House on East Lobo Road, Cap­i­tan NM.
When: February 13, 2010 Dusk. 6:40pm to 9pm
Weather: New moon, clear, brisk, a few clouds.
Members Present: Kori, Kevin, and Sumi

-About the Place-
This is an old house, built in 1904. there is a mine in the backyard. There are 2 confirmed deaths that occurred on the property; that of the previous owner, Jack Pouge(? not sure on the spelling) who had a heart attack in the basement; and that of a stillborn child. We are doing further research on the house and property, and will do a follow up investigation, next time we get a chance to investigate it.

After a short tour of the house and its paranormal hot spots, we split up and went into different areas of the house. We took turns going in teams and going alone down into the basement, the most haunted part of the house. We all heard lots of unexplained noises down there, as if someone was moving objects on the shelf etc, though we were all standing still; every time we tried to look for the cause the activity stopped. During one evp session in the basement, Kori got his hair pulled, and after the investigation was over he got several scratches on his legs, as well as his back several days later after returning to the basement, and he has pictures of these. 2 light anomalies were seen in the basement as well, but were not caught on our evidence video; which features the best EVPs we caught that night, though no visual evidence was captured. Not all the noises we heard were caught on record and some sounds are gen­er­ally hard to prove or dis­prove so we left those out in our evidence video. We con­firmed that the name "Jack" found on the EVPs was the name of the pre­vi­ous own­er, who died in the base­ment of a heart at­tack.
*update* After cleaning up and re-examining our EVPs we were able to decipher what they said. The first one we didn't know says:"Turn the water off in the hall to the well", it says it really quick we had to slow it down a lot. It seems to be residual, and it is relevant, there is a switch in the hall to use either well water or city water. The last one we didn't know says: "I cut you, I'll kill you!" There is also the word "No!" before "Bring it!"
Kori later caught up with the owners of the house, and they reported that while they were cleaning and repairing the back wall of the basement they heard a disembodied voice saying "thank you;" It was reportedly a project that jack was working on before he died. They said he was a stubborn old man; is that why he remains in the basement? He wasnt able to finish building his basement before he passed, and stubborn, he stayed behind trying to finish his 'unfinished business'; and was now saying thank you to the new owners for finishing what he could not. It seems like a likely theory. But it seems he is not the only entity residing in that basement, or in the house...

-Psychic Readings-
You can definately feel theenergy permeating the house once you approach it; it has mixed energies, but is overall kinda dark. there seems to be at least 3 differet spirits upstairs/ground level. I (Sumi) felt that there was a woman in the hallway between the kitchen and living room; a Hispanic woman named Lorena; she has dark hair just past her shoulders in her mid to late 20's, wearing a red dress. I sensed that at least one of the spirits lingering in the house did not die in the house, but somewhere outside on the property. I felt that there was something significant in the backyard, and that there is probably a spirit back there, and after I said that Kori told me about the mine that is in the backyard; unfortunately we didn't get to investigate it that night. Past the kitchen is another hallway which leads to a bathroom and 2 bedrooms; once you hit that hallway it feels like a block or a wall, and you get the feeling you don't really want to go any further. It kinda feels like somebody is standing there, and when your using the bathroom it feels like somebody is watching you. While sitting in the kitchen I heard several unexplained knocks, and in my head I got the image of a man in his 40's, sideburns, beard, dark hair, top hat and a suit; I don't think he was a bad person. I also felt that the early 1900's was a significant era, and later learned that the house was built in 1904. I also got the date 1959, and later confirmed that on that year the owners of the house had a stillborn baby. I also felt that there may still be something spiritual remaining relating to the Native Americans, possibly Apache. Upon sharing these readings with Kori, he confirmed he had picked up on almost all the same readings/descriptions I had felt, and was able to confirm those that were known to be true.

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