LCP Liability, Terms, & Conditions

1- LCP will not hold any person or persons not within our group or conducting the investigation responsible for any injuries that may occur to any investigators, or for any failure of or damage to any equipment that LCP may be using.

2- LCP  does not guarantee to find any evidence of the paranormal during an investigation. Though you may have paranormal happenings at your location we do not guarantee we will find it during our investigation.

3 - LCP holds all rights to display any evidence found, for websites, for filing, and or television, dvd’s, or cd’s. If you choose to not have your evidence shown then we will show it discreetly, and will not show your address, name, or any further information. If you choose this then you must notify LCP  prior to the investigation.

4 – By agreeing to let LCP investigate your location for anything paranormal, we request that you speak to us prior to the investigation for interviewing. Typically we arrive at least an hour before the investigation is set to start for a walk through of the location and for set up. We prefer to investigate during the night (less contamination) but sometimes agree to daytime investigations (paranormal phenomenon happen at all times of the day and night). We typically investigate a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 8 hours at a time. We will have a minimum of at least 3 investigators, typically 4-5, but no more than 7; this depends on the members themselves as well as the size of the location. We respectfully request that non-LCP team members not get involved with our investigations; If the owner(s) wish to observe our team in action, we will allow this but again request minimal involvement, such as too much talking, as this inhibits our investigating and contaminates our evidence.

5 – LCP is strictly a volunteer organization and does not charge, though donations for keeping our investigations going is very welcomed and very much appreciated.

6 - LCP does guarantee you a copy of all evidence found, if any is found. We review the evidence as quickly as we can, however this is the most time consuming part of what we do, and sometimes it takes us a while to complete evidence review between our jobs and daily lives. Once this is complete we will notify you, regardless of anything paranormal we do or do not find, along with any historical or other relevant information we may find, and schedule a time to come show you what we have found. If you live too far away, we will send you a copy of our evidence in the mail.


LCP is here to help you with any paranormal issue you may have. If you say you experience the paranormal, we will help you in every way possible to give you answers.