LCP's Photographic Evidence

    Fort Stanton Picture Gallery   

In this gallery you will see our collection of paranormal photographs caught in the Fort Stanton area. None of these have been tampered with, hoaxed, or in any way faked. They are not camera malfunctions nor any other normal occurrence that we can decipher; I remind you here that  we are experienced and know the difference between dust and orbs, fog/steam/smoke and mists, normal lights and unexplained ones, etc. I assure you we post nothing but the best of our evidence, what we have deemed unexplainable.


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 This is one of the only 2 paranormal anomalies we captured on camera during Case 9. We cant explain this orb... It was raining but out of all the pictures we took in the rain, nothing remotly like this came up.

 The only other good orb picture we caught during case 9; this one was especially significant for me, because before i snapped this picture, i swear i saw a shadow move towards that door.

We were lucky enough to catch the same light anomaly as we did during our previous investigation! Once again, on the parade grounds, a line of light at a slant seemingly composed of smaller dots of light, a little less defined this time. dead center of the photo; zoomed in photo below. Captured on a different camera this time!