~Bigfoot Encounters in Ruidoso from Thomas~
     As a kid I hiked the hills behind what is now Walmart if you drive up behind Walmart I don't remember the name of the road maybe cliff drive but going back there there's a sharp steep hill the canyon back that gos up the hill towards the reservation. I've had some kind of encounter with big foot. Really every time that I was in that canyon it was never very good; was hit with a rock in the face once, been roared at, sticks thrown at me, dead trees pushed down towards me, ect. It just became to much for me haven't been back there in years don't want to be lol definitely was not welcomed back in there. Check it out but be careful also a few sightings way back in upper canyon at the base of Serria Blanca; back in there great Indian spirits too, hearing drums and chanting at night ect I like what ya'll are doing keep it up oh yeah and other side of the creek in Ft Stanton were the German camp was, good action there too. -Thomas


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