spirits out there; I recall one old mine in nogal canyon I especially feel to be haunted, by something. My parents felt it too, this place had the creepiest vibe ever, it felt cold and dark and it was the middle of the day. You felt something watching you from the the tops of all the little trees, and could clearly see nothing was in them. We heard strange noises as well; we left. I want to go back there now, to investigate more, now that im less scared of such things. Another story I recall a friend telling me, once on a hike past the old ranch house with his friend, they encountered a hunter; but he wore older cloths, and seemed strange. I believe they exchanged a few words with him, and went on their way; now I cant remember if they saw him again later or not, but something about the whole event seemed off to my friend, and he wonders if that man was a hunter or a ghost. Who can say? It wouldn’t surprise me either way. We know where some renowned old witches cabins are in the area, which we have yet to check out, but we’ve heard some eerie stories about things like that. I have a book about all the old bruja’s and witchcraft that went on in NM and the southwest; even now I’ve heard of people seeing balls of light and fire or owls and such, which they think to be witches. It was a big part of the older culture, of the Spanish/Mexicans, and so forth. Between that and the apaches, there is a lot of heavy energy left behind in these parts. Oh and driving up to bonito lake; many a building and place on that road feels creepy, I’ve been in a few. I havnt spent enough time in some of those places to say either way, but I know the feelings I get, and 9x outta 10 my gut tells me right. I’ve lived here nearly all my life, so take my word for it.
                Submitted by Sumi


One night my husband's sister and brother got stuck in the Arroyo near a mountain. They called us because they needed help getting out of the arroyo. They didn't know their exact location so we just guessed where they were. We searched the dirt roads for two hours with no success. We got out of the car to search for tire Marks and such but we still couldn't find them. The search party ended when we got a phone Call saying  the police had found their location. So we went home. The next morning we fell ill. My husband started to feel irritation on his left shoulder blade so I checked it out. There were four distinct scratch Marks like claw marks. Also that night we told them to turn on their headlights and then turn them off. On one particular road we took we could see what appeared to be headlights so we kept going but the road was too rough for our car so we turned around. When we looked for headlights again it would not appear. The ''headlights'' would appear in a different area than before and where our vehicle could not go that direction. We certainly believe that something is out there. Plus I saw a White mist between two poles closer to a Mountain and couldn't explain why it appeared and disappeared within one second.

                Submitted by Believers

A Mountain next to nmsu. Me and my girlfriend love the outdoors so we usually go hiking and watch the stars in the middle of the desert. There is a huge Home east of a Mountain it is the first House once you pass a mountain. Directly North of the huge House is a dirt road. Once you follow the dirt road it takes you to an arroyo. We used to Park at that Arroyo and look at the stars. Many things happened to us here. The first thing that happened to us was that a shadow of a cowboy would appear next to a Mesquite bush. I did not see it the first time but my girlfriend did. The second time we were there we heard something on top of my truck I looked (scared) to see what it was and nothing was there and almost immediately the noise started on bottom of my truck. We figured it was an owl or something. However the third time we were out there(yes the last time we were there) I saw a floating Black spot go across my truck but I made nothing of it. Later that night my girlfriend saw a Black object (on the floor) go below my truck. We figured it was an animal except no shiny eyes  were visible on this object and this object never came out from below my truck. Although I never saw that cowboy shadow I do not dare stop by there again. If any one has experienced this please post.

                Submitted by Ghost

The Graveyard in this area is occupied by a young boy, about the age of 10 every night, The residents living closest to this graveyard have reportedly heard faint crying and an occasional Wilma Mama William, Papa Come Back!!!!!.

                Submitted by Patience

A young lady with a butcher knife through her chest was seen along time ago walking through all of Organ. She came up missing in about November 8, 2000.She was a mother of 4 children, the first child being 12, the next child was 8, the third child was 4, and the last child was 2 months old. Some people believe that her fiancé killed her others believe differently. She was found in her Organ home stabbed  to death.                                Submitted by Anonymous

A ghost with big eyes, tattered clothes, and long brown hair was recently seen in an old torn up house in the desert of Organ. The ghost looked 6 months pregnant, she was partially transparent, but NO doubt that it was a ghost! The lady looked distressed, mad, sad, and worried. She looked as if she had been murdered. She had blood on her cloths, and a knife through her stomach.

                Submitted by Sally Summerainian

A ghost was recently sighted by a graveyard in Organ. The ghost was an old man which looked very distressed. He had torn clothes, bloody fingers, and ripped out hair. The man walked very slowly and was somewhat transparent. He looked as if he had committed a murder, he had blood everywhere. The ghost did not disappear after he saw me, he continued on to his destination [wherever that was.].

                Submitted by Karen

A few ghosts have been seen in a deserted, old church in Organ, that church just happens to be boarded up due to a massacre that happened there a long time ago.                       Submitted by Anonymous


I've heard the Story about the little boy wearing pajamas as well that Story has been around for 30 years or so and my sister May have witnessed it one night driving from Paguate to seboyeta one night although she has never talked about but something scared her for sure. I also want to talk about the town seboyeta that is not on your list. This is a little backwards town in the middle of no where. I live here for a tim as a child and there is something very wrong in that town. In the terminology of any shaman or Indian medicine Man the wrong has turned rotten. There have been numerous sightings of ghosts and demonic spirits in this town and the people who live there don't go out at night. They shut their doors and lock up way before it gets dark which is Odd because in this small town there is absolutely no crime or nothing Worth stealing. They won't even look out the windows at night. Believe me like I said I lived there. There is so much negative Energy it is unbelievable and stifling. I have never been back and never will. There is something very wrong with this place.

                Submitted by Anonymous

A little boy, named 'the Pajama Boy', about 5 or so years old, walks through the village of Paguate, and around the Pueblo of Laguna. Story goes: He walks around searching for his family who were all killed in a car accident coming up 'Questa', this is 'old State Highway 279', their car apparently went over the edge. All were killed but the spirit of the little boy still lives...searching for his parents. There have been sightings by 18 wheel truckers but when they stop to help the little boy, upon returning to the sighting, the boy will be gone! Although I would rather remain anonymous, my Grandfather has seen him walking on the roof tops here in Paguate!!!.

                Submitted by anonymous


Restaurant & Lodge - Many of the employees have seen an older man in the downstairs bar. He has also been seen outside one of the rooms in the lodge.


the haunted mesa - paranormal activities and sightings of apparitions have appeared over the years.


I remember driving in Placitas at knight back in the 70s there were orbs of light in the road as your heading to bernalillo. There are lots of old cemeteries there too that Many people don't know. Some of the graves are 150 years old. There is also a satanic church there. Placitas May be a small place but it's spread out and who knows what's there?.

                Submitted by Dave


Pojoaque High school - A girl hung herself in the girls locker room at the gym from a showerhead. She is now said to wander around the gym and if you go into the locker room at night you will see her body hanging from the shower.


Me and my friends were waiting for our parents to be done working at the theater (allen theaters) and there was an old Man screaming at us to get out. Not minutes later a girl with long Black hair appeared and she started screaming and crying then the Guy came back and started throwing stuff at us. We ran to our parents in tears so they took us into the room where they play movies and stuff. So we were just chillen and then a Green fog appears behind me and something grabbed me. Some people say the reason it shut down was cuz of the air conditioning. Well I know the reason why... Its haunted with bad spirits that wanted to be left alone and so they messed everything up. Couldn't be fixed so it got shut down.

                Submitted by Unkown

This one night while my parents worked late I stayed at my grandma's. It was about 5am and I kept feeling someone Brush my hair behind my ear. I thought it was my little brother so I got up to Tell him to stop but he was on a different bed on the other side of the room I was so scared. Then shortly after that I Felt something Brush against my leg multiple times. It was a school night so I knew I had to get some sleep but I couldn't. I finally got to sleep but woke up at 6am hearing loud whispers then my alarm went off. I told my family what was happening but of course non of them believed me. 2 days later I was babysitting my baby sister when a clock threw itself in front of me. I was so shocked that I called my dad and he came Home early. Since then weird things have been happening.

                Submitted by anonymous

I lived in the new ENMU apartment my senior year of college. At the end of the year, I packed my stuff into tubs and stacked the tubs to the ceiling. The tubs did not lean and were heavy to push. One night, I heard a voice say ''wake up!''. I woke up, wide eyed, and totally scared. When I closed my eyes and brushed off the voice as nothing, one of the stacks of tubs fall right on my head. Now, I was really scared. I left my bedroom and went to sleep on the living room couch. A few nights later, I was sleeping and heard the same voice. It offered to make a compact with me. I refused and told it to ''go away''. I had no more problems until I moved out.    .

