LCP: Case #9: Fort Stanton NM
Administration Building, Chaves Building, Infirmary, and Old Cemetery.
When: July 13, 2011 2pm to 11:30 pm
Weather: Full moon, overcast and partly rainy, sprinkles throughout the day. Temperature readings mostly in the upper 60's and lower 70's F.
Members Present: Kevin, Sumi, Jerry, Kori, and new member Lindsey

-About the Place-
We were allowed to investigate 3 buildings this time; we did an initial sweep of each to determine the best order of investigation.
First Building: The Administration Building, aka the present day museum. Built circa 1855; it has been renovated/added on to only 3 times. Uses throughout history:
1866: company quarters/barracks.
1890: post hall.
1891: barracks, canteen.
1941: administrative.
Present: Museum

Second Building:The Chaves building, aka the cafeteria. It was built circa 1855; it has been renovated and added on to at least 7 times. the large dining room was originally 3 rooms, now it is one really big one. its original uses:
1866: quarter master's employers quarters.
1873: company quarters.
1877: hospital.
1878: barracks.
1893: canteen.
1933: dining room, protestant church;
1941: dining hall, protestant chapel, dormitory.
currently vacant.

Third Building: the Infirmary, built circa 1950s. its use: medical clinic. present: vacant/storage.

Old cemetery; up the hill from Fort Stanton. its a pretty large graveyard for not having very many graves in it; im sure a number of the grave markers are gone now though. We've heard it called the old Indian cemetery? we are unsure if there is also an Indian cemetery in the area or if the 2 are one and the same graveyard.

-Investigation Summery and Personal Experiences-
We began our investigation with a tour/initial sweep of said buildings, and a couple of interviews. Going off of our readings, we decided the infirmary was the most haunted building, so we saved it for last. We began investigating the admin/museum, from about roughly 3-5pm; then we moved on to the chaves building/cafeteria. we investigated it to about 7pm; we took a dinner break and hiked up to the old cemetery, looked around, took some photos and left the recorder on while we were up there, and came back down. then we began our investigation of the infirmary, from around 8-11;30 pm.

As of today, Tuesday 19, we have finished going through our evidence; and we have caught a few evps from each building, and a few good shots of video footage of orbs. only captured 2 pictures, both outside on the parade grounds, during the 2 sweeps of the grounds we did that night. Our new K2 meter was going off nearly the whole time, and we captured some very strange readings. Our K2 meter went off once during our initial sweep of the Chaves building; it started going off again once we arrived at the infirmary, and from that point on it kept going off all night non-stop, but only for our team member Kevin. any time one of the other team members took the K2 meter, it would not be set off by anything; only if they held it around Kevin. We even changed the battery in the device 2-3 times to make sure it was not malfunctioning; during our previous experiments with it, it has never done this to us before. So we hypothesized that a spirit was following Kevin; most likely a child, as any time we held up the meter past a certain height, the readings would stop. We did some live EVP and ghost box sessions, and sounded like we captured the voice of a little girl. having reviewed our evidence, we did indeed capture the voice of a little girl quite a few times. This was our main activity we captured the whole day; other than this, our members as a whole had less feelings/experiences than we did in the sierra building, our first 2 investigations at the fort. however this is the opposite for Kevin, who on our previous trips didn't experience as much in the sierra building, this time had activity with this little girl the whole time.
Our other experiences include:

Despite many reports from the administration, not too much happened in this building; however it is hard to say for we did have some contamination. We had a few creepy feelings and a few possible hits on the ghost box and EVPs.
While standing just outside the Chaves building, in between it and the Sierra building, several members heard voices and beds being pushed, and a door being slammed inside the Sierra building, even though nobody was in there; the building was locked. and as we know from being in there, there are no beds/gurneys in the building. 
During our initial sweep of the Chaves building, in one of the back rooms, we got a temperature reading of 120F for a few seconds out of nowhere; our digital thermometer has never done this before, nor could we find a reasonable explanation for this event.
Kori swears he saw the shadow of a ghost dog in the infirmary. Kevin and Lindsey both experienced the smell of flowers in the infirmary room with the coffins; and the air/smell of that building is very dank and musty; and there were no flowers, real or fake, in the whole building. Sumi picked up on the feeling of the little girl following kevin around, and she felt the presence of a doctor
. Towards the end of the investigation, everyone heard faint footsteps and voices at the end of the hall in the infirmary; and twice, there was a loud bang from one of the metal filing cabinets in one of the infirmary rooms, we are not sure we can explain. At one point during the night one of the desks in the infirmary building was setting off our regular EMF meter for no apparent reason, and shortly afterwards stopped. At one point we were getting strange interference on our ghost box, which sounded like it might be morse code; however we have been unable to make any sense out of it or decipher it.
Parade Grounds and Cemetery:
 During our walks of the parade grounds, Sumi and Kori saw shadows moving, and they both saw a faint mist person walking between 2 of the buildings. They both felt the presence of an older man sitting on the porch of one building, staring at them though they saw nothing there; kori also saw a face and torso of a woman in one of the upper story windows of the dining hall. Kori also got tapped on the shoulder 3 times twice during their walk, and both experienced cold spots. Nothing happened in the cemetery.