~Lone Tree Lightening~
I have a strange story I'd like to share with you, it did happen awhile ago, probably over 11yrs at a camp I went too in Capitan... Lone Tree Bible was during the summer, and there was a lightning storm... No rain, or thunder... Yes this was a church camp for my youth group, so most of the people were screaming I see demons, the devil is upon us... My odd encountern I was sitting in the play room alone, when everybody went upstairs to pray... I heard my name outside the window, nobody was there, I tried to ignore it and I heard it again, when I looked at the window, open wide, just a screen, it said my name again and it looked like someone was leaning against the screen, when such happened... I got really freaked out and ran upstairs to those who were praying... Weirdest encounter but now older, it was pretty cool... When lightning storms hit that area again, you should do some investigating... Not saying it was demons, due to what I was involved in with that time... Could be my imagination or could be some energy... Who knows, just wanted to share
-Ansel Naameh


Lincoln County Paranormal investigated the No Scum Allowed Saloon on January 26 2013. During our investigation we gathered the following history and paranormal reports from the area.
Local resident and historian, Don Ward, who has studied the area in depth says, "White Oaks was discovered in 1879 (August) by Anglos. In the beginning, it was a tent city for about five years. About 1895, 1,200 people lived here mining gold. There was also a coalmine 1 1/2 miles away. In 1900 the town died out when the railroad chose not to come here but went to Carrizozo instead. In 1912, the town got a rebirth when a power plant was built here. It supplied power to Carrizozo, Nogal and up over into Parsons. But the plant burned down sometime in the 1930s.
According to Marlon Coffman, the dwelling first became a bar in the 1970s and its owner was Bud Crenshaw. At one point it was named the Cheyenne Social Club during that period. According to Marlon Coffman, the structure has been in White Oaks since 1898. First it was an attorney's office and then an assay office for the gold, silver and copper, which was being mined in the area and for which a tent city grew to a thriving town during its heyday.

"There have been multiple strange sightings by some locals around here," he said. "Two visitors stepped out back of the saloon and saw orbs or lights floating down the ravine between the saloon and the old school house some 200-plus yards away. A few minutes later, when they came back into the saloon they reported what they saw in a matter-of-fact manner." Visitors from Capitan and Lincoln have claimed to Coffman that they had seen the lights from where they lived through the mountains. Coffman also reported, "Recently, the owner of the "Brown Building," a stone's throw to the west (towards Carrizozo), passed away. Before doing so he had been doing remodeling and repair work on the structure. Workers in the building told the owner of objects being 'mysteriously moved' without explanation. A previous team of paranormal investigators caught a woman's voice on a recorder in the rustic back room. It said, 'This is my bedroom.' I heard the recording."
Coffman's wife Teresa also added to the mystery with other reports.
"Betty, the wife of former owner Grady Stewart, was cleaning up the bar one night with another bartender and closing up," Teresa Coffman recounted. "They were the only two beings in the building - but not for long. They saw something move past the window. The door came open and they saw a man in a short-brimmed hat and overcoat standing there. Betty said to the figure, 'Can I help you?' Her co-worker said, 'Don't talk to it!' The presence walked in front of the potbellied stove and stopped. He looked over at them and disintegrated before their very eyes." Teresa claims to have seen a strange, unexplained light in the Cedarvale cemetery herself, among some other strange experience. One evening, about four months ago, while in the bar area, by the stove, Teresa was having a conversation with a patron when she suddenly felt a firm tap on her left shoulder. She thought it was her husband and as she turned she said, "Marlon, don't interrupt me!"
By the time she had turned completely around she found there was nothing there. The customer she had been talking to - Mark Curtis Payne - said to her, "Well, you just had your first encounter." Teresa believes that people really believe what they claim to have seen."They were genuine and adamant," she explained. Reportedly, an apparition of a blonde-headed little girl has been seen inside and outside the white Victorian house, behind and to the right of the old school house, which was built in the 1890s by Benjamin Gumm, who owned lumber mills. As for the schoolhouse, well, lights have claimed to have been seen moving across the row of five windows on the second floor. But that's nearly impossible as walls inside the building separate the rooms.
It was reported by Ross and Beth Barrett, who were invited to the investigation that night by Lincoln County Paranormal, that they had picked up some interesting audio bits. Their Zoom instrument picked up what could sound like a mine tool - a pick for instance - striking rock? The EVP, at about 1 a.m. recorded a feint voice, which Beth thinks, could sound like the word "demonic." Being a good investigator though, she can't be sure if someone nearby was whispering or was it really a residual sound from the past from a being not actually trying to communicate - a loop in time? Both teams had a hard time conducting a truely scientific investigation that night, due to the surrounding human distractions; however, on the flip side of that, it seemed that our instruments, such as our EMF and K2 meters, went off more often while the saloon patrons were present and active; and when they finally all left, our equipment seemed to go quiet. LCP plans to conduct further investigations at the saloon in the future, to experiment more with our equipment and the environment, to confirm and compare what we have captured there on our first visit.