                Submitted by Sarah

I was walking near my friends old house here in Portales on Brazos street before you get to the baseball park, the mobile home has been taken away since 2007, I believe I saw the ghost my friend Richard Carter he died in 1994 at the Portales New Mexico at the Portales Old hospital, we were good friends for a long time. I loved him like a father. while it was daylight I walked past his old place and I believe I saw the man smoking his cigarettes from the old open window. he use to smoke from inside the old trailer, I had to glance to make sure I wasn't just seeing things but one moment he was 3 feet above the grown and next he wasn't. so I walked on to my other friend Corinne she is over 80 and I try to see her as often as I can. I walk today by the old land where the mobile home was and just get strange feeling as I walk by, like he's still there.

                Submitted by Stephen


Smithlake NM - one night as I was bringing in woods I heard a female voice ahead but I knew for sure I was alone . Because my grandmother went to bingo and was not due back til after midnight. I look toward my House and the door close and went to go Check to see if the dogs got in or any animals I went into the House but nobody was there. That was the most frightening experience. I ask my grandmother when she got Home and told me she seen a woman by the woods looking at her .

                Submitted by Andrew


Back in about 96 a friend and I were coming Home from the town of Espanola when entering Taos about 2a.m. In Ranchos De Taos in back of the Saint Francis church seen a lady in White walking alone and like a glow was coming off her clothing as we drove by on the road she turned to look as we were the Only ones traveling at the time, and appeared to just look as if she was wanting us to stop we slowed down to looked as we rolled slower she began to lose her glow and like faded to a Black shadow this frightened us and we sure we got out of the area in a hurry.

                Submitted by Unknown


I seen a ghost in Raton in the middle school. It was so weird I was in the bathroom and I was washing my hands I heard a weird sound. I turned and looked at the Wall I see a ghost I ran out of there as fast as I can run. This was first time I have told some one because no one will believe me.                     Submitted by Hailey

I have no proof but I have seen supposedly  an apparition of some sort in my grandparents' house. The paranormal activity happens in the corner of ones eye. It looks like a woman with long reddish brown wavy hair.

                Submitted by Erica

Raton - The Shuler Theatre - Located in the center of town, the theatre is most certainly haunted. On stage there are scraping sounds of someone in high heels. Down in the dressing rooms is the scariest place in the theatre. The dressing area with just a curtain as a door has very different temperatures in certain places. There is a broken mirror, which ALMOST always never works. Creepy all over. All you have to do is see a performance to witness the haunting of Mr. Shuler. Very cool.


I was at resurrection Rock with my sister and 2 of her friends and we put my phone out when it was recording (audio). I said make a noise and a few seconds later we caught something. We listened to the recording and it said oh my gosh after I said make a noise. But we didn't hear it with our own ears! Eerie ay?! Well arigato for Reading this!

                 Submitted by Katie

I clean at the administration building at Rehoboth with my mom. One night I was vacuuming upstairs in an office and then my mom called me so I went down but when I came back up the vacuum was in the hallway. And I was confused b/c it was just me and my mom over there.                Submitted by Katie


People say that Long ago there used to be hangings in the town of Corruco ( about 2 miles from Ribera). Maybe that could be some explanation to some ghost sightings.               Submitted by anonymous


I was going too my friends House when I was 8. It was canceled. The same night they where killed. Police went to their house. People say they can still hear screams at night.

                Submitted by Layla

Two weeks ago - August 2o1o- my family and I went on a trip to New Mexico hoping to find our dream home. We decided to stay at the motel 6 just off 1-25 that was a mistake. We got our room and settled in putting our one year old daughters bed next to ours. My husband took off to grab a bite to eat while I stayed to get our daughter to sleep. I kept feeling that someone was looking at me and my daughter was looking in the corner and laughing. Then she started to scream. I thought I would walk around with her to get her sleepy so I grabbed the room key and went outside. After she settled down I brought her back to the room and tried to unlock it. The key didn't work. The TV came on loudly and I could hear something playing with her toy. It has to be pushed to make noise... I went to the front desk to see about my key and they said it should work. I tried again. . . No Dice until my daughter started crying all the commotion had awakened her then I heard the TV go off and the toy went quiet then without swiping my card the light turned Green and the door opened its self. Needless to say she slept between my husband and myself and we checked out first thing the next morning.

                Submitted by Worried

This is a true story told to me by a local. Here's her story:  ''I used to be a tour guide for Rio Rancho in the very beginning before all the houses were here.  My job was to show visitors around the various lots that Amrep had for sale.  If they were interested in buying I would fix them up with a sales rep, where they would pick a house to have built.  One of these buyers was a couple with 3 kids from back east.  On their move out here, they were in a tragic car accident, and the whole family - mom, dad & 3 kids - died.  It is said that when realtors took a picture of the house, the image of the deceased family would show up in the window on the photos. The house was hard to sell, and stood vacant for quite some time.  This house still stands.

                Submitted by Sunny


I was Drifting to sleep when I heard my door closed and it sounded like my TV turned off I looked up and saw nothing. Sorry if my spelling is wrong. Im Only 10. The next morning my lil sis came to my room and said she saw gramma. I looked at her and said what r u saying she looked at me then turned away. We moved a couple mouths later. And now im better. Thanks for reading!!!

                Submitted by Briaunna

In the House my fiancé and I live in now there was a little incident. My fiancé and her boyfriend were living with me while my fiancé was in boot camp. One night in the middle of the night when his Friend and I were watching TV I Felt something in the room. Lacey (his friend) started looking around and I asked her if she Felt it too she said yes. We began talking about the paranormal and I found out that this wasn't the Only time it happened. Apparently she and he boyfriend were about to go to sleep one night and as they were Drifting asleep they happened to look over at the closet and saw a small Black figure with red glowing eyes staring back at them. When the boyfriend shot up and turned the light on there was nothing there. Since that talk we've had they've moved out and there hasn't been much activity. I know that whatever is here doesn't mind us here but it also doesn't really want to be bothered. Fine with me as long as were both (the ghost and i) are content with each other why worry?.

                Submitted by Kaitlyn         

 About five or six years ago we were coming back from Ruidoso and it was really late at night. We ran over something White that lifted our vehicle off the ground. We were too tired to go back and see what it was. And actually it wasn't until 10 minutes after that it started sinking in (what was that?) too big to be a sheep and kind of reminded us of a big White Bear or something. We are pretty familiar with animals around here and we can't think what it might have been. Interesting!! Also have a couple of unidentified objects that are interesting but we will add them later on.                         Submitted by Jules

At my school ever since my friends and I were children after dark you can see what we Call the shift shaper hovering on top of the school. It changes into Many forms but you never can make them out. It also throws rocks at you. Me and my friends have experienced it Many times. We lived right across the Street and always played outside at night. To this Day we still see it. I'm now 22 and we never stop at Edgewood at night.

                Submitted by Virginia

The blue house on the corner of 5th & Garden street is haunted. We have spoken to several previous owners, all who usually move out before 6 months, & they have told about several ghosts in the home, some are ominous & some just there....one particular story is of a ghost names Melinda & her husband who love to hide things. I have been in that house & I do believe that it is haunted.

                Submitted by Nicole

This story is told over on over by my relatives who live in Roswell. About my grandmother’s house, who still lives in Roswell? Aunts and Uncles tell us about the ghostly arm that shows up every now and then inside the house. When you least expect it. One of my uncles say's when he was younger about 16, said that there was a shed on the outside of the house ,and on a dare said he would spend the night inside the shed with one of our cousins they both set up sleeping bags that day. Later that night my uncle and cousin went to bed in the shed my cousin says he felt uneasy that night so he snuck out of the shed and left my uncle alone. about 4:00 o'clock in the morning my uncle was screaming at the top of his lungs out side of the shed in his underwear laying on the ground like he had been in a fight with the devil he said he had seen the crawling arm and it had pulled him outside by his teeshirt some people don’t believe him but ask him where he got the scars no his back from. After that incident they knocked down the shed and extended the house to that spot. So far there has been no other incident like that one but my aunt and my younger cousin who is 7 say they have seen it too. My aunt says she has seen it twice once when my cousin was less then a year old my aunt and my cousin fell asleep in the living room floor when my aunt had a terrible felling and woke up suddenly she saw the hand pulling my little cousin under the TV. Table by the blanket my aunt pulled on the other side of the blanket and yelled for my grandmother to run the living room and grabbed the baby and the struggle was over. My aunt fell over with the blanket, and the blanket was torn.

                Submitted by ALV

I was coming from Alburquerque New Mexico and it was late at night. It was several miles out of Roswell when I ran over Something Black; it was crawling on the floor. But yet I heard and felt that I hit a big bear or animal in four legs. But when I stopped to see what was it. There was nothing there and my car was not dented. Has anyone else seen this???

