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LCP: Case #11 and #12 Fort stanton

Posted by Sumi on Thursday, July 5, 2012 Under: Investigations
LCP: Case #11: Fort Stanton NM
Socorro Building, Eddy Building
When: June 19 2012
Weather: New moon, clear, smokey, hot, average humidity 10%
Temperature: 75F, dropped to 60's after sunset
Time: 7pm to 11:30ish pm
Members Present: Kevin Sumi Kori Jerry Lewis

-About the Place-
Original buildings: #10 and #11 built in 1855 extinct 1933
use: barracks, 1855-1893 then it became the hospital, both buildings joined by a porch. building 11 extinct 1941. hospital, surgery, catholic chapel, nurses quarters. current building built over the site of 10 and 11, built in 1941, used for client housing.

Eddy building, aka #3 or building B, built in 1883; officers quarters, in 1933 the Doctors home, in 1966 hospital client rooms.

-Investigation Summery and Personal Experiences- 2 major Temperature drops. everyone experienced heaviness, saw shadows or movement, and heard voices clearly.

Case #12: Fort Stanton NM
Parade Grounds aka the Quad
When: July 3 2012
Weather: Full moon, sparse cloud cover, rained earlier in the day, cool, average temp 60-65F
Time: 11pm to 2am
Members Present: Kevin, Sumi, Kori, Lewis, Brian

-Investigation Summery and Personal Experiences-
Originally we had planned on investigating the Sierra building again, and were going to stay till dawn unfortunately the doors had not been unlocked for us, so as to not let our night go to waste we wandered around outside for a while, as we initiated and got to know our newest member, Brian Scott. We got a lot of K2 hits, answers over the Ghost box; saw and felt a few things

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