Local Accounts

Share your paranormal stories with us!!!

This page is dedicated to all the local stories, accounts, and experiences of the paranormal people have shared with us.  All these stories are actual accounts from real people and are true as far as we can guarantee. Many people who experience paranormal things think they are crazy; rest assured, you are not! Many people experience paranormal things; for many it is a relief when they find out they are not alone, knowing others who can relate and will back them up. If you or anyone you know have any stories you would like to share with us, please, please do! We are always excited to receive accounts to add to our collection and love sharing them with others, weather they are our own experiences, or someone else's. Perhaps one day we may even make compile them into a book! ;)

Some names have been changed or left blank for those who have requested to remain anonymous. Enjoy!

Email Us your stories and we will add your story to the site. We always give you full credit for your account, and are always respectful of you and your privacy. Once the story is posted we will send you a notification, so you can check it out. If you are not local and would still like to share your experiences with us, please do! For now I will also add non-local stories to the same page, as some of the stories I've received are from locals who have moved and had paranormal experiences elsewhere, or vice-versa. Once we get enough stories outside of our area I will dedicate another page for just those accounts.

Thank You and we hope you enjoy!!!


All accounts to be found in the pages below have been collected by and belong to LCP. All stories recounted take place locally (in Lincoln County) or are told by locals who have lived or still live in the area of Lincoln County.






In the page(s) below are a collection of paranormal stories and experiences from eyewitnesses from all over the state of New Mexico. Some of these stories are well known and have become legends of the southwest. LCP has searched the web compiling all these stories, [and has included all of our own stories, which can be found among the pages shown on the left ] in an attempt to make the most complete collection of NM ghost stories on the web. We will add more stories as we find them.