The advent of new tours and events we started doing in 2017 came with increased public participation, namely with our Fort Stanton After Dark Ghost Tour; and with the associated fund raising raffle we did that night. The raffle prize was an investigation with LCP of the Fort Hospital! We will be doing more of the same kind of events in the future.

During and after these events we received submissions of  pictures, videos, and personal experiences from attendees. This page has been created as a space to share these submissions!

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 Below are the submissions we received
from Fort Stanton After Dark 2017:

First, some experiences...

Before the night was even half through,  one of our guests came up to me(Sumi) and confided she had heard someone whisper in her ear and when she turned to see who it was, there was nobody behind her, as she was at the back of the group. Throughout the night we heard people talking about or trying to tell us of similar such experiences, but having over 700 people tour in one night, it was very hard to keep track of or retain all the experiences related to us, and not everyone followed up with sending us emails/messages of their experiences. That night, as well as in the recent months, guests who have been in the hospital have claimed that their phones will take pictures and video without any buttons being touched or without the camera function even being on! I can attest that this has happened to me as well. One such case we were told, the guest heard a whisper on the video that took itself. Wow! We would love to have a copy of your video! And one young guest showed Marla (LCP investigator) a picture they took of the outside of the hospital during our tour night, and in one of the bottom windows a face appeared, from a room that was locked and filled with furniture (proving it could not be a living face) which Marla said was a really great capture. They said they would try and email us a copy, but we never received their picture. Pretty please, if any of you visit the fort and capture something you think may be paranormal, please share it with us!!! We will help you determine if it is paranormal or not as best as we can, and we would like to post your evidence here for all paranormal enthusiasts to see; and of course we always give you full credit, unless you wish to remain anonymous. We NEVER post your content without permission.

Now for Some Pictures...

The picture below was taken the night of the tour, in the community house building (the newest museum/addition at the fort, with displays about the German merchant seamen from the German luxury liner, S.S. Columbus) by Thomas and Amber Williams. According to the details related to me by Amber, they were the only folks in there when they entered the building, and only people during their time in there(the building is rather small and consists of only one room open to the public). On their first round of the room, they passed the chimney area, and did not see anything there. after wandering around the room and coming back towards the chimney, they saw this hand-print in the dust, and began to scold their kids for touching stuff; their kids swore innocence. They decided to try and recreate a hand print, which did not show up like the mysterious one, and looking closer, they noticed the hand-print appeared to be damp/wet; Thomas touched it to confirm dampness, which left the streaks you see; it was indeed moist. They said nobody had wet hands, and they were freaked out, unable to logically explain away the hand-print. They took this picture before leaving, and that is their story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Now for some videos!

This is a short clip from a tour guest's phone, who wished to remain anonymous, on the night of our Fort Stanton After Dark Tour on Oct 27 2017. They submitted 4 videos in total; we picked out 2 to share with you. We have uploaded the footage, raw, as it was presented to us. The commentary given to us from the source, is that out of all the short clips taken on the tour, the guests did not see orbs or other movement like this except for these 4 areas/videos during the tour.

While there IS some dust in these areas, and while we do think some of whats floating around is dust, the movement of some of these "orbs" or whatever they are, is pretty interesting. it was a very chilly night, and nobody on our team or otherwise spoken to, visibly encountered any bugs; and compared to bug videos we've seen,  these orbs have some unique qualities. As is always the case with paranormal evidence, you must inevitably decide for yourself!

Further LCP commentary on this clip:

That first bright orb from the middle bottom comes up and turns right, its pretty bright, around 8-9 sec. then a couple dull orbs move around mid screen; from 17-26 seconds or so theres several orbs through that time, that shoot up and around all crazy and so bright, theres so much movement all at once, and the fact that the guest has been standing in the doorway for some time prior with camera pointed at the bathroom door shows clearly no other movement by people in the area, no obvious reason or explanation for dust to have been riled up. Dust doesnt typically move in the way this appears; also, there is nothing here that should cause any reflections that would appear like this. The  movement alone in these orbs is so unique and fast in movement, wow! especially around  24 seconds, there is this double orb thing happening, one comes in from middle left the other middle right and at the same time they sort of meet up and go straight forward, i mean even for the dire skeptics our there who want to call everything a bug, I have never seen bugs move in sync like that, and they are definitely not graceful in the cold. The last really impressive one around 34 sec, along the floor, so bright. LCP team members have not been able to find any reasonable explanations, and the fact that this area of the Fort Stanton has proved time and time again to be a hot spot definitely lends credibility to this footage.

This single bed room leads to a shared bathroom, you can see through the open door. During the women's prison era of the Fort Stanton hospital, the adjoined staff closet was altered so that the staff could "monitor" the women in the bathroom to make sure nothing inappropriate was going on; as you might surmise, there indeed was quite a bit of inappropriate behavior that happened. over the years, LCP members, fort staff, and guests have all had a myriad of experiences and evidence from this very spot, from footsteps, voices, doors opening/closing on their own, lights flickering when there was no electricity, and more.

The Second Clip from the same guest is below;  LCP commentary on this clip:

This is the hospital nurse's station, on the second floor. This is one of the hospitals hot spots, which adds credibility to this clip. In the very beginning it looks like this orb comes up out of the floor itself, then at  2-3 seconds that shoots across up the screen and takes a sharp angle turn, it seems like it erratically circles that room/area a few times, definitely moving with intent, swinging back towards the camera around 7 sec, and to me personally feels like its the same orb even though its a little hard to tell or be for certain, because of its appearance and brightness; some other "orbs" float around more like dust. Around  18-20 sec it comes back at the camera, shooting from towards the mid-bottom left of the screen, up at an angle again across the screen, and does this weird wiggle as it goes up. dust DEFINITELY doesn't do that! A bug might, but still, it was so chilly even within the hospital that night (there is no heating) and nobody encountered bugs.

In all of our many investigations of the Fort Stanton hospital, this area is definitely one of the most active. We have heard disembodied voices loud and clear in this very area, on many occasions; one of our investigators once saw a pair of legs walking by with his own eyes; we have captured various EVPs and pictures, and it is just a few feet down the hall we captured one of our best orb videos ever; and just down the hall to the south, is what we call the shadow room, room 201, which has scared quite a few people who have witnessed the tall dark shadow being that resides therein.

The other 2 clips submitted by this guest showed similar footage of orbs captured in 2 other buildings, but due to the nature of those areas/buildings, our team had a harder time agreeing on how paranormal the captured orbs were, being more likely to be dust or camera glares. As they were less impressive footage, we chose to omit them here for now; but they could also be something! You can never know for sure.

Thats all for now!!! Please Contact us if you have any paranormal footage or stories you would like to contribute! Thank you!!!