Case #16: No Scum Allowed Saloon, White Oaks NM

Location: No Scum Allowed Saloon, White Oaks NM
Date: April 13 2013
Time: 2:30pm till 3am
Weather: Clear, warm afternoon, slight chill after dark, a few clouds, 18-22mph wind
Temperature: High 66F low 45F Humidity: 20%
Moon Phase and Space Weather: Waxing moon, 3 days after New moon. Radiation storm ending early in the day, Solar wind/temp/density spike from an M Flare that night. In between planetary alignments. CLICK HERE for more.
Members Present: Sumi, Kev, Seph, Lewis, Brian
Visuals, Smells, and Cold Spots: none
EMF & K2 Readings: average: 2.5 miligauss, high spikes: 20 miligauss
Photo Count: 1236

-About the Place-

 Built in 1898 with bricks shipped in from St. Louis Missouri, the No Scum Allowed Saloon was originally built as an attorney's office for the gold miners; then it became an SA office, and then a few other things (we didnt get specifics) before it became a saloon in the 1970's. The original building was added on to a few times; in the 1980's the owners did some property exchanging with the people who owned the lot next door, so they could further expand the outside of the saloon, where they now have a covered deck and a stage, etc. 
General history of White Oaks:
White Oaks was a boom town as a direct result of the gold and coal found in the surrounding mountains. The dramatic rise from a tent-city to a bustling, thriving, territorial New Mexican town of 2,500 almost overnight is a prime indication of man's attraction to gold. It was the second biggest city in the NM territory in its hay-day. The fact that White Oaks was located in the middle of nowhere did not prevent hordes of prospectors, businessmen, and an occasional outlaw from making his way into the area that became the richest in New Mexico. All told, the mines of White Oaks yielded more pure gold than any other in the United States. Still, this could not prevent the eventual "petering out" of the gold supply, which, coupled with the lack of a railroad spur, spelled doom for White Oaks in the 1940's. These facts alone drove the inhabitants from the town they had created and loved, but they never erased their memories, a fact that makes White Oaks remain alive in the memories of many to this day.

-Investigation Summery and Personal Experiences-

 We investigated throughout the evening and night while the bar patrons were still there, as well as secluded by ourselves, similar to our first investigation at the saloon. None of us had any personal experiences. This night felt much less active; we did not get nearly as many hits on our k2 and emf, although they did still spike several times without logical explanations; particularly when Marlon (owner) walked up to our table. We think a benevolent spirit woman is somewhat attached to him, looking after him and the bar. We picked up a number of relevant words over our phone apps; we got "cards" "deal" "lucky" etc. so we pulled out some playing cards, and when we did we got several spikes on our k2 and emf. We did not capture any credible photographic evidence this time around; only a couple things on audio so far, and we still have more audio and video to go through currently.