A Few Words On Skepticism

  Skeptics; aka non-believers. "Ghosts aren't real, aliens are a hoax, Bigfoot is a guy in a costume," we've all heard the words of the doubtful. Maybe you are one of them; maybe not.
    Like everything else in life, Skeptics have pro's and con's, as do Believers. We shall observe both the good and bad of each. (Stick with me through to the end please! The good parts are near the end where I state my main point of this article.) Some skeptics are just rationalists, looking for the simple common sense explanations for the strange occurrences in life. Others however, are so close-minded it hurts. Face it, nobody knows it all, and not everything can be explained. I'm sure everyone has experienced something they cannot quite explain at some point in their life. Most of the people in the world believe in a higher power, in a god or gods. How can people who believe in God, a magical man in the sky, who has no scientific proof of existence whatsoever, not believe in spirits or aliens, or even Bigfoot (which is most likely just an uncatalogued animal)? There is PLENTY of proof that each of these things exist, scientific and not-so-scientific. Don't believe me? Do the research yourself. Find the truth. Get into the technicalities of science and math and the statistics will tell you it is far more unlikely and unreasonable that these paranormal things don't exist. Think of how vast just our planet is in itself; and how much we don't know about it; we know more about the moon than we do our own oceans. Now think of how vast our solar system is; and it is just a speck in our galaxy; which is again just a speck or less in the entire  universe full of galaxies, and solar systems, and stars and nebulae; we cannot be the only intelligent beings that exist. As complex as all of that is, why wouldn't/couldn't there be other dimensions and levels of existence, layered on top of each other? Instead of trying to find proof that these things exist, saying that its impossible, prove to me that they don't exist. YOU CAN'T.


- Skeptics are good in the fact that these people view things in a more "realistic" way if you will; they see the world and its happenings as logically explainable; when something strange occurs they look for the most simple and logical explanation.

- However, some skeptics are so skeptical, that instead of trying to look and explain things logically, substituting the strange and unknown with what they do know, that they end up accomplishing quite the opposite of what they are going for; they come up with theories that are just as implausible, if not more so, than the original paranormal theories. For example, I once read an article about an alien encounter, true story; 2 families out on their farm one evening were attacked by otherworldly humanoids who came after them; floating silvery things, they came out of flying saucers and had strange lights and lasers, etc. The frightened people ran inside their house, grabbed their guns and shot at the aliens through their windows, but the bullets just bounced off. They called 911 and even the officers encountered some of the evenings supernatural activity. Now here is the opinion one skeptic had to say about this case; in a nutshell, he said the aliens must have been monkeys escaped from the local circus, who got covered in paint, and were playing with flashlights in the woods. Now really, how ridiculous does that sound? How plausible an explanation is that really? I don't know about you, but i don't see how 13 people could misidentify said monkeys for aliens from outer space. Honestly, I can't think of a better explanation other than they were in fact, aliens. Now it all depends on if you believe the story. The mentality I see in most skeptics, is they don't even bother to analyze or figure out anything at all, they simply dismiss all paranormal and supernatural things as fakes, hoaxes, and mis-identification. These things do not sit well with them, do not fit into their belief system, seem ridiculous, and to believe in such things would inevitably crumble the foundation of their personal world; they fall down and have to start from scratch. Its so much easier to ignore it all. They never stop to consider that maybe they are the ones living in a world of fantasy and falsity, instead of the other way around.

- Now we have the believers. We have pro's and con's too. Since we do believe, some of us tend to jump towards the paranormal explanations for the unknown first; sometimes too quickly to believe in supernatural explanations, we can become just as fanatical and unreasonable as the unrealistic skeptic I described in the above paragraph. For example, a fanatical believer may hear creaks in a house and think its a ghost, before considering that the house is simply old and creaky, or just settling. Maybe it was the wind. These kind of believers make a big hubbub over the littlest things which end up being normal things, common-place occurrences. They let their imaginations get the best of them.

- The good thing about believers is that we are far more open-minded; even if we don't believe in everything that is paranormal, we at least open ourselves up to the opportunities that maybe it is real, it does exist, it is possible, there is proof; if not for ever case or every story. I believe in this way we are more practical than the skeptics, because we are willing to take a chance on the unknown and unlikely; and in that chance, weather we end up being right or wrong, we end up discovering something, we learn; and that learning leads to our evolution. Be it the evolution of overall science and understanding of the world we live in, or a more personal evolution, of our mind and ourselves, our faith. I always follow the thought process of, 'Even if I am wrong, isn't this fun? Look at the adventures this has taken me on, and all that I've learned; Even if I'm not right, it was worth the trip; I learned something because I took the time to look at my world at a different perspective.' This is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that leads to new discoveries and new technology everyone can benefit from and take advantage of. What is more valuable than living and learning? The only constant is change. You can fight it and loose, or you can take whatever opportunities it holds for you; you'll be surprised where it can take you, and what it can do for you. Not to get too philosophical here...

   The purpose of this page, of this text, is to make you stop and think for a minuet, maybe ask yourself some questions. Reconsider the world's possibilities. The lesson here is that balance is key in all things; too much of anything is bad, regardless of subject matter. Skeptical fanatics are bad. Fanatical believers are bad. We need a little of both to make good decisions and good deductions; we need both, to have a level head, so that we may uncover the TRUTH. This not only holds true for paranormal research and investigation, but for life in general.

   In closing, I hope that in posting this, I've shown you that as a paranormal investigation team, LCP has that balance, that we do things properly and to the best of our abilities to bring out and unearth the truth, and we take pride in what we do. We enjoy it, and the other people who enjoy it and take something from what we've done, makes what we do all the more worthwhile. Thank you.

-Written, Edited, and Posted by Sumi-