LCP: Case #14: White Oaks NM
Where: No Scum Allowed Saloon
When: January 26 2013
Weather: Full moon, windy, storm blowing in, some blue sky, some drizzling/precipitation later on.
Temperature: afternoon through evening average mid 50's to low 60's, dropped some through the night, was chilly outside.
Time: 3pm to 2:45 am
Members Present: Kevin Sumi Seph Jerry Lewis; Beth and Ross

-About the Place-
Built in 1898 with bricks shipped in from St. Louis Missouri, the No Scum Allowed Saloon was originally built as an attorney's office for the gold miners; then it became an SA office, and then a few other things (we didnt get specifics) before it became a saloon in the 1970's. The original building was added on to a few times; in the 1980's the owners did some property exchanging with the people who owned the lot next door, so they could further expand the outside of the saloon, where they now have a covered deck and a stage, etc. 
General history of White Oaks:
White Oaks was a boom town as a direct result of the gold and coal found in the surrounding mountains. The dramatic rise from a tent-city to a bustling, thriving, territorial New Mexican town of 2,500 almost overnight is a prime indication of man's attraction to gold. It was the second biggest city in the NM territory in its hay-day. The fact that White Oaks was located in the middle of nowhere did not prevent hordes of prospectors, businessmen, and an occasional outlaw from making his way into the area that became the richest in New Mexico. All told, the mines of White Oaks yielded more pure gold than any other in the United States. Still, this could not prevent the eventual "petering out" of the gold supply, which, coupled with the lack of a railroad spur, spelled doom for White Oaks in the 1940's. These facts alone drove the inhabitants from the town they had created and loved, but they never erased their memories, a fact that makes White Oaks remain alive in the memories of many to this day.

-Investigation Summery and Personal Experiences-
We had several equipment freak outs we could not explain, that have never happened to us before. Our K2 meters were constantly going off, the whole time we were there. we had 2 K2 meters set up, and they would spike in sync; when the jute box would be played, it almost seemed like they would light up to the music. it didnt matter how far apart we held them; there were also times one would go off, and the other did not; they would start and stop without being moved, and would go off in different patterns. Very strange, especially since not very much in the bar would set it off, only when we would hold  the k2 right next to some of the electric outlets. Another thing our k2's are not supposed to do, is while spiking to red, the first green light should not go off; this happened to both k2 meters at different times. None of those things have ever happened to them before. One of our EMF detectors kept tripping to "danger" while sitting on the table, and would not go off; while strangely a different EMF detector next to it never went off once. We had various battery drains; our spy tracker could not stay on the right channel, even if we held the controls right next to it, it would not go. We had more than one device turn off or freeze, and once turned back on the batteries and settings were fine. We've never had this much equipment freak out on us before! We also got to try out several new phone apps, such as phone ovilus. We got many relevant words spoken to us, in response to our questions and/or the activities going on. We captured several names which we are working on confirming. We were told that about 6 months ago a separate team of ghost hunters from El Paso investigated the saloon, and captured a clear EVP of a woman, which said "this is my bedroom". We were told they confirmed that a woman had occupied the room at one point in time, but are not sure on a last name or exactly when. We also heard first hand accounts of a number of local ghost sightings and experiences, a couple from (the owner->) Marlon's wife, Teresa, all of which we will type up and share in a coming post. So far we've got several good EVP's, and 3 good pictures; we still have some audio left to go through, and some video.
***update, feb. 16 2013***
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