Documented by Lincoln County Paranormal

These are interviews from numerous people over the years and their experiences at Fort Stanton.
Some names have been with-held at the request for privacy.

-1920’s- Reports of shadow figures and unexplained crying in the administration building. One person anonymously reported, “Indian drums and flute music is what I heard and no one could have been there because it was a guaranteed clean up.”

-1930’s- Interview with Kori and Emanuel Beltron.

Emanuel: “Well I never believed in ghosts and stuff like that until I got my janitorial job; my first night I saw something evil, scary.”
Kori: “Shat did you see?”
Emanuel: “El Diablo sus solo.” (Translation: The Devil himself)
Kori: “What did you do after seeing the entity?”
Emanuel: “Yo corre para mi viva y terminado mi trabajo en la manana.” (Translation: I was afraid for my life and I quit my job in the morning.)

-1940’s- Records show 24 suspicious deaths, 37 documented suicides, and 80 Japanese held. Reports of abuse by guards and also of malnourishment of certain P.O.W.’s. Nadene Hererra was reportedly raped by a guard. (note: this was before women’s rights, so she was most likely raped.) During the late 1940’s there are more reports of banging, screaming and groaning before the release of P.O.W.’s. Nine of the 24 had suspicious deaths.

Interview with Connie Montes, fall of 1948. “I was in the admin building listening to the A.M. filing some paper’s, and I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye; well I thought it was a mouse so I went to get up to get the traps, and as I was getting up out of my chair something grabbed my hair hard and threw me back in the chair. I tried screaming but couldn’t, so then I started praying, and right after I started, whatever it was let me go. I couldn’t let my job go, so I had a priest bless my rosary. I always wore it while I was working and nothing ever happened as long as I had it.”

-1950’s- Interview with Kori and Maria Montoya.

Maria: “I worked at that hell of a place and I would see shadows, hear voices, and weird things like that.”
Kori: “How often did these events occur?”
Maria: “Ay, dios mio, todo dia!” (Translation: Ay, my God, all day!)
Kori: “Where did you see/hear these things?
Maria: “Mainly in the gym and admin buildings but sometimes in the cafeteria.”
(other workers reported seeing and hearing the same things.)

-1960’s- Interview with Kori and Tomas Frujillo.

Tomas: “Well I was down in the morgue smoking a cigarette, hahaha, Lucky’s. Well I wasn’t too lucky that day, I was putting my cigarette out when some demon ghost thing whispered in my ear, “Tomas, your coming with us.” After I heard that I felt hot on my leg, it was so hot it was cold, and when I looked at my leg there was three 8 inch claw like marks on my leg. Well I went to wash my leg off upstairs. When I was walking towards the stairs I tripped over nothing, and I still don’t understand it but maybe you guys can figure it out, hahaha.” (This happened in 1964)

-1970’s- The women’s Prison era. Inmates would report all kinds of paranormal occurrences. Anonymous-“I left my cigo in the building and went to go get them. As I was walking in, I saw it; if the devil walked the earth, that was him.”

There are also reports of sexual abuse by the guards on the female inmates.

-1980’s to 1990’s- Mental Facility

Interview with Lilly Hardy- “When I was working there every day I would hear strange noises coming from the morgue, like someone banging on the ceiling, screams, but not people screams, like a lower pitch voice, but it really never bothered me though.”
Interview with Heidi Greer- “Well we would always see shadows and stuff like that, but the weird thing about it was I would have everything organized in my office and the next morning every drawer and cabinet was open. And I would also commonly hear my name called in a deep raspy voice, that’s what gave me the biggest chills.”
Anonymous- “I was in the cafeteria and a trey was on the floor; it was kind of out of place there to begin with, well anyways I picked it up, put it up, and when I turned around and the trey was back on the floor in the same spot; I quit the next day.”