~Encounters in Lincoln~

Howdy Y'all! I live in Austin Texas but Im a good frind of Lincoln, New Mexico and I was out at that building with a Ranger friend of mine... I got the same voices on my little camera that you got. I was there the first week of May 2011. I heard that stuff... I walked through it. Shoot, Ranger Arrowsmith from Lincoln heard something yelling at me. lol Crazy aint it Cheers, Rug

~The Ghost of John Miller~

OK, you asked for it . . . . . . around six years ago my husband was out in Arizona on an exhumization of John Miller, a man who claimed he was Billy the Kid. On his way home they were stopped along the highway between Datal and Magdalena because Lonnie"chipmunk bladder" Lipman had to pee again. Steve walked up a highway cutout to look aroud On the way up the ground was spongie and he decided to walk around the long way instead of coming back down the cut out. He was standing there looking at the horizion when he felt someone pushed him. He tumbled down the cut out and came to rest with his boot in his face. He pushed himself up and pushed his leg off his chest and it fell at a 90 degree angle. Lonnie rushed him to the hospital. In the hospital he had a room mate who was an Acoma Pueblo medicine man. The man asked Steve what happened and Steve told him that he was on his way home from an examation in Arizona when he took a fall. The next day before the man left he told Steve, "The reason my people don't mess with the dead is because this is the kind of thing that can happen. The man who pushed you was a prankster in life and he is a prankster in death. He didn't mean to hurt you. Can I say a blessing over you?" Steve and I were stunned because Steve had never told the man about who he exhumed or that he felt like he was pushed. To this day when people ask me what happened to Steve's leg I tell them, "John Miller pushed him".                           Submitted by Carolyn Sederwall

~Strange Experiences at the Wortley Hotel~

   -Crystal Beck- Have you guys ever done an investigation on the bed and breakfast in Lincoln? (Wortley Hotel) that place is haunted... scary place haha. We stayed there twice and both times have had something appear and happen! I'm glad you guys do what you helps people like me prove were not crazy, haha. We actually got to stay in the very top room..the first visit when we were little kids my brother was walking around and he said he had seen a man..kinda floating down at him..laughing and vanished into thin air...that made him extremely scared of the place! The second time...'05 we stayed there again and I was in the restroom ..and got that strange feeling someone was there too..I walked out of the room and started to head back upstairs to our room and at the same mom and brother were walking down the stairs..the door that separates the top from bottom flew open right before both of us! I saw a shadow of a man that night as well...i think i'm the odd ball that finds it interesting..the rest seem scared!! lol Also...out on the back balcony one day we were just standing around and all of a sudden it sounded like a herd of horses were running below us..maybe there were some around but we couldn't see anything! It just seemed really odd at the time.. Sooo many personal experiences not only at this place..but a couple others as well... Im not crazy am i? haha