                Submitted by Lillie

Roswell - Chaves County Courthouse- Young children are heard playing in the basement area at any time of the day or night. This place used to be the only execution site in New Mexico for many years.

Roswell - New Mexico Military Institute - The New Mexico Military Institute does not use the phonetic alphabet 'J' for Juliet for one of its troops for a very simple reason...it is believed to be cursed. Back in the 1800's when the school was still an all male military school in the frontier Juliet troop was on of the troops to go out and defend the school from Indians and other Wild West characters. After one such excursion, no one from the Juliet troop survived. A tower with a clock was built in their honor and the letter 'J' has not been used since. On some days when the sun is just right if you look up at the tower you can see faces in the rock of the boys who lost their lives looking back at you.

Roswell - Pecan Fields - it seems to happen every Sunday during October, but if you drive down Country Club towards the pecan fields after midnight there is a little boy who runs across the street crying. if you listen you can hear the sounds of a little kid crying. he'll look over to you. he has no legs.

Roswell - Pueblo Auditorium - in the upstairs balcony you can see a boy, that is, until you go up there, then he disappears


Ruidoso Downs - Hale Lake - Eyewitnesses report many strange activities in Hale Lake Just outside of Ruidoso Downs. It is said that this is where a Settler, Indian dispute first took place. If you go there at night be sure to take friends. As you drive up the radio the heater and anything electrical will not work on your car. Be prepared to stay the night. If you drive down in the middle of the night the brakes on your car will not work. There is not a lake there, but rather a small pond. Many people have claimed to see faces in their campfires. Other reports include War Paint on their vehicles. Vehicles dieing in the middle of the night, and starting up in the morning with nothing apparently wrong with them. Illuminated Gates have been seen, as well as many reports of a man wearing all leather on horseback that many have thought they run over only to look back as the dust cleared to see him in their rearview mirror. The dreams that people have while camped there are probably the most interesting aspect of the whole place though.

The log house I lived in on Spring St, I think, in Ruidoso Downs always gave me the creeps, and I would hear voices in the utility room, and was verified when I saw the little boy standing in the backyard. Then my exes house gave me the creeps when I first moved in with him, and I always felt there was someone watching me either from our bedroom, or the guest bedroom, then shortly after the light phenomena started happening, then the pastor came and said the prayers in every room and no more light phenomena or creepy feelings. And I always got a very sinister feeling in the bathroom of the studio I lived in while I was in Boston. I was always afraid to close my eyes to rinse the soap out of my hair, in fear that I would open my eyes to a ghost standing in front of me. So I started making my cat sit in the bathroom with me while I showered.
                Submitted by Danielle Bowers

Ghostly Dreams in Alto, Lincoln County NM - Where do I begin? I can say except for my experiences in NY, the rest of my encounters have been positive ones from helpful spirits with either messages or help with my health & even my life. I've only had one ghostly encounter in NM if encounter can count from a dream. We were vacationing in Alto a few years back & my husband passed out before fire went out in fireplace. The flue was stopped up so all the smoke came back inside... the condo completely filling the entire place. I was dreaming that I was in the McSween fire and Billy the Kid was shaking me telling me to wake up or we were going to die. The first time I woke up, I thought I was still dreaming so I fell back asleep & picked right back up on the dream which is really weird since you usually don't do that. This time he yelled at me & shoved me so hard in the dream that I fell off the bed. This time I realized it wasn't a dream but real. You couldn't see anything the smoke was so thick. Poor dogs were coughing. I immediately opened all the windows & doors to let some of the smoke out after waking my son to see if he was ok. My husband took a little more shaking to wake him since he had a few too many drinks. Maybe Billy should've shoved him too, haha.
                Submitted by
-Teresa Taylor-Sousa- 

Me and a few friends had came up to Ruidoso for the weekend and rented a Home by the name of our doe-main everything seemed Fine to begin with but a few strange things had happened that I am not going to talk about but that night we looked out the window and there was a very very large skunk in front of the window no big Deal about an hour later we looked out the window again, and the skunk was still there but walking off with something that looked like a baby gorilla following close behind but never mind that I noticed what seemed to be someone setting on the ground working on my headlight I asked my Friend if he saw anything and he explained the exact same thing I was seeing the next Day needless to say the light wasn't working we took it to wal-mart and was told that it looked like something had gotten a hold of the wires and if we wouldn't have brought it in when we did it would have caught on fire. By the way if u r ever in Ruidoso go to condotel ask to rent our doe-main but be very careful of what u find downstairs in the wash room behind the ply-wood where the two steps Lead its like a secret room with coal on the ground unless they have already put the sheet Rock up push play on the tape player, and listen for the saiance music and there is a key behind the curtain hanging on a nail that opens the little White cabinet and all those wires Lead to what and listen to the little old lady next door talk to herself and Tell her dogs to shut up before they get her head Cut Off in the middle of the night. So if you have ever stayed here and think u r crazy I'm here to Tell u your not they couldn't give that cabin to me I would'nt take it if they paid me.

Submitted by Not

I am 26 now, but when I was about 16 and still in high school, I was in Ruidoso with family, and hanging out with some friends I had up there.? (We've been vacationing there since I was 5,and my family owns a home there).? We were walking along the Rio Ruidoso up towards the old ''waterfall'' where Hummingbird road circles around (eventually meeting the main road at the bridge that goes to the upper canyon).? It was daytime, probably no later than 5 in the evening, and we came across an older woman who was dressed head to toe in black.? I know she was slightly stooped over, and she had a hood covering her head so I do not know what her hair looked like.? However, her face was ghostly white, like she'd gotten carried away with the powder and foundation...and her eyes were encircled with black eyeliner and dark shadow.? If she had been younger, I would have just assumed she was some goth or emo kid, but she had to be between 50 and 60 at least!? She appeared to have been crying, as there were black streaks from her eyes rolling down her white face.? I said hi politely to her, and she said ''hello dear,'' and I asked if everything was alright, and she said ''oh yes, I'm fine,'' and then she went on.? She was walking towards the bridge to the upper canyon, while my friend and I were walking towards the waterfall (which is not REALLY a waterfall, especially since the flood, but it was just a big tree across the river that made a little pool of water above and below it).?  anyway, after just a few seconds, my friend and I kind of looked at each other and looked back towards the direction that the woman had gone...but she was NOT there!? We both felt a chill, and we were both just like ''did that really just happen?''? Being as it was daylight, we felt brave, but later that evening, another friend came and picked us up in her jeep, and we all went driving around.? Our guy friend (who I was with when I saw the woman earlier) was telling my friend Steph about what we'd seen.? She wanted to go down there, and at first our guy friend was game, but I started shaking and crying. I couldn't explain it, but I was just terrified, and I was swearing up and down to them that this woman had to have been a ghost.? My friend Steph started to get scared, and Colton decided we shouldn't go down there...so we just went driving around in the down town area instead.? I believe to this day that the woman we saw was a ghost...but I don't think she was a harmful spirit.? She just seemed sad.? I haven't gone to the river at night ever since then...and usually always have someone with me.? But since the flood, that hasn't been an issue.? After reading the other stories about the apparitions in Ruidoso, I felt like mine might actually be able to hold up.? And who knows, Maybe someone else has seen this sad woman by the river.

                Submitted by Kristen

Another occurrence in Ruidoso was more creepy than 'ghost' like, but I have no doubt it was in some way connected. Another weekend my girlfriend and her friend had come to ruidoso with my friend Jason and I. Inadvertently we had gone to Roswell for our Nat'l Guard drill and my girlfriend's purse with her car keys were in the jeep. Thus they had no way of leaving the house, secluded about 12 miles outside the outskirts of Ruidoso. Being relatively stubborn and restless the girls left to walk the 12 miles into town to use a payphone and call us. Kim's cell was dead, and her friend hadn't got hers to work either. 4 to five miles into the walk they noticed, on the top of a cut in the road, a cat watching them. There was something odd about the cat, the eyes didn't seem normal; but they walked on. There were no houses nearby, but this didn't make any difference at the time. As they continued, the cat would appear in front of them, staring and watching, never moving. After two or three times, the girls would watch the cat; he would sit where he had been, watching them intently as they would go out of site. Then, there the cat would be, again, in front of them. This happened for about a mile. Towards the end of the mile, getting freaked out by the cat, the girls went over to the other side of the road to get a closer look. There, on the ground, were photos strewn about of a woman in a bathtub, naked and with a very eery, scared look in her eyes. The photos were obviously made in the 1970's or 80's... the weathering on them was not from rain, or exposure, but they appeared to be taken out of an album or photo box and just placed there. There was a series of them there. As they looked at the photos the cat just stared at them. They were, at this time, completely freaked out. Debating whether to move or take the pictures or leave them, they opted just to leave them. After this, the cat didn't follow them anymore. It remained with the pictures, and didn't appear in front of them again. We often discuss it, if the cat is a manifestation of the woman, or her pet... if the woman was murdered (Lincoln county has the highest number per capita of unsolved murders in the Nation), and what her story was. It was, and is, truly one of the greatest mysteries to us of Ruidoso and Lincoln County, if only because no one else knows about it.

