LCP's Photographic Evidence

    Capitan Picture Gallery   

In this gallery you will see our collection of paranormal photographs caught in the Capitan area. None of these have been tampered with, hoaxed, or in any way faked. They are not camera malfunctions nor any other normal occurrence that we can decipher; I remind you here that  we are experienced and know the difference between dust and orbs, fog/steam/smoke and mists, normal lights and unexplained ones, etc. I assure you we post nothing but the best of our evidence, what we have deemed REAL. For this gallery we have enhanced some of the photos (brighten, sharpen, contrast) so they may be more easily viewed. To see the original un-altered photos, as they were straight off the camera,  simply click on the desired photo. Please do!


Winged Orb! Capitan Cemetery. First time we've seen anything like this. The interesting thing is that during our investigation of this area, on 2 different nights we heard flapping sounds near this tree, but upon much searching we did not see any birds or bats, or anything at all for that matter. So it was very exciting to catch this on photograph! Some people think that winged orbs are angels.


Orb, shooting up from the ground, center of picture. Capitan Cemetery. This is not a house light, street light, or anything of that nature. Nor is it dust or bugs, which both have very different qualities when photographed.

Another Orb, Capitan Cemetery. Shooting up to the right.

Orb, shooting up and to the left, over the fenced in grave that says "Dad." Capitan Cemetery. This is an especially good one, as you can clearly see it in front of the trees, and see that its emiting its own light. also its easier to get a size reference from this photo.