LCP: Historic Fort Stanton Hospital, Case #7
Fort Stanton, NM.
When: July 7, 2010 about 10am to 1:15pm
Weather: Clear sunny morning, a few clouds, after noon storm rolling in; last quarter moon
Members Present: Kori, Kevin, Andrew and Sumi

-About the Place-
Fort Stanton has had a long and colorful history, which by no means can be explained in a short paragraph, but here are the basics: The original location of Fort Stanton was some miles southeast of where it currently sits; nothing remains there but some knocked over stone fortifications. The fort's location moved several times due to one reason or another (either because of poor strategical location or lack of food and water resources etc) before it came to be where it now resides. The fort was built in 1855 named after Captain Stanton, as a U.S. military fort, established to protect settlements along the Rio Bonito during the Apache Wars. Kit Carson, Billy the Kid, and Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th Cavalry and 24th and 25th Infantry regiments all lived here. Most of the cavalry and infantry regiments were here at one time or other. The Mescalero Apache live in the area near the Fort, and often raided the nearby settlements; it was one of the main jobs of the fort to protect these citizens from such attacks and raids. During the Civil War years it was abandoned several times, but was always returned to because of its prime location. It played a very important key role in sustaining and building the surrounding communities (La Placita, now known as Lincoln). The soldiers and the local citizens supported each other; buying and trading food and supplies was convenient for both sides since trade routs and roads were poor and hard to travel in those days, and helped foster and grow the local economy, bringing in more settlers. The fort also supplied jobs for many citizens, throughout its history. Fort Stanton property became America's first federal tuberculosis hospital. In World War II it interned both German and Japanese. It has also served as an internment camp, a prison, a mental institute, and finally a museum. Today, Fort Stanton is a popular site for military reenactments and recreational horse riding. In September 2008 it was established as a state monument by governor Bill Richardson.

Our most exciting investigation to date! After arriving at Ft. Stanton, we were let into the hospital, no tour. We set up our equipment and split up into 2 groups, and went down opposite sides of the hospital, which is 2 stories; there's a main hallway down the middle, and one on each side, with a stair case in the middle and at the ends of the building, and the morgue below the hospital, which has only one entrance from outside the hospital, which we were denied access to because of hazardous conditions such as asbestos. also there is an attic which was also closed off. there were other people on the grounds doing maintenance and repairs, but nobody came in or around the hospital or interfered with us or our investigation. we sat a camera pointing to the front door which was the only unlocked door that lead outside, and we can prove that nobody else came in during our investigation. we were only given permission to investigate for a few hours during the day unfortunately; paranormal activity is heightened at night, as well as there are less or no people around, and less chance for evidence contamination; that said we are MOST thankful that we were allowed to investigate at all, and were  extremely impressed with the vast amount of evidence we seen, heard, and captured in the middle of the day no less! Honestly, we caught more evidence in 4 hours during the day than most paranormal ghost shows on TV catch in a whole nights investigation. As such we are extremely eager to go back and investigate more!
Almost immediately after being let in to the hospital we began to experience it's ghostly goings on. there seems to be an entity who haunts the front door hallway area, we all felt him and saw his shadow out of the corner of our eyes, and were lucky enough to capture him not once but twice on video (which we've yet to successfully upload); however in the video evidence you can clearly see the apparition, moving in the opposite direction of which the camera is moving, and seems to duck into the wall; you can make out almost its entire body, which is white-ish. There is electricity downstairs, but none upstairs, and none of the plumbing works, the bathrooms are the creepiest rooms, if only because of their looks. The funny part of our investigation was the big cement Smokey Bear statue in one of the upstairs rooms, which is looking out the window and seems to be there for no apparent reason; it scared all of us more than once, even though we knew it was there, its really creepy! ha ha. Different parts of the hospital have different feelings; 2-3 of the stairwells feel especially creepy and negative; which was confirmed by our EVP's and Ghost Box session at the top of the stairs in the middle of the hospital, and again later on when Kori got pushed down 4-5 steps by the entity we've identified as Houser, who's named appeared multiple times throughout the day, and later confirmed did exist; a John P. Houser died in the administration building. (I wonder why he's in the hospital then?)  Other parts of the hospital feel positive, and the EVP's confirm this, as most of the voices we caught are very light hearted and positive; we even caught one (which again we couldn't upload unfortunately) that commented "good soup here" when we found some old lunch menu's laying around. We know many people came and went from this place, and many enjoyed and loved the time they spent here. A couple rooms felt official; weather it was a Doctor's Office or that of a General or Captain, in those rooms you felt the authority, felt unwanted and forbidden. I'm quite sure we ran into a doctor upstairs when we caught the voice telling Kori to "get rid of that," meaning his electronic cigarette. It was loud and clear and all of us hear it; it was not any of us. Kori and Andrew both had personal experiences of being touched on the wrist by something; once when we were all standing in the main hall of the first floor we heard a phone ring, it sounded like a really old phone, but only Kevin had his phone, and it had not gone off; the only phone we could find anywhere was at the end of the same hallway on the wall, and had its cord cut. Also, our walkie-talkies kept going off for no reason.