                Submitted by Kyle

There is an old ranch my friend's dad used to own, 12 miles outside Ruidoso. About two years ago, my friend and I spent the weekend up there at his dad's and he told me about the haunted ranch they used to own. We were in the Guard, and had another buddy staying with us that weekend to avoid hotel fees or having to stay in the barracks. He wanted to come along and see the old haunted ranch. It was well after dark when we arrived, about 11PM. Being summer we carried revolvers and a shotgun to deal with rattlesnakes. We also carried two spotlights. We jumped the fence and walked along the southern edge of the property; it was a warm summer night, just cool enough to need a light sweatshirt at that altitude. At the old cattle pond, there was a windmill that rose about 40 feet high, a rather large old piece of equipment, and then the old corral fence led to the house. My friend Jason's parents had stayed there when they were wrangling cattle years ago, but due to several odd occurrences had started staying in tents, and when that failed to cease their nasty run ins had sold the property. The back door was ajar, in fact totally off the top 2 hinges and had bent the bottom one. We entered and looked into the kitchen, and saw nothing interesting, but when we turned we heard scuffling in the attic. The ceiling had become so decrepit that the old plaster was falling off, and it was clear that the floor of the attic was just slats of wood that I would perceive to be no more than 1.5'' wide, and 1/4'' thick, spaced at a good 1/4 to 1/2'' apart. The scuffle we heard could have easily been attested to being a mouse or other rodent at first. We went in to the living room/parlor and then went into the Library/study. It was deserted save two old bookshelves if I recall, and some debris left over from when all the family's belongings were moved out. Jason was telling us that this room was the sturdiest in the house so it's where his parents slept in their stays here, and we started to hear someone walking in the attic. Now, when you inspect the ceiling today there is no way a man could be supported walking up there; however, we heard what was clearly and irrefutably boots scuffling upstairs. They got closer and closer until they stopped, literally right over a spot that was exposed by a lack of plaster. Garret, our other friend, was now totally freaked out, and we elevated my spotlight to see if perhaps there was a vagabond peering down at us. However, we saw nothing but the roof's backside when we lit up the gap in the slats. Now convinced that we had heard something not alive, we left the house, Garret scaring us with his liberal waving of a shotgun. When we were a safe distance away we turned the spotlights back onto the attic windows, and for no more than a millisecond, perceiving more than seeing, though I daresay we did see it for that brief moment, a face staring out at us. Making sure we were indeed leaving his abode. This is a true story, I totally attest to it. I do not know where the property is, or who owns it today, but it is ~12 miles outside Ruidoso to the North east, if I am correct. This is not the only run-in we've had with the supernatural in Ruidoso, but I will make those separate posts.

                Submitted by Kyle

Haunted Shack: It all started about 4 years ago when I was 9. My aunt had a cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico. If you've ever been there, you know what it looks like. But since a lot of people have never even heard about it, I'll try to explain it. First of all it's in the middle of Lincoln National forest, so it's very "woodsy". It snows every winter, and the snow is still melting usually around the beginning of April. It was the middle of January. It was the first time I had been to my aunts house, and my cousin wanted to show me this weird tree (interesting). We were going up a mountain when we saw what looked like and old outhouse. She (my cousin) went over to it and looked inside. There was and EXTREMELY old cot and a dead cat (yuck!). We were walking further up the mountain when it started to rain. (I was not about to go into that old shack. I heard a voice telling me not to, so it's not one of those stories, well not exactly) My cousin recalled seeing another old shack, but it was bigger and there was no dead cats, just a gravestone in the backyard. It was starting to pour, and I was just a stupid kid. It was also a lot more inviting. I looked like it had been painted about 30 years before and it had an old, moth eaten couch, which was good enough. Anyways, it started snowing pretty hard, and I couldn't see anything outside without my glasses (I only wore them when I was forced to), but got worse when my cousin said she couldn't see anything either. It was getting pretty cold and we were starving. It was like a vision from heaven when I saw a full Mr. Goodbar that wasn't there before. We split the candy bar and after a while were hungrier and colder than ever. Just as we thought it was the end, when my cousin heard a sound like something being dropped outside. She looked out of a tiny window and saw wood! And once again, IT WASN'T THERE BEFORE! We went outside, got it and got the wood burning stove miraculously (?) started. The "blizzard" finally stopped and we went home. We had been gone for 6hrs and they had called the police. We told them about the shack and everything. The only problem is no one had ever seen the shack and were mad at us for scaring them. After most of the people had left, an officer pulled my cousin aside and told her that he knew about the shack and he had spent the night in it during a snowstorm. Apparently, back in the 1920's a little girl got lost. They looked everywhere for her and found her dead in the first shack we saw. Many people after that had been found dead in that shack. Some people think that there was an old hermit\murderer that lived further up the mountain. They say he killed people and hid their bodies there. And, not surprisingly, a few days later, a mad, rambling old man came forward admitting to the murders. He said a little girl wouldn't leave him alone. I never told anyone this, but I saw a little girl through the window when we were leaving.
                -Submitted by Anonymous

The lady by our shed: Back when I was about 17 years old I remember one dark and windy night when I came home late from hanging out with some friends, we drove up to my house and they dropped me off and then they left. Before I walked up the steps to our porch I heard the dogs barking over by our shed so I looked towards our shed that was at the west side of our lot about 80 feet away from our house and I thought I saw my mother standing right in front of our shed. It looked like she was wearing one of her dark long night gowns. At first I didn't think much about it because I thought she was probably out getting some food for the dogs or getting something from inside the shed. As I called out to her she didn't reply back so I kept calling out to her asking her what she was doing over there and if she needed any help, but she still didn't say anything. I started to approach her thinking maybe she couldn't hear me because of the distance between the house and the shed or because of the loud sound of the wind blowing that night. When I was about half ways there I noticed that it wasn't my mother because I was able to see right through her and at once I knew it was a ghost so I immediately turned around and ran back towards the house and when I reached our porch I turned around to look back towards the shed and the lady was no longer there. I was just glad that I didn't walk all the way to her and then find out that it wasn't my mother. It took me some time after that incident to walk over by the shed during the night without being scared.
                Submitted by Gilbert


9-26-2010 , I went to San Acacia and took some pictures.  The first picture I took of the old church which is still standing, but not restored, I was standing about 10 feet from the entrance and captured a white mist at the doorway. I felt like someone was there beside me, but didn't see the mist until after I arrived home and looked at the snap shot I took! I used no flash at all, and the picture is not doctored in any way. There must be something there. It almost seems as thought the spirit might be upset that no one has restored that once beautiful church. Who knows? The church is over 100 years old. - Ghost picture submitted by Rafael


When I was a small girl, the kids of the town used to tell me about the ''Oronna''. Legend tells that she was a young woman who was in love, her love died, and she died of a broken heart. Every time it rains, if you go down to the creek, you can hear her cries and see her stacking rocks. I didn't believe it, so I had to go down there, and sure enough, I heard the cries, and there was a stack of rocks neer the bank of the creek. The next day I went back to the same spot and the rocks were gone.

                Submitted by Christine


I have lived in Santa cruz NM for Many years. And out of my whole years living in the Home where my parents lived I was encountered with a spirit three times. I was speechless and my body would freeze just seeing the ghost. This ghost was a Man of the way back when. He had a beard he was wearing pachera pants. On his left leg it was torn and had no calf. His right leg you could see an old boot which was brown. He was scraggly looking. You looked at his face you could see his pain he was in so much agony. A couple of times he reached his hand out to me like if he wanted me to go with him. But then when I would look away for a brief second and looked back up he would be gone. And other several occasions I would come Home from school and the water would be running the vacuum cleaner would be on without it even being plugged in. And when my daughter was small. I would hear a womans voice singing to her. I never got to see her. The apparition of the Man my mother has seen it. So he has appeared several times to her as well. My father was asleep one night needless to say all of us were in bed sleeping. According to my father he was woken up by something and luring him into his closet. And in the closet there was a bright light and a womans voice calling him into it. And right before he touches the light to go into it he wakes up. That happened to him about three times.

                Submitted by Teresa


The College of Santa Fe - One ghost in particular paces in the shadows late at night. Another prominent ghost on campus is that of a decapitated nurse during WWII. The campus was an insane asylum during this time, and a post-war inmate snapped and cut off a nurse's head. She has been seen walking in the hallways, which now lead to the cafeteria. Ask the students, they can tell you, and the whole college is haunted.

