LCP: Case #10: Fort Stanton NM
Senior Officers Quarters, aka Building 13
When: August 3, 2011 9:15pm to 2am
Weather: near 1/2 moon, 98% humidity, lightning and drizzles, temperature: low 70s to high 60s F
Members Present: Kevin, Sumi, Jerry, Kori

-About the Place-
Built in 1855, the barracks/senior officers quarters was home to Black Jack Perishing. later on it housed staff and patients during the hospital era.

-Investigation Summery and Personal Experiences-
Kevin  got sick in the middle of our investigation; he went from feeling fine, to throwing up, and then back to feeling fine again within a few minuets. it was a very odd experience that has never happened to him before. both Kori and Sumi felt an intense sadness within one of the rooms that seemed to be a bathroom, not sure. it was the only room with pipes. Sumi felt a "head change", it is hard to describe, but its like tingling feeling inside your head, similar to the chills you feel run up or down your spine when you feel something paranormal. this has only ever happened to me a few times, and never that intensely; and it occured at the crux of the sad  despairing energy we felt. everyone saw shadows, kori and kevin saw ones that looked like a writhing thread, very strange. everyone also heard voices and sounds that couldnt be explained. the K2 meter went off for Jerry many times, and we had a few EMF spikes. we capture the names Russel, Hanna (assumed to be a toddler/baby girl) and perhaps the name gertrude. apon light research, I found that a Russell Needham died 11/29/1926 and is buried in the Fort Stanton marine cemetery.