~Ghostly Experiences in the Capitan Mountains~

   -In 1986 we were picnicking out there in Capitan New Mexico and we took a photo of the campfire we built with us standing around it.  When it was developed we were not in the picture but their were spirits or faces.  It is amazing and with all the ghost shows I see i have never seen anything like it and we have kept it secret for sometime.  We took it to a scientist who told us to burn it.  There are a few clear images you can spot clearly, but every time we look at it we find something new.  I want to share it with the world along with the story.  Another time in 1991 we went back out to camp there, and were attacked by two white wolves with red eyes.  It is an amazing story and so real with 8 other witnesses.  They were ghost wolves hard to explain but I will tell the full story.  I believe there is gold buried there cause in the photo there is signs of Spaniards and it is a route they took when slaughtering Indians for gold.  There is also signs of Indian spirits.  Whatever it is there is something that didn't want us there both times.  I have been there many times since I'm older now and there is always the same feeling of something watching you.  It is in the Mountains and there is old Cabins around it.  I took some pictures of the original with my digital camera and also a video of the original.  I am including a photo in good faith.  Pay close attention to the rock, in the original you can even see the white in the eyes and the pupils.  It is a one of a kind and the first of it's kind I guarantee it.  There is also a Indian in the picture and a cane that had weird lettering on it that was burnt and the next morning it was standing next to the fire in it's previous state, after being burned, you can see it in the fire.  Thank you R. H.

~Ruidoso Downs Ghosts~

     -Danielle Bowers-The log house I lived in on Spring St, I think, in Ruidoso Downs always gave me the creeps, and I would hear voices in the utility room, and was verified when I saw the little boy standing in the backyard. Then my exes house gave me the creeps when I first moved in with him, and I always felt there was someone watching me either from our bedroom, or the guest bedroom, then shortly after the light phenomena started happening, then the pastor came and said the prayers in every room and no more light phenomena or creepy feelings. And I always got a very sinister feeling in the bathroom of the studio I lived in while I was in Boston. I was always afraid to close my eyes to rinse the soap out of my hair, in fear that I would open my eyes to a ghost standing in front of me. So I started making my cat sit in the bathroom with me while I showered.

~Ghostly Dreams in Alto, Lincoln County NM~
     -Teresa Taylor-Sousa-
  Where do I begin? I can say except for my experiences in NY, the rest of my encounters have been positive ones from helpful spirits with either messages or help with my health & even my life. I've only had one ghostly encounter in NM if encounter can count from a dream. We were vacationing in Alto a few years back & my husband passed out before fire went out in fireplace. The flue was stopped up so all the smoke came back inside... the condo completely filling the entire place. I was dreaming that I was in the McSween fire and Billy the Kid was shaking me telling me to wake up or we were going to die. The first time I woke up, I thought I was still dreaming so I fell back asleep & picked right back up on the dream which is really weird since you usually don't do that. This time he yelled at me & shoved me so hard in the dream that I fell off the bed. This time I realized it wasn't a dream but real. You couldn't see anything the smoke was so thick. Poor dogs were coughing. I immediately opened all the windows & doors to let some of the smoke out after waking my son to see if he was ok. My husband took a little more shaking to wake him since he had a few too many drinks. Maybe Billy should've shoved him too, haha.

~Arizona Ghost Story ~
     -Stephen White- when i was 21 i got a cooking job when i first moved to az. it was at night making baked goods for the morning. when i first started i would find things moved around all the time. i just thought i was misplacing stuff. until on day i came in early when everyone was still there to do some extra cleaning and i made a comment about moving stuff. someone said it wasn't me it was a ghost. ok whatever. then other things started. its was a ghost. apparently it was a store a long time ago and a guy died in it. so anyways he use the restrooms all night, and help himself to sodas at night. and the soda machine was off. every night there was a soda on the counter when i left and it wasn't there when i came in. and i was the only one there. he move stuff all the time . it was like a game. he was pretty good. i kinda got used to it. and sometimes he would look in the window to the kitchen. i hated that. but her what takes the cake. one night i was cooking and i heard the restroom doors but it sounded different to went to take a look. and when i did i got to the hallway for them and the lights - two of them on one switch mind you- started flashing off and on like cop head lights. i said to my no way and went back to the kitchen. i get in the kitchen and i hear something in the hallway to the cool room where the dry goods where kept. this room had a huge heavy door like on a walk in cooler. it took to hands to open it. as i stood in the hallway looking down the hallway at this door it opened all by its self and closed. i couldn't believe my eyes i was frozen. then foot steps coming at me like boots on a boardwalk walked rite up to me and then THROUGH ME and continued on past me. i got the iciest cold feeling ever as it past through me. no lie! i freak out and ran out! needless to say i didn't work there a whole lot longer.