Santa Fe - Grant Corner Inn -This Bed & Breakfast is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy who died in the house. There have been reports of unexplained noises coming from his room and an unexplained light in the window of his room. Rooms 4 and 8 and the hallway on the second floor are the primary haunting sites in this three- story house built in 1905. Objects falling on the floor, footsteps, and slamming doors are among the usual fare. There is also a grayish figure that appears in the hallway.

 Santa Fe - The Heritage Home - an old turn-of-the-century site where criminals were hung from the large cottonwood in front of the building. The tree's limbs have long since been cut down, however the shadows of the limbs are still casting on moonlit nights.-

Santa Fe - La Fonda Hotel - The present dining room in this lovely old hotel is situated exactly over an old well, in which a man leapt to his death over 100 years ago. He had lost his company's money gambling. Guests in the dining room sometimes report seeing a man walk to the center of the room and then jump as if into an invisible hole and simply disappear.- La Fonda Hotel (Santa Fe) - Haunted by a salesman who had lost all his money playing cards here.

Santa Fe - La Posada Hotel - the ghost of Julie Stabb is seen on the 2nd floor. -La Posada Hotel (Santa Fe) - Probably one of the best known hauntings in New Mexico, this hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of one of it's former owners, Julia Staab. There have been numerous reports of sightings in the hotel, especially in room 256.

Santa Fe - The Old Hospital Building downtown - Located downtown, the hospital was originally established as a sanitarium for victims of tuberculosis. It was the main hospital until the early 1980s when a new building was built. Until recently, it served as a nursing home. On the 4th floor, which originally served as the maternity ward, sounds of crying babies floated through the halls. There are reports of a child running through the halls as well.

Santa Fe Indian school - The dorms are known to be haunted.. at night you can see people being hung in the shadows, and hear screaming

Alto Street (Sante Fe) - A headless caballero roams this road.

Boys and Girls Club (Sante Fe) - Located on Alto St. on a former burial ground, this building is said to be haunted. Many have reported showers turning off and on randomly during the middle of the night. There is one report of the sound of children playing in the pool though it was covered by a tarp at the time.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico exists a nunnery which people refer to as the House of Virgins. A long time ago women who got pregnant out of wed-lock, were sent to this nunnery to repent their sins and have the child. It is said that the Sisters would take these women below the building, to a place referred to as the dungeon. The Nuns would keep the women there until they had their children. Some women couldn’t carry their children to full pregnancy because of malnutrition and poor living conditions. When the babies were born, they were taken away to be sold to the town's people. Some say that the women went insane and some even committed suicide. Now they say that the nunnery is haunted by the women who cannot be put to rest because of the pain and torture they went through. Outside of the nunnery is a rod iron gate, and on that gate there are small scrolls. which state the importance of being a virgin and staying that way, because anything else would just be a sin. It is said that when anyone takes the scrolls and drives up the hill that the scrolls are already replaced by the time they return. No matter how late it is or how quickly you return, the scrolls are always returned by some mysterious person or thing.              Submitted by Anonymous


I live in Shiprock NM for over 6 years I moved back and forth between abq and Shiprock and I've heard a lot of stories of the going ons at the old hospital. There was a morgue there and a lot of people died so its really haunted. My aunt works there and she's seen kids playing and laughing Only when she goes to investigate it stops... Thers's lots of activity there... I need to investigate further.

                Submitted by Kaylab

One night MT best Friend and I were sleeping outside in my moms Van and we were having I good time laughing and making jokes. We had a lot of chips and about two Energy drinks (monster) anyways we were really hyper and all of a sudden my dogs started barking. It scared us a little but we didn't think anything of it. Because we have some horses where I live (which is not mines) so we started laughing and having a good time again. It was getting late so we got ready for bed when I was about to go to sleep I heard my dog whimpering so I went outside and checked on him. I was petting him for awhile and when he calmed down I got up to go back to the Van but as soon as I turned a Man was standing right in front of me a few feet away from me. I froze and didn't say anything because I knew what it was. I slowly held my breath because when you see something like this it will blow something out of its hand and make you Black out. I closed my eyes and told it to leave me alone and that we don't want any trouble here. When I opened my eyes it was gone. You May not believe my Story but it is 100% true.

                Submitted by Taco

I once was Home alone and I kept hearing noises out side. Usually dogs would be barking when they hear noises but when I checked outside they were hiding under a desk outside of my House whimpering as if they were scared. I looked around my House because I'm not afraid of the dark. I had a flashlight with me and started looking around my house. When I looked behind one the side of my house. I seen a Man in some kinda fur coat. At first I didn't say anything until I said ''who are you? '' but it did not speak. Out of no where my flashlight shut off and turned back on. When it turned back on the Man was gone and all I saw was a Coyote running away.
                Submitted by anonymous

 Shiprock old main hospital has had numerous sightings of a lady walking the hallways during a renovation project in Dec 2009. Workers from different crews had the same sighting at different times. Other stories from eye witnesses include water fountains turning on and off the cctv system adminstration login screen had the passwords changed while 3 technicians watched in awe as it happened 3 times in a row. And then again days later with different witnesses. Other people have heard voices down hallways at night as well as during the day. The security guard has heard a baby cry and a lady walking the outside of the building scrapping the Walls and windows. Finally the furniture crew assembling new tables and chairs returned to a common area Only to find the furniture turned on their side. If I didn't see it first hand I would have never believed it! By the way this is the new behavioral health hospital that even the Navajo shaman have tried to cleanse over half a dozen times to rid the site of evil.

                Submitted by Richard

My husband, our son and I drive from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City at least once or twice a year. That's where my husband is from. We take us-64 every time. We would rather drive than take the plane because it's such a beautiful drive. To get to the point. Every time we pass by Shiprock I get this feeling of pure dread deep depression and loneliness. It's like as soon as we hit a certain spot it starts and then when we're closer to Colorado it goes away as fast as it came. It happens like that every time. I'm not too sure of the exact areas, but last time we were driving I told my husband about it he turned and looked at me with this I know exactly what your talking about! Look on his face. He told me it happens to him also. I'm a believer of ghost and so is he. We're currently planning another road trip in September and plan on driving through the night. We have never driven through the night so this May be interesting. I don't know much about Shiprock so I'm just wondering if there's anybody else that experiences this? Also is there anybody who can explain to me why this May be happening.

                Submitted by Niki

Sometimes late at night you can see a young girl walking the halls of the old hospital.        -Submitted by Sheldon

Highway 666 (Shiprock) - There are numerous reports of a ghost car that runs motorists off the road and a young girl in a nightgown who disappears when you approach her.


Me and a couple Guys from Silver City went ghost hunting at the cemetery next to the elks lodge. When we got there one of my friends said if we saw something she did move. Nobody saw or heard anything. We kept going and later nate heard a girl screaming but no one else did. When we went back to look at the tape when the girl said she saw something a girls scream can be clearly heard in the background yet no one heard it. We have kept going back and have been getting EVPs.

                Submitted by Jade

Actually I would like some information on a possible ghost Hunt in any of the ''active'' locations in Silver city. I am a member of Southwest ghost Hunters association and searching for interesting sites to investigate. Please email me and let me know if you or anyone in your area are interested in allowing our group to photograph record and measure any activity. Thank you in Advance for taking the time to read this.                                 -Jnefoster@msn.com.

I was a R. A at a girls dorm in Silver City. A few of my residents worked in the museum next to the dorm. They said that they could hear several presences throughout the day. There was a little boy who would run around and play with a little rubber ball upstairs. They would also hear a man walking around throughout the building. They new this because the footsteps were heavy and some people felt like there was something looking down on them. Downstairs was the buggy room. There was an old horse-drawn buggy in the middle of the room. All the doors in the building have little sensors for locks on the doors. My residents said that they were constantly changing out the batteries because even though no one would visit the museum that day, something was setting it off. It makes a small click when it goes off. They said they always heard it clicking throughout the day. I heard it whenever I would visit them. Once they tried to spend the night. The noises stated above were incredibly loud and very frequent. They felt like they were being watched and followed the entire time they were in there. The footsteps of the boy and man were always behind them. They went down to the buggy room. They didn't feel safe at all, but continued to go in anyway. The four of them sat in each corner of the buggy room without saying a word and try to meditate. Only a couple minutes into the session, they all felt something ''evil'' (as they described it) and utter dominance over them. Without a word, they all got up and left the building. Also it's rumored that there is a tunnel that links the two buildings (museum and dorm) that was built during WWII. The girls dorm is definitely haunted. Supposedly there was a freshman staying in the dorm that was very lonely and sad. She committed suicide in a room at the end of the hall on the first floor It's a tri-level so first floor feels like the basement). We've had residents complain about someone playing around with television sets, lights, and throwing objects across the rooms. Some people have felt like they were being watched. Others will wake up in the middle of the night with a shadowy looking figure standing over them. Sensors on the doors go off by themselves, creeks and faint screams are heard. Once I was grabbing my laundry from the dryer downstairs and I heard a faint scream run by my ear and the lights shut off while I was in the middle of the room.

