Interesting in Joining LCP?

      Hello everyone!
This is co-founder of LCP, Sumi. To all of you who have come to us interested in participating in what we do, we've created and updated a system we can use to introduce new members. We have also created classes to distinguish our different levels of members.

These include:
-The Founders- Kevin and me, Sumi; We are in charge.
-The Core Members- Kori, Jerry, Lewis, etc -- they make up the team
-Interns [active]- New members who wish to become actively involved in investigations.
-Contributors [inactive]- Those who wish to contribute to our activities, but are either unable or dont wish to go on investigations. An example could be someone who lives out of town or out of state, or someone who simply doesn't have the time or desire to put in the work and effort required of full night investigations.

So the question is, How can someone become a member of LCP?
First, you must answer these questions for yourself.

1. Do you work well with others?

You have to be a team player.

2. Do you have initiative?

Being in LCP requires initiative. We do not know your schedule and what activities you are able to participate in. It is a member's responsibility to check in and activity participate in the group.

3. Do you have enough available time?

LCP conducts our investigations and research in our free time; we do our best to pick times when everyone is available but due to different schedules there are times when not everyone can make it. When we travel to locations we will often stay at the location overnight. We will also begin setting up 1-2 days of investigation review afterwards. We do investigations as often as opportunities allow us to; the frequency of our activities vary. We may ask you to help out
with other things as well, before and after investigations, such as researching and interviewing.

4. Can you afford it?

LCP doesn't charge membership dues; however, when we travel, the expense comes out of our own pockets. The cost of gas and meals, (and in the future, hotels etc) are a major consideration. We do what we can to keep the costs low (car-pooling where possible; though it is likely you will need your own car/transportation) but it does require some cash. Currently most investigations are performed locally but we wish to expand in the future. Also there may be times we will set up funds to buy new equipment; if you do not have extra cash to contribute that is ok, but it would be nice for you to help out when you can. 

5. Do you have reliable internet access or phone?

LCP coordinates and plans our activities largely via the internet (Facebook, email, etc). Members need to check in with us every so often to keep track of what's going on and what is being planned. If you are unable to do this, the odds are that you will be left behind and eventually may have your membership revoked for non-participation.

6. How well can you handle "science"?

LCP is a research association. We require that a member be knowledgeable and/or willing to learn of the sciences involved in our research in order to understand what we are looking for and why. You will have to know your way around our equipment, what it is, what it does, and how to use it. We take this seriously and so should you; we are professionals. We do also experimment with the skills of psychics and the like, pendulums, Ouija boards, and other mystical methods from time to time.

7. How well can you handle the paranormal?

Please remember we aren't strictly ghost hunters, we will investigate cryptids, ufo's, and anything else that can be classified as paranormal. The places we go, the things we do and encounter can be creepy, scary, and dangerous, so if your easily scared or startled, this is not for you. You must be comfortable putting yourself out there in these activities; you must be brave enough to go into a creepy room alone in the dark and the like without panicking, running or screaming.

8. Can you be objectionable?

Everyone has their own belief systems; as we are, LCPs members are pretty diverse already.  No matter what you believe in you must be able to set your religious/spiritual beliefs aside when they become confining; researching the paranormal in a true scientific context requires an individual to step way from their belief system and look at things with an open mind. You must be able to not jump to conclusions, and also not be overly skeptical.

~Still interested?~

To what degree? Those who wish to become active members must go through our internship. You must follow the following steps:

~Active Members/Interns~

So, if you are genuinely interested in becoming a member of our group, please send us an email telling us about yourself and a little about why your attracted to the paranormal and what got you interested in it; what you would like to do in our group, and anything else you would like to include. Also let us know if you have any talents or areas of expertise, such as being good with electronics, if your are a good photographer or cameraman, etc. or if you have any psychic abilities, are sensitive to energies, etc. We will then arrange a meeting to get to know you in person. You may then become an intern, in which you will be allowed to go on investigations with us; you will go through a trial period of learning how we work as a group. You will help us set up and monitor our activities from base camp during the investigation, and take turns investigating with our other members, and will be required to review evidence with us afterwards. We will discuss these things more in depth when we meet you in person. After your trial period you may become a core member!

~Inactive Members/Contributors~
We would like you to email us telling us about yourself and your interest in the paranormal; Tell us what you have or would like to contribute to LCP; be it personal stories, photos or other evidence, information or research about paranormal places/things/events, and so forth. Perhaps your a history buff with some interesting stories and information, or maybe you might enjoy interviewing people for us; any way you would like to contribute is greatly appreciated!

Here are some positions we'd like help with:

---Research, Interviews, and Scouting paranormal places, history, and happenings.

---We would like to have a techie; someone who is really good with electronics, and very knowledgeable with them, as one of our interests is experimenting and making our own equipment.

---Experts. Anyone with any areas of expertise; an expert on photography, computers, other electronics, etc. Or expertise in less technical things as well; if you have psychic or medium capabilities, things like that; or if you simply have a lot of knowledge that could pertain to the paranormal; like lots of local or world history, occult knowledge; perhaps you are very knowledgeable about cryptozoological things or aliens and UFOs. You get the idea.

Email is our preferred method of communication however you can contact us on Facebook or by phone, etc. See how to Contact Us.

*****EDIT! IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME FIND ME ON FACEBOOK, our LCP email was overtaken by spam. look for Sumi Ayame on Facebook! click here!******

LCP Thanks everyone for their continued interest and support!
- Sumi