-Psychic Readings-
We didn't have much time to focus on our psychic readings on this case, but got a few things nonetheless. Sumi sensed that there are 2 men on the first floor hallway near the entrance; one of them may be a military captain. She feels there is a Hispanic woman in the front desk office area, who used to be a secretary with somewhat short curly black hair, and has a name that sounds like or is similar to Hernandez. At the other end of the hall where we kept getting the EMF spikes, she feels there is a blond haired lady with a pale complexion who's name was Lisa; a nice woman who is lonely and wants a friend. Upstairs she feels there is a male doctor who is serious and still busy with his work; the one who said "get rid of that" on the EVPs. She feels there is possibly a guard in the northwest staircase; it has a forbidden feeling. She felt other women in the first floor bathroom/shower room, which was confirmed by our EVPs; we caught a couple female voices in there. And last but not least Houser, the negative entity in the main central staircase, who pushed Kori, whose name/voice we captured several times, and the photo of him too. I feel he was German, from the WW2 era.

Documented by Lincoln County Paranormal

These are interviews from numerous people over the years and their experiences at Fort Stanton.
Some names have been with-held at the request for privacy.

-1920’s- Reports of shadow figures and unexplained crying in the administration building. One person anonymously reported, “Indian drums and flute music is what I heard and no one could have been there because it was a guaranteed clean up.”

-1930’s- Interview with Kori and Emanuel Beltron.

Emanuel: “Well I never believed in ghosts and stuff like that until I got my janitorial job; my first night I saw something evil, scary.”
Kori: “Shat did you see?”
Emanuel: “El Diablo sus solo.” (Translation: The Devil himself)
Kori: “What did you do after seeing the entity?”
Emanuel: “Yo corre para mi viva y terminado mi trabajo en la manana.” (Translation: I was afraid for my life and I quit my job in the morning.)

-1940’s- Records show 24 suspicious deaths, 37 documented suicides, and 80 Japanese held. Reports of abuse by guards and also of malnourishment of certain P.O.W.’s. Nadene Hererra was reportedly raped by a guard. (note: this was before women’s rights, so she was most likely raped.) During the late 1940’s there are more reports of banging, screaming and groaning before the release of P.O.W.’s. Nine of the 24 had suspicious deaths.

Interview with Connie Montes, fall of 1948. “I was in the admin building listening to the A.M. filing some paper’s, and I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye; well I thought it was a mouse so I went to get up to get the traps, and as I was getting up out of my chair something grabbed my hair hard and threw me back in the chair. I tried screaming but couldn’t, so then I started praying, and right after I started, whatever it was let me go. I couldn’t let my job go, so I had a priest bless my rosary. I always wore it while I was working and nothing ever happened as long as I had it.”

-1950’s- Interview with Kori and Maria Montoya.

Maria: “I worked at that hell of a place and I would see shadows, hear voices, and weird things like that.”
Kori: “How often did these events occur?”
Maria: “Ay, dios mio, todo dia!” (Translation: Ay, my God, all day!)
Kori: “Where did you see/hear these things?
Maria: “Mainly in the gym and admin buildings but sometimes in the cafeteria.”
(other workers reported seeing and hearing the same things.)

-1960’s- Interview with Kori and Tomas Frujillo.

Tomas: “Well I was down in the morgue smoking a cigarette, hahaha, Lucky’s. Well I wasn’t too lucky that day, I was putting my cigarette out when some demon ghost thing whispered in my ear, “Tomas, your coming with us.” After I heard that I felt hot on my leg, it was so hot it was cold, and when I looked at my leg there was three 8 inch claw like marks on my leg. Well I went to wash my leg off upstairs. When I was walking towards the stairs I tripped over nothing, and I still don’t understand it but maybe you guys can figure it out, hahaha.” (This happened in 1964)

-1970’s- The women’s Prison era. Inmates would report all kinds of paranormal occurrences. Anonymous-“I left my cigo in the building and went to go get them. As I was walking in, I saw it; if the devil walked the earth, that was him.”

There are also reports of sexual abuse by the guards on the female inmates.

-1980’s to 1990’s- Mental Facility

Interview with Lilly Hardy- “When I was working there every day I would hear strange noises coming from the morgue, like someone banging on the ceiling, screams, but not people screams, like a lower pitch voice, but it really never bothered me though.”
Interview with Heidi Greer- “Well we would always see shadows and stuff like that, but the weird thing about it was I would have everything organized in my office and the next morning every drawer and cabinet was open. And I would also commonly hear my name called in a deep raspy voice, that’s what gave me the biggest chills.”
Anonymous- “I was in the cafeteria and a trey was on the floor; it was kind of out of place there to begin with, well anyways I picked it up, put it up, and when I turned around and the trey was back on the floor in the same spot; I quit the next day.”