Another time I was taking a shower in the community restrooms late one night and I heard the door open but no footsteps or shuffles. Then the curtain to my stall opened but no one was there. One girl had a pentagram appear on her door. Another had thought she had seen Patty. She was doing her hair in the mirror of the second floor bathroom. She looked down and up at the mirror and saw a girl with long blonde hair and a white night shirt. Of course, when she turned around she was gone. A girl living in the room of suicide years ago woke up every night to a shadowy figure present with anger. She had the room blessed/exorcism/something done and no one knows if it actually worked..

                Submitted by Katarina


A Beast in the Night- Here's my mother's story... Some of us enjoy reading ghost stories or like to sit and listen to old tales. After sitting with a bunch of friends or family members, telling stories or exchanging experiences, how many of you actually fell asleep with the light on or were too afraid to go to sleep? But then there are those individuals who don't believe. As for me, I am a true believer. Why? Because as a young girl many horrible things have happened to me and my family. There is this one encounter that really scares me, even now, thirty-some years later. It was a normal night, like any other. My older sister (13) and I (11) had been to my cousin's house visiting. But one particular night we had stayed longer than usual. We started to walk home at about 9:30. We took the same path that we always had. Walking past the large wooden gate, it was darker since all the street lights are behind us at this point. Passed this wooden gate, there is nothing but dessert with cactus and brush. About half way from the gate to our house, there's a dry, shallow ditch that we always cross. As soon as we got across the ditch, my sister and I heard dry leaves and twigs being crushed behind us. Something terrifying came out from behind the bushes. My sister and I looked at one another but never spoke a word. She must have seen the same thing and at the same time because we just froze in our tracks! There standing to the left of us was the most horrible looking beast! With a red glow on and around it's body, it stood on its four legs about 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall. It had huge evil-looking paws and its eyes were fiery red with spinning colors! It had an ugly grin on its face with huge fangs and horns on its forehead. Its dark bat-like wings stretched out. After looking at this gargoyle looking beast, I ran as fast as I could to my house. I left my sister behind me. I just wanted to be safely inside my home. As I went into my house with my sister behind me, we cried hysterically and told our parents what we had seen. My father just kept telling us that it was probably just a dog. We knew it wasn't. The following morning, we took our father with us to the place where we had seen this creature. Once there, we saw huge tracks with big claw type paws coming from behind the same bush. The trail seemed to have come from behind the bush about 2 to 3 yards and then disappeared. Whatever that beast was, it was gone for good. But never gone from my mind. For all of you non-believers, this my friends is a very true story. My sister and I to this day will tell you again and again what was lurking in the darkness that cold night.

                Submitted by Cindy

Boyfriend- When I was only 13, I fell head-over-heals over a boy named Joseph. Of course, it was only puppy love, but to me I felt it right smack in the middle of my heart. As I grew older, the love I felt for this young man grew stronger each day. Five years had passed. I was now 18 years of age and he was 17. One summer night, he and I had decided to go for a ride. We parked underneath the full moon that night and he asked me if we could start dating officially. I responded with a big YES. Apparently he had the same feelings for me that I had for him. About a month passes and I'm running errands in town one afternoon and my mom pulls me over to the side of the road. She had big tears running down her face and this sudden darkness came over me. She broke the news to me that my love had passed away the night before. He and his cousin were driving along a curvy road at a high speed. His cousin was at the wheel. Anyway, he tried to make a sharp turn but he was going too fast and they crashed into a nearby ditch. Chris, his cousin, died instantly and my boyfriend apparently walked a distance down the road and fell back into the ditch and drowned. I was so heartbroken. A couple of weeks had passed and I was still asleep one morning when my sister (14 years of age at that time) went to my mother in the kitchen and asked her what that young man is doing sitting on my bed just looking at me. My mother responded, "What guy?" My sister went to show her but there was no one there, just me sleeping. My mother asked my sister to describe this young man to her. My sister's description was: Light brown hair, Army pants and a red and black checkered flannel jacket. Note: My sister never really knew my boyfriend, she only met him a couple of times before. Well, when I finally awoke, they told me of the bizarre situation and the description of this guy. I was shocked! I had goose bumps all over my body when they told me. You see, this is the exact description of my love. His favorite outfit was that old pair of army pants and that red and black checkered jacket.

                Submitted by Cindy

Guardian Angel- I've got another chilling story from my mom. Very true story... I was 11 years old at that time. My older sister was 13. One night she was going to spend the night at her friends house and I was so excited to hear this news, because you see, this was my time to finally sleep on her large bed. She was very strict with her things and her room was OFF LIMITS! But not on this night. I had asked my little brother (7) if he wanted to join me, he did. Well, it was time for bed and we fell asleep snuggly and proud. It was late in the night, everybody was already asleep. I awoke to a strange noise in the room. I was reluctant to open my eyes, but when I did, I saw this tall man, about 6 feet tall, standing at the side of the bed. He was a true ghost! I was so terrified, I couldnt move an inch. I was frozen in place. This ghost was white from head to toe. His hair was white, his mustache, his skin. He was wearing a white suit with a white carnation. It was creepy to see him standing there. What was even creepier was when he looked at me and sat next on my sister's bed. I could actually feel the weight of his body come down next to me and I could hear the springs squeak underneath the mattress(my sister had an old bed). I pulled the covers over my head and I started to cry. I was so afraid to speak, to call to my mother in the next room. I finally got the guts to yell out to her... "Mom, mom please come in here, there's a ghost in here!" My mom woke up and yelled out "Go back to sleep, you're just imagining things!" I was NOT imagining this. I called out to her again but she would'nt come. I was losing air under the blankets but was too afraid to move a muscle. I finally tried to nudge my brother awake but he wouldn't respond. I even pinched him hard a couple of times, but nothing. I guess the ghost heard me crying because he brushed his hand over my head, I could actually feel his hand on my head! He spoke to me!!! "Shhhhh, Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you." I don't know how, but I finally managed to fall asleep, breathing through a very small hole in the blankets. I awoke again, afraid to peek over the blankets, but when I did, HE WAS STILL THERE! The terror in me was too. This time he was sitting in a corner chair next that my sister had near her bed. He was still looking at me. I fell asleep again. This time when I woke up, it was morning and he was gone. I immediately ran to where my mother was and cried to her asking her why she didn't believe me when I called to her the night before. She still didn't believe what I saw. I took her to my sister's room and showed her where he was sitting. She got these tears in her eyes because she actually saw where he sat, due to the pile of clean laundry she had neatly folded and put on that corner chair the previous night. She told me he may have been my Guardian Angel.

                Submitted by Cindy

The Lady in the Yellow Dress- Hi my name is Cindy and I have a story to tell. Actually I have lots more but I'll give you one for now. One night, my sister and my cousin were playing in my room, then suddenly they ran to the kitchen pale-faced from what they just saw. They told my mom that they both saw a lady in a long yellow dress with no feet that floated into my closet and disappeared. Only a few people were in the household when this happened, not everyone knew about it. Later on that night, we were all having dinner and my step-father suddenly got quiet and slowly looked across the room (at nothing). My mother asked him what was the matter? And he said nothing. Just before my mother and my step-father were getting ready for bed, he had told her what he saw during dinner. He told her that he saw a lady in a long yellow dress with no feet float across the room and into the wall. He was one of the family members who didn't hear about my sisters and cousins experience earlier that evening. My sister is very sensitive to this type of stuff. Just recently, Last October 30th, the night before Halloween, she had another experience. She was home alone and she said that the faucet to her bathroom, near her bedroom, turned on on its own twice. Later on that night, her and three othere were playing cards on the kitchen table. She sais that the stovetop turned on by itself, the flames were very high. Each of them thought that they were playing tricks with one another. But it happen three more times after that. The 4th time it happened, my sister was looking out of the window and she says that she saw the stove actually turn on through the window's glare. Freaky huh?

                Submitted by Cindy


In my apartment there has been a sighting of one familiar ghost, now this ghost is that of a family member that past away in a drowning accident. It is my Uncle Pepe... Spooky? Hell yeah....chills run up and down your spine when you feel him near. It's a friendly ghost, but how it found its way home from the drowning sight is a mystery itself. You can hear whispers of his name while in a quiet room of the apartment. This room is also my room. The apartment is located on Valle Vista St.in Sunland Park, NM.

