Local stories and reports of Bigfoot go back a long time in the Lincoln and Otero County area, and in fact all over New Mexico. Native American folklore is dotted with tales of a big hairy man creature which was occasionally spotted and terrorized the locals. The Mescalero Apache call the creature 'kensah' in there language; I also remember reading somewhere once of a different word used to name the creature, which meant "the snow bringer" in their language,  as sightings of the creature increase around the first snow of the season. They have even built their houses up off the ground on stilts to keep themselves out of the creature's reach. The stories persist to this day; weather they hear the creature's high pitched screams, hear it walking through the forests and snapping branches, or come face to face with it in the woods or at their homes. Usually seen at night or late or early in the day, residents of Mescalero and Ruidoso alike have reported the creature coming up to their houses and peering through the windows, even digging in their trash. Sightings even stretch out towards Capitan, as LCP member Kori has seen the creature himself twice before, on Coradutton Road while on his way home in late July a few years ago. Kori knows several other witnesses as well, including one friend who was with him during one of his sightings, and his father. Local narrations of the creature resemble the typical Bigfoot description; a 7-10 feet tall, hairy bipedal primate, with long brown hair that's white underneath when you see it up close; like its fur is actually white but its really dirty. It has big claws and smells bad.
Some Native American tales refer to the creature as 'Hairy Man' and depict the creatures carrying baskets and weapons. Some tales tell of the Hairy Man kidnapping and eating children and women.

To read documented local accounts of Bigfoot, go here: NEW MEXICO BIGFOOT REPORTS (click on Otero County)
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, or Bfro.net has an extensive website documenting Bigfoots from all across America, and have already went on several expeditions in New Mexico including Ruidoso and Mescalero Indian Reservation, and were successful in capturing evidence, finding footprints, rock piles, and more, hearing 100+ local accounts of Bigfoot in the area. To read more on their Ruidoso/Mescalero expedition, go here: The Mescalero IR Report

For those you interested in learning more about Bigfoot we recommend browsing the Bfro.net site, as well as watching the Monster Quest episodes on Bigfoot. The Monster Quest team has collected a vast amount of evidence on bigfoot and other similar cryptids from around the world; from footprints, sound clips, hair samples, even tissue samples (which do not match any known species DNA) and photo and video evidence, they've basically got all the evidence one could want short of an actual body. The were also able to conclude once-and-for-all that the famous Gimley-Patterson footage of Bigfoot from the 1970's in California is in fact 100% real not faked or hoaxed. Detailed analysis of the original footage proved that there is absolutely no way a person in a monkey suit could have the same anatomy as the creature in the footage, for even today's skilled Hollywood costume and makeup artists could not re-create a suit like the one in the video. Furthermore, the creature is female, as it has breasts, and its mouth even opens and closes as it looks back towards the cameraman; one can see all its facial features quite clearly. The remote area where the video was taken begs the question that if indeed someone decided to hoax Bigfoot, why go out so far, and go through the effort of making a female suit with breasts and a moving mouth? Only very recently were these 2 facts even noticed. The Gimley-Patterson footage is still the best video evidence of Bigfoot that there is (that is widely known anyways). 

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