~From Anonymous~
I'm kind of skeptical to ghosts and everything but i thought you might find one of my experiences interesting.
i lived in Lincoln for almost a year, last year. I never ever experienced a ghost and am totally skeptical about anything like that, but i swear that places was fucking deranged and haunted. the doors would slam violently for no reason on average about 10 times a day, my whole family saw my brothers door knob twist and open. I never heard voices or saw ghosts or anything but something definitely was happening there. that house made you feel completely isolated and alone, it trapped you in there and gave you a feeling of never being able to leave. I remember sitting outside on the porch and feeling totally hopeless and crying. but as soon as i left that property i was totally fine. the only other person that experienced what i did was my mom, she did even more so because she lived there a year longer then i did. if it were a ghost he must have been tormented badly inwardly because it was fucking life sucking to live there, i mean... you felt like every ounce of life in you was being totally drained and leaving you a hollow empty shell.  Strange experience. I look back on it and just feel sick to my stomach.

~Accounts from LCP Member Sumi~
     Living next to the graveyard, we tend to get paranormal activity around here on a fairly regular basis. Here are some stories about the things we see around our home.
There is a miner, his name is Carl; he's around 50 years old, Kevin saw him clear as day one night when he lived here a long time ago. He has a long beard and his cloths are kinda raggedy and dirty, plaid, and he wears boots. There is a young girl, about my height (4' 10"), I have the feeling she died of diphtheria or dysentery, one of those diseases from the 20's. She touched me once, it was the most interesting feeling I've ever felt; the best i can describe it, is an energized tingly cold feeling. I still haven't seen her full apparition, but everybody else in our group has, she haunts our hallway, you just see her standing there, or walking by/peeking around the corner, or see her hand swipe down. I'm pretty sure i saw her in mist form there once. We're always see shadows too, or like somebody is there/watching you. she goes in the other rooms too. I've seen her in mist form several times, once walking in front of the TV, sometimes shes in the kitchen; The people who rented this house out for a while before we moved in said they saw her too, and they said if you leave out a red jax ball in the kitchen, she'll play with it. One morning one of the boys woke up and found the red ball in his shoe. we haven't tried this yet cause we cant seem to find the right red ball. her name is Magdaline, we caught her voice, saying (i died.) we caught Carl's voice too we are pretty sure; the one time we did an EVP session in our living room. we asked if they were related (Carl and Magdalene), and we caught a voice saying 'direct'. also I think I caught him saying Sheryl, from best i can make out. I wonder who Sheryl is? We believe Magdaline had an older sister too, but a lot of this is just intuition/psychic readings, things I feel; but not just me, even some of our less sensitive friends have picked up/felt the same things/names, so; I keep trying to find out history about out house but i haven't had much luck. Also we think there's some unmarked graves in our backyard somewhere; it wouldn't surprise me at all. I'm just not sure where... I've felt other spirits around here as well; sometimes they come and go, they arent always here. sometimes i think they come up from the cemetery for a visit, then go back; who's to say? There's also a woman in our driveway, Kori has seen her at least 3 times, clear as day. We've heard her ring the bell by our gate at night; the wind doesn't even make it sound, and nobody was ever out there.  She wears a white dress, white shoes, medium length to short hair; at first we thought she was a nurse. Kori felt her name was Lena; and the only reading I felt from her was the name Charles or Charlie, either her husband or son or something. I researched and the only Lena buried in Lincoln County is here in the Capitan Cemetery, not too far just over the fence from our house. Her name was Lena White, married to Charles White! Don't you love it when you get stuff right?  Lol. One of our friends has the name white; I asked him if he was related to Lena or Charles. Turns out they were his grandparents. Weird huh? I still have no idea why she would be haunting our drive way....

