LCP: House Session #1
Our House, Cap­i­tan NM.
When: February 13, 2010 about 11pm to midnight
Weather: New moon, clear, brisk, a few clouds.
Members Present: Kori, Kevin, and Sumi

-About the Place-
We live on 2 acres behind the Capitan Cemetery, mainly grassy with a number of trees. There is some coal in the backyard, and seeing as Capitan came into existence mainly for its local coal mines, it seems likely that miners may have once lived here; especially since the ghost that haunts our living room is a miner. Kevin seen our miner spirit as a kid, full apparition sitting on the middle of the old couch. Numerous other people have felt and seen his presence. We believe his name to be Carl, though we haven't had much luck confirming this fact, or finding much of any historical records on our property, but we are still looking. Carl is not our only ghost; there is a girl that haunts the hallway and kitchen area; she has been seen numerous times by many people. We feel that her name is Magdalene or Maggie for short; she is described as being of medium hight, around 5 feet tall, with shoulder-length dark hair, wearing a white dress. Previous friends who rented the house claim that if you leave out a red jax ball she will play with it. There seems to be at least 2 other presences in the house, but as of yet we dont know much about them; it is hard to say who or what they are. Outside we have another ghost; by the gate to our driveway Kori has seen a woman in a white dress, he felt was called Leena, and we have heard the bell out there ring at night with no apparent cause. Sumi felt that someone dear to her was named Charles. After looking up cemetery records for all of Lincoln County, there is only one Leena, burried here in the Capitan Cemetery, and her husband's name was Charles. Other paranormal activity at our house includes: Every now and then you see a hand and arm flash downward in the hallway; see or feel a shadow peeking at you from around the hallway corner, always thought to be Magdaline, or see flashes of mist or shadow go by in the kitchen and bathroom; sometimes you feel or hear someone walk through the house when nobody else is around, or when everyone is sitting. We have had printers and answering machines etc go on and off for no reason always by the plug near the back door only. The Christmas lights strung on our porch move up and down with no apparent cause from time to time, which is something, since strong winds barely even budge them.

We sat in a circle in our living room, and began an EVP session. During this time we san one or two possible orbs or light anomalies, and felt several moving cold spots and energies; Sumi felt that she was touched, and both Kori and Kevin have been touched here numerous times. We have all seen mists, shadows, and other anomalies here on many occasions, as well as heard unexplained voices and noises. Click Here to watch our evidence video; it features the best EVPs we caught that night, though no visual evidence was captured during this session.

-Psychic Readings-
Already briefly described in the above 2 paragraphs, here is some more information we have psychically picked up about our ghosts. The miner Carl is around 52 years old. He has a big bushy gray beard, wears a hat and flannel shirt with suspenders, worn pants and boots. He was a good man, but something bad occured towards the end of his life that still weighs heavy on his shoulders, something that is keeping him here, which may possibly related to Magdaline. We feel the girl seen in the hallway and kitchen, Magdaline, is his daughter, as when we asked if they were related in our EVP session we got the response "direct." Magdaline has a strong female relation that we feel comes around here to visit her from time to time, perhaps her sister, possibly named Marina. I feel that their last name started with the letter B...Bingham? That's not right but its something similar. I feel that Magdaline died of either Diphtheria or Dysentery, sometime between the ages of 9-12. Either way the number 9 is really prominent. I got the year 1891, though I'm not sure what it's significant to. There is a negative presence in the master bedroom, though not sure what it is.