LCP's Photographic Evidence

    Fort Stanton Picture Gallery   

In this gallery you will see our collection of paranormal photographs caught in the Fort Stanton area. None of these have been tampered with, hoaxed, or in any way faked. They are not camera malfunctions nor any other normal occurrence that we can decipher; I remind you here that  we are experienced and know the difference between dust and orbs, fog/steam/smoke and mists, normal lights and unexplained ones, etc. I assure you we post nothing but the best of our evidence, what we have deemed REAL. For this gallery we have enhanced some of the photos (brighten, sharpen, contrast) so they may be more easily viewed. To see the original un-altered photos, as they were straight off the camera,  simply click on the desired photo. Please Do!


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Doorway Apparition, Fort Stanton Hospital.
You can clearly see a head, face, shoulders and a little more in mist form, in the center of the doorway. This picture was taken right after LCP member Kori was shoved down this flight of steps. We believe this is the spirit of Houser, as we caught his name multiple times on our EVPs and Ghost box. Upon further research we were able to confirm that there was a John P. Houser that died in the administration building, 2 buildings over from the hospital. The next photo down is an enlarged enhanced version.
Ghost Mist Face, thought to be named Houser

Full Body Apparition in the hallway of the Fort Stanton hospital. The first photo is the enhanced original, the next 2 photos are zoomed in and circled. The last photo is for comparison, so you may see that there is no chair in the hallway. None of the LCP members present that day were wearing plain white pants, and no other persons were present. We've determined there is no way this is an optical illusion. Also on a side note, there is an odd black squiggly line in the last hallway photo, in the same area the apparition appeared, and this photo was the next one taken after the photo with the apparition; it is in the middle of the photo, near the bottom of the bed frame. I cannot explain it personally, there was nothing there that looked like that, though I'm not sure that it is paranormal or not, but i thought it was interesting to mention.

Hallway Apparition Outlined
Hospital Hallway comparison photo
Full Body Apparition, seen next to the road sign, on the road to Fort Stanton. Nobody was in the area when the picture was taken. This photo was contributed to LCP by our friend Caryolyn and her daughter, who shot the photo. We thank you very much for sharing and adding to our collection!
Spirit Rods, Top Left and Bottom Left, Fort Stanton Cemetery. These were everywhere that night! This was the clearest picture we got of them.
Spirit Rods, Top Left and Bottom Left, Enlarged and Circled; Fort Stanton Cemetery.
2 Spirit Rods, Top Left and Bottom Left, Circled

Here we have 2 more spirit rods and what looks like an orb. For best view, click on this photo to see original picture and zoom in on the circled spots yourself. You can clearly see the rod circles. 

 Another spirit rod; possibly 2, see upper left corner; I personally believe that small prick of light is another spirit orb but it is too small to prove either way. It was cloudy that night, no stars, and its too high to be much else. For best view, click on this photo to see original picture and zoom in on the circled spots yourself. You can clearly see the rod circles.

There Were 2 more photos very similar to this, but  the spirit rods were too small to be enhanced or proved.


Unexplained Mist, Top Left to Top Center, Fort Stanton Cemetery.
These are the German graves found at the far bottom of the cemetery. This is not fog, nor smoke, as nobody was smoking. Nor was it breath, as it was not cold that night, at the end of summer.