~More Accounts from LCP Member Sumi~
Since I was little, I've been noticing paranormal things. I didn't always notice or realize what it was till much later on, but for the most part I've always lived in haunted places. I've heard people argue, that with all the deaths that have occurred in history, why isn't everywhere haunted? Well, I do think everywhere is haunted; the whole world. Its just that some places the energy is more concentrated than other places. But now that I'm more aware, or more sensitive, the more you get into it, the more paranormal things you notice; and it is in fact everywhere. Just most people are so caught up in their own reality, that they don't notice these things. Looking back, i remember the places I've been, and where i used to live, in Nogal, there's always been spirits and energies, and weird things. I could recount all the weird things that have happened to pretty much every person in my family, and almost all of my friends, and people i know. Honestly I'd have to sit down and think hard to try and name somebody i know that hasn't experienced something strange in their life.
   My mom has seen an Indian on our old property in Nogal, 2-3 times; clear as day. we ended up building my room over that exact area; there used to be a tree, a nice big juniper right there;  i remember when my dad had to cut it down, that and the one beside it; i hate seeing nature destroyed, we'd had to cut down some small trees to make our driveway and such, but especially these 2 trees, it really upset me inside, made me cry. it bothered me for a long time. over the years, i always felt there was something else in my room with me; sometimes it would watch me, or I'd feel it sit down on my bed; always thought it was my cat, and sometimes it was; but sometimes it wasn't. Kori saw the Indian man once, thought it was a few years later before he told me. when we first moved there, we had to live in a small trailer; we had to sleep together until my parents built themselves a room. when i started to have to sleep alone, i didn't like the feeling; i always felt there was something watching me through the window, even during the day; it took me quite a while before i learned to ignore everything and be ok being alone. there was always this little black shadow that would follow me around; or it would always be in certain places. again, always thought it was the cat; but then there would be nothing there. there all kinds of different feelings around there, in the forest; across the street there's bunches of Indian pottery, arrow heads; all kinds of signs of Indian life. these artifacts belonged to the Mogollon Indians. Not a mile away you can find petrographics as well; You can find all these thing all over the place around here, its quite literally everywhere. This whole area, all these mountains, have the same dark vibe if you will; i don't want to call it evil, because i don't think it is. its just... dark. you can feel it, especially going through the reservation; it will make the hair on the back of your neck and your arms stand up. you can defiantly feel the places where you aren't wanted.

  Another thing, that happened to me one winter, at our old house; that year, that winter, my room felt more haunted than usual. same sorta stuff happened, but more intensely; enough that it started to scare me, or creep me out. then one morning after it had snowed all night, we went outside, i had to go to school; and there in the snow, were these tiny bootprints; like it would have to be boots for a 1 year old. i wish I'd taken a picture of them, didn't think of it at the time; they started and stopped in the snow, there were at least 10-12 bootprints. now i think a gnome decided to spend that winter in my room, lol. oh and i saw a faerie once, last winter, here in my current home; you know how they portray tinker bell and a little gold sparkly? it looked just like that, it was this quarter sized golden sparkle that glowed as it went from one of our house plants to the other one. at first i wasn't sure what it had been, but when i started reading some stuff about faeries online, i found several pictures of real faeries, that looked just like what i saw. that winter all our plants on that shelf kept moving, like somebody had been blowing on them, with no apparent cause. when spring came the movement stopped, after we re-potted some of the plants and such. it was a neat experience, i hope i get to see them again some day =)

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