                Submitted by Raul Palomares

 A little girl haunted a mobile home in sunlandpark she liked to talk with a little girl who lived there last year and I always found the door opened at five in the morning while my door was locked, also my puppy it was afraid to be alone she hid all the time under the bed where the little girl appeared. my daughters never liked to lived there you can feel her presence and you got goosebumps when you were alone, a friend told me that he heard her crying in one of the closets, he was alone and he got out of the mobile home. this is a true story the mobile home is on third street.

                Submitted by elizabeth


My dad is a Painter in Clovis NM. He was painting a schoolhouse. ( they added a Story on the bottom. )my dad was painting the bottom floor. All of the sudden he thought he heard an exorcism going on the top of the building. So he ran to top and nothing was there. He went back too the bottom and he turned the radio on a song started but the words jumbled up and said ''stop'' a whole lot of times in a scratchy voice. (like an old woman)so my dad turned it off. Then he thought he heard somebody vomiting in the front. So he went to the front to see my uncle. He asked if he was OK. He was Fine and his son just called him. They left. The next Day the bottom floor caught on fire. The top floor was fine. The House still stands. But you can still here the radio my dad turned on. And you can see an old Man and lady outside occasionally.

                Submitted by Kristle


Reed Canyon (Trail Creek) - Early in the evening it is said that you can hear a noisy wagon train that lasts for a long period of time.


There is one sight that you have to see when you come to Torch NM. About twenty miles out side of town there is a ghost town called Engal NM. There you will come to a set of train tracks. Now if you show up to these tracks at midnight right a twelve a.m you seat on the other side of them facing west you will hear something that will haunt you in your dreams forever. You have to sit there and what until you hear a baby scream out this bloody cry of murder. After you hear the baby cry most people will tell you to leave but I tell you to stay. After you hear a baby cry you will then see a ghost train come flying down the tracks not like the trains you see to day but one back from the early 1900's. You will also feel it coming but wait there's more. After you see the train leave is when you should start saying to your self it's time to leave because it is hard to believe what you just saw. After the train leaves some people say you will see the grim reaper some say you will see the devil appear out of no where but I will tell you what I saw it was a tall dark figure when he starts walking towards you you can say he just floats over the dark dessert ground he has the red piercing eye's and you can feel him looking into your soul. That is the time you leave. When I tried to leave I felt this pulling on my truck. When I tried to cross back over the tracks to go home it was actually pulling me back as I was  trying to go forward I even throw it into four wheel drive thinking that I can pull out of it, but I could not. My tires were burning and smoking but I was not going anywhere but backwards. After fighting it I heard a voice tell me if I come back I will be forever his and never be able to leave again. Many people have gone out there to see it but few have been unfortunate that they have never returned. There were two guys that went out there one night thinking that oh well it's just crazy people trying to scare the tourists. So they went out there not knowing that it would ever be the last time they would go anywhere. They went missing for 2 weeks until one more night of some people going to see this so called ghost train. Upon their arrival they came across two bodies. Many people still go to see this ghost train and even then till this day some never come back or ever go home the way of the desert has trapped them for ever. That's why if you know people that live here it is why they give it the name? ''The Land Of Entrapment''.

                Submitted by Douglas

Truth or Consequences - The Hospital, located at 800 E. 9th St. - Ask any hospital employee that has worked at Sierra Vista Hospital for any length of time, especially if they worked a night shift and they will tell you about a paranormal experience they have had . This is an old hospital built in the early 1950`s and as a result tends to have a lot of sightings. Nurses will tell you that they will hear the sound of a baby crying a day before a baby will be delivered. There have been numerous times night shift staff will see ghosts out of the corner of their eye only to disappear when they turn to get a better look. Beds have raised and lowered by themselves without anyone at the helm operating the bed. Linen closet doors would open on their own as one would pass by. When the hospital first opened nuns operated it and would cook brownies for the patients. The nuns are long gone and do not work in the hospital any more, however their have been several sightings of the nuns cooking in the little kitchen area in the hall on the second floor. Also once in a while the smell of brownies cooking can be detected, but no one is cooking! A new hospital is scheduled to be built soon.


Yesterday I wad alone at my House then I saw my grandma rocio Lopez then I was scare and alne then I hear her voice saying to me''rosa I gonna come for you soon when you are sleep wit you mom. Then I record it what she say then I get my camera I was taking pictures and she was in my House scare me then my mom she was outside the when she enter my grandma was gone with her spirit in her heart. Thats was so scare last night at my House.

                Submitted by Marie

When I was a young boy I was with 4 of my other cousins. We went to the corals that my grandma has. It was a dark night, behind the corals their is a cemetery there was a war here in the 1800s. And one night we were back there with the cows. All of a sudden we here something.  At first we ignored it then we heard it again. When we looked up a head we saw a guy in uniform on top of a horse. He was coming towards us. so we ran as fast as we could. The man in uniform took out his sword and tried to slither us but didn't because once we got to my grandmas house he had disappeared.

                Submitted by Alfredo

 Well it was like two weeks ago when me and my cousin where outside talking about cute guys in our school. We were just laughing when all of a sudden there was this weird noise. A big bang on the wall of my house. We turn to see what had happened but no one was there. We then saw this weird shadow of a lady on where the pecon trees are. There was some fog we went running inside it was really scary. When we went to the window to see if it was still there we saw a shadow of a ladys face we were really scared. Whenever you are in vado at night go to high way 478 go to franco road and into potrillo rd and you'll notice the creepiness.

                Submitted by Christina

This was a chilling story that happened to me and my friend Vanessa. We were driving from her parent's house in Vado on our way back to New Mexico State University on a road that runs by the highway that goes from Las Cruces to El Paso. Out of nowhere we saw the figure of a man wearing a long trenchcoat but neither of us noticed a face on this person. We almost hit this person and when we both looked back after we had passed this figure, the figure had just vanished and left us with a creeped out feeling.

                Submitted by BL34


This is spooky. Read at own risk! Okay so my friends mel nish and me decided to have a little fun. We tried out the ghost hunting at rehoboth! Ahh! Okay so we were like strolling along after hours... Just finishing the volleyball game that evening. And we decided to Check out the old church. At first we were a bit naive. As entered the old creaky church it seemed normal. But as we made our way down to the basement we heard children's laughter.... We thought some local neighborhood kids were playing in the church so we continued our stroll... But s we went onward the room turned extremely hot. .. The furnace in the back of the church suddenly was lit w/ out anyone's assistance. We thought the janitor lit it that night due to the chilly weather. But the piano above played keys on its own... And the door we entered through slammed shut... Freaked out enough we ran back up the stairs and as we were leaving the building we seen the back of a Man on the stage. Thinking it was the janitor we went to confront him but turned our heads to the swingin window.... But as we looked back to the Man he was gone... Vanished. .. Till this Day we still wonder where that strange Man went..

                Submitted by T


Wow I just read that Story on how that Guy had took the vase from the house. Well I grew up right next to the House and I had my first ghost experience in that house. It is true that their was still blood on the Walls and the family had never went back to clean it up that is the reason me and my friends went down there. I was telling them what had happened to the woman and her son and they wanted to go see so we went and the front door was locked so we went through the side door. We went in and were looking around and I saw a necklace of a crucifix with jesus hanging off a pipe line where the bathroom once was. I pulled the Cross off the pipe and at the same time I turned to face my friends and an odomen from a Couch was in front of me. It has wheels so you can Roll it around but as I turned the odomen flew at full Force into the door closing it shut . We looked at each other and ran to the front door where we knew the door had been locked but before we could reach the door it swung open as if to let us out . We ran back to my House and could not believe what we had just witnessed. As I read the Story about the vase I was so shocked because I just told my grama about that Story and that House . The Story behind that lady is so sad and my mom was her friend. She was a beautiful lady my mother said and very good hearted but had got accused of doing something that she wasn't doing and the government had threatened her that they would take her son from her. So im quessin that's what drove her to do what she did. I don't think she wanted to leave her son on this Earth to live with her death. The weird part about it is that I was helping a Friend move into the womans mothers House just up the road and when we went in there was a picture face down in the living room and when they turned it over it was the boy the ladys son. And just like jesus hangin there on the crucifix the babys name was also jesus. If you know or are interested in this Story and want to ask questions hit me up at krazyloka_13@yahoo. Com and jonathan if you read this please get ahold of me your Story has me wanting to ask you more about it !!

                Submitted by Amanda

A few years ago a lady had shot her kid in the face due to postpartum depression the kid died and after she shot herself. The lady has a House by the Villanueva River and her House is green. Year later we visit the House and the blood of the kid was still there on a Green chair and everyone is scared to clean the house. So a family member takes a vase from the house. So they head Home and yes they start having weird things happen to us. So any way they get choked by a demon and 6 months later another member of the visitors gets choked by a demon. So we have no answers why it happened but it did. So we get rid of the vase and 2 weeks later the Man brings back the vase. So yes people in Villanueva still have seen lights and unknown shadows in the windows. Til this Day the House is still full of blood and mysteries.

