LCP's Photographic Evidence

Lincoln Picture Gallery

Taken at the Dolan House on January 30 2013. Blue orb in the dining room; Sumi saw this orb in person, shoot out of the doorway/hallway leading to the bathroom, which is about 2 feet to the left of the edge of this photo. We find this to be an exceptionally credible orb, as once zoomed in you can see the concentric circles within the orb; not to mention that there is no explanation for it being there, none of our equipment has blue lights, and there was nothing in the pictures before and after this one.

The only other photographic evidence from our investigation of the Dolan house Jan. 26th. We gave this orb credit, due to the fact that their house is SPOTLESS, the only other dust that showed up was by the floor near the front door and it barely even showed up. Also, when we captured this photo, Seph had several hits/responses  on our phone app.

This photo was contributed by LCP member Kori. This photo has been passed down in his family for some time. Taken in front of the Lincoln court house in 1926, you can clearly see an anomaly in the open window, which appears to be a ghostly mist, and a clear disembodied face once you zoom in. One-two other faces are visible as well; spectacular picture!

We did a walk-through down the streets of Lincoln 7-23-11. No EVPs, but we saw some shadows, a whole shadow person standing in the road, as well as felt some cold spots. We had strange temperature readings as well. the following 4 photos are evidence we caught that night; 4 good orbs! the first 2 pictures were taken consecutively; as you can see the bright clear blue orb by the tree does not move, while a similar but fainter blue orb in the air moves closer to the brighter one. 

This orb was captured next to the doctors house.

This photo was taken by the  Tunstall Store

The following are pictures captured the night of April 28th 2017 during our investigation of the courthouse in Lincoln. This is the anniversary date of Billy the Kid's great escape! it was a rainy/snowy night, late spring snow, and we didnt feel too much during the investigation but still came away with some interesting evidence.  the first 2 orb pictures are from the masonic hall room on the second floor of the courthouse.

this third picture is taken in the stairway where Billy shot Bell, he bled at the top of the stairs (the blood stain is still there!) and fell down these stairs before he died. others have captured orbs and reported strange events down this stairway; the previous picture taken on this camera just a few seconds before showed no orb. spirit or dust? you decide.