About Us

  Lincoln County Paranormal was founded in 2008 by Kevin and Sumi, with the help of a few of their friends. LCP started off with 4 members, and has grown, dwindled, and grown again a couple time; and a handful of honorary members/supporters (whom I feel I should mention; you know who you are and we all thank you for your support and interest!)

  LCP's core members have all had a long history with the paranormal, and it is that history and our shared interest for the unusual and supernatural that brought us to create this little group. In our spare time we go on investigations in search of the paranormal; be it hauntings, UFOs, criptids, or any other form of the supernatural, we use our equipment in hopes to catch evidence of these things in order to scientifically explain them, to either prove or disprove their existence.

   All too often we are asked the question: "Why do you do this? What got you started?" Well, Its a hard question to answer, because there are so many reasons why we do this, it is a bit different for each individual in our team. In the end we enjoy it, its an activity we can do together, and all the more fulfilling when others can enjoy or benefit somehow from what we do.

  Early on in 2010 we decided to expand LCP into a Historical Society as well, because the nature of hauntings has a lot to do with history; after all, ghosts are just dead people, they were alive once, they inhabited these historical places, and they have stories to tell us.

So, we are more along the lines of paranormal historical (we try to tie real people/events/places of our local history into our investigations/experiences and ghost stories), versus general historical group like the Lincoln County Historical Society.

Paranormal things are inseparable from the topic of history in a myriad of ways; think about it! All hauntings have something to do with the past; something happened to keep these spirits that kept them here. We do research on all our cases, finding out who owned the haunted place, who lived there, if anyone died there, and more; then we try and piece the puzzles together to understand the big picture of what's happening. Lincoln County, as well as all of New Mexico, has a very rich and fascinating history, from normal to the paranormal; we want to show people that remarkable history, reveal its stories and all they have to offer to make them known once again, and do our part to enrich that history all the more.


Our group has a lot of diversity within it; we have a little bit of everything, and a fair amount of experience in what we do as well. It started out with 4 of us, Kevin, Sumi, Jerry, and Andrew. It was one night, late in the summer of August 2008, one thing lead to another, and we went out for our first couple investigations. Not too long after that our other friend Kori joined us. It kept growing and going from there on out, and here we are today! Always a work in progress, we've been slowly improving ourselves and our equipment, continually gaining experience and knowledge about everything deemed paranormal!

We also have go-to people if we ever need advice for certain things, including skeptics. Having everyone's input helps us determine and discover the truth. We've got a lot of diversity in our small group!

To learn more about all our individual members, please visit our Members page!

LCP Group Pic from our article in the newspaper! Click on the picture to read it! Left to Right: Kev, Brian, Lewis, Sumi, Seph.
LCP group pic
LCP Group Pic at the No Scum Allowed Saloon, Jan 2013
from Left to Right: Seph, Lewis, Kevin, Jerry, Sumi
LCP Main Members
Above: Group Pic from Case 9. Left to Right: Kori, Lindsay, Sumi, Kev, and Jerry.
 Below, Left to Right: Lindsay, Kev, Kori, Jerry