                Submitted by Jonathan


The Ranch - An old ranch house used for the "Pony Express" during the 1800's.Residents of the house have awoken to a shot gun blast in the room with no one else in the house, a lady and man in a wagon with horse riding over a hill outside the window, when inspected the field over the hill was empty, also cold spots near fire place even when fire place is being used.


Lincoln County Paranormal investigated the No Scum Allowed Saloon on January 26 2013. During our investigation we gathered the following history and paranormal reports from the area.
HISTORY: Local resident and historian, Don Ward, who has studied the area in depth says, "White Oaks was discovered in 1879 (August) by Anglos. In the beginning, it was a tent city for about five years. About 1895, 1,200 people lived here mining gold. There was also a coalmine 1 1/2 miles away. In 1900 the town died out when the railroad chose not to come here but went to Carrizozo instead. In 1912, the town got a rebirth when a power plant was built here. It supplied power to Carrizozo, Nogal and up over into Parsons. But the plant burned down sometime in the 1930s.
According to Marlon Coffman, the dwelling first became a bar in the 1970s and its owner was Bud Crenshaw. At one point it was named the Cheyenne Social Club during that period. According to Marlon Coffman, the structure has been in White Oaks since 1898. First it was an attorney's office and then an assay office for the gold, silver and copper, which was being mined in the area and for which a tent city grew to a thriving town during its heyday.
PARANORMAL ACCOUNTS: "There have been multiple strange sightings by some locals around here," he said. "Two visitors stepped out back of the saloon and saw orbs or lights floating down the ravine between the saloon and the old school house some 200-plus yards away. A few minutes later, when they came back into the saloon they reported what they saw in a matter-of-fact manner." Visitors from Capitan and Lincoln have claimed to Coffman that they had seen the lights from where they lived through the mountains. Coffman also reported, "Recently, the owner of the "Brown Building," a stone's throw to the west (towards Carrizozo), passed away. Before doing so he had been doing remodeling and repair work on the structure. Workers in the building told the owner of objects being 'mysteriously moved' without explanation. A previous team of paranormal investigators caught a woman's voice on a recorder in the rustic back room. It said, 'This is my bedroom.' I heard the recording."
Coffman's wife Teresa also added to the mystery with other reports.
"Betty, the wife of former owner Grady Stewart, was cleaning up the bar one night with another bartender and closing up," Teresa Coffman recounted. "They were the only two beings in the building - but not for long. They saw something move past the window. The door came open and they saw a man in a short-brimmed hat and overcoat standing there. Betty said to the figure, 'Can I help you?' Her co-worker said, 'Don't talk to it!' The presence walked in front of the potbellied stove and stopped. He looked over at them and disintegrated before their very eyes." Teresa claims to have seen a strange, unexplained light in the Cedarvale cemetery herself, among some other strange experience. One evening, about four months ago, while in the bar area, by the stove, Teresa was having a conversation with a patron when she suddenly felt a firm tap on her left shoulder. She thought it was her husband and as she turned she said, "Marlon, don't interrupt me!"
By the time she had turned completely around she found there was nothing there. The customer she had been talking to - Mark Curtis Payne - said to her, "Well, you just had your first encounter." Teresa believes that people really believe what they claim to have seen."They were genuine and adamant," she explained. Reportedly, an apparition of a blonde-headed little girl has been seen inside and outside the white Victorian house, behind and to the right of the old school house, which was built in the 1890s by Benjamin Gumm, who owned lumber mills. As for the schoolhouse, well, lights have claimed to have been seen moving across the row of five windows on the second floor. But that's nearly impossible as walls inside the building separate the rooms.
It was reported by Ross and Beth Barrett, who were invited to the investigation that night by Lincoln County Paranormal, that they had picked up some interesting audio bits. Their Zoom instrument picked up what could sound like a mine tool - a pick for instance - striking rock? The EVP, at about 1 a.m. recorded a feint voice, which Beth thinks, could sound like the word "demonic." Being a good investigator though, she can't be sure if someone nearby was whispering or was it really a residual sound from the past from a being not actually trying to communicate - a loop in time? Both teams had a hard time conducting a truely scientific investigation that night, due to the surrounding human distractions; however, on the flip side of that, it seemed that our instruments, such as our EMF and K2 meters, went off more often while the saloon patrons were present and active; and when they finally all left, our equipment seemed to go quiet. LCP plans to conduct further investigations at the saloon in the future, to experiment more with our equipment and the environment, to confirm and compare what we have captured there on our first visit.

Hoyles Castle (White Oaks) - This abandoned house is a poignant reminder of a lost love. In the 1880's, Andy Hoyle built the brick manson for his mail order bride, a woman he had fallen in love with after she answered his ad in an eastern newspaper. But after she arrived something went wrong. Within a few weeks, she boarded a stagecoach and headed back to her home on the east coast. Andy was crushed by her departure. One day, he simply disappeared, leaving his mansion abandoned. However, some say his ghost haunts the lonely old building, waiting for his promised love to return.

Experienceses in White Oaks
THE BROWN BUILDING WHIT OAKS:me and my day re-put the face of building back on after a huge wind storm in
98 i believe my granmothers place is across the street and she owns the museum down the street from it the HOME museum which we moved back into town off a ranch 4 miles out side of town and restored it. i use to play
around this building and trap skunks inside it never had anything strange happen there. THis was the Hoyle house build in 1888 it was built bu the gumm brothers the owned and built the other white Victorian on the other side by the school. They both have the same floor plan except they are reversed. THe owner had it built for his bride to be from the east but she never came to white oaks. It is owned know by the Wetzel family which i grew up with the
the kids . I Have heard doors shut . and as story from the grandparents that lived there. THey would tell me and the kids that a women in the 30s which was a black couple that were care takers for the town then had saw a apparition in the attic and made her fall through the glass and fall and break her legs . that was a story not sure if it is true or not. inside has lots of wood paneling and 8 foot double pocket doors in each room

                       Submitted by - EaRl TuRcotte-


There's definitely something strange and unnatural about wsmr. I'm currently stationed here and it's spooky. It's nothing I can rationally explain there's no Odd happenings outside of the complete lack of life at night. Not even a cricket chirping. But I get this real bad feeling in my gut when the Sun goes down and some nights I get a real Strong fear that takes hold for no reason at all. There's something evil out here.                    Submitted  by Jack

When my mother was 19 years old she lived in White sands New Mexico. She would Tell us kids stories about White sands. She always told us that there were some things about White sands that should never be talked about ever. When we tried to question her she would just clam up and Tell us that she did not enjoy living in White sands because too Many odd-ball evil things happened there. And she always had a strange look in her eyes and would shudder when she talked about White sands New Mexico. Maybe it is best that she never told us all about her experiences while living there but something about the place frightened her badly enough that she was afraid while living there.

                Submitted by Willie

I was about 12 years old.... My dad worked at White sands for Many years.... I loved to go to work with him... My uncle and aunt and cousins lived there  at the time my uncle was in the service .... I would visit my aunt during the Day to have lunch at there house.... My dad would let me go during the Day to spend time with them while he worked... One Day my cousin ask if I wanted to go with her and her dog to the desert.. To walk the dog she had a german shepherd .. The dog love running after rabbits out in the desert.... I was walking with her when all of sudden the dog took off... My cousin took off and left me alone.. I remember there was a bob wire Fence in not to far away from where I was standing... As I was looking toward the desert I saw something like a big bird running across it was it a distints it has got my intention.. But all of sudden I saw this thing running toward me at first I didn't know what it was it look like a little Indian boy he was dress with not shirt little clothes...He stop in front of me.. He looked at me.... And told me not to Cross this fence.... He said very clearly my father told me to Tell don't Cross  this fence.... When I turn to see where my cousin was I yell my cousin name I just saw a Indian boy come over here...I turn back to see the boy again.. He had disappeared ... I will never forget what I saw the day.... I believe this ghost warm me about something on the other side.... If I had Cross I believe I would not be here today... Call him a angel ghost but he saved my life that day... I m 50 so year old now.... Thank god it wasn't my time at 12 year old...my guardian angel...

                Submitted by Liz


Shadows of a half a dozen spirits have been spotted waltzing in the empty rooms on the second floor of the vacant hotel /restaurant which is located right of the highway. The spirits can be spotted on nights of heavy rain and extreme lightning.

                Submitted by Baca


The majority of the above stories came from one of these 3 sites; however, some of the same exact stories are listed on several of these sites as well as other sites, mostly the more well known legends which I believe belong to nobody in particular. Sources were not always listed.


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