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September 2018

Our last After Dark tour at Fort Stanton will be saturday october 27th! We are going to make this one special, so don't miss out!

 Our raffle fund raiser will be going until november 1st, and we will be announcing the winner by november 2nd.

May 2018

Our last After Dark tour at Fort Stanton was another hit! We were interviewed by the Roswell Newspaper, and appeared in Last Sunday's paper! (May 6 2018) Check it out via this LINK!

April 2018

Thought I did an update last month! (sorry!)
WE HAVE STARTED TOUR SEASON!!! Starting in March, Lincoln had an after dark tour, this month its Fort Stanton's turn, next month will be back to Lincoln, and the tour schedule for the season will go back and forth in that manner; i shall post the whole schedule below.
As you may know by now, LCP works closely with the historic site staff at both Lincoln and Fort Stanton. Sumi volunteers at both sites on a regular basis, on top of keeping LCP going. Not to mention a few of our members double as historic site staff or other volunteers; so we stay very busy to say the least! Im posting this in an effort to clear some of confused feedback i've received.
We are excited, as we know you all are! If you missed our tour last Halloween, you will have several chances to catch a tour with us this year! and yes, we will be doing another raffle ticket event like we did last October. This month we will be giving the same tour of the hospital, however we are working on setting up tours of other buildings to come later on this year. Stay tuned!

(and other major seasonal events we will be at!)
ALL TICKETS $5 PER PERSON (purchase in museum at time of tour)
All these dates fall on the last Saturday of the month; tours start at 6 and rounds go till 9PM









LCP will be participating in all of the above listed events; we are NOT leading or in charge of the Lincoln after dark tours, these are historical not paranormal, however we always have a meet and greet table at all the events, where we share some of our evidence, stories, etc. (We DO lead the building tours at Fort Stanton)
All ticket proceeds go directly to the historic sites, which help fund these events as well as aid in restoration projects and more. Most of these events as well as most of the museums are volunteer run; be sure to show gratitude and respect to all the staff and volunteers! They do so much behind the scenes!

January 2018

Kanpai! We are hitting off the new year with a great start, and exciting plans for 2018 in the works!
As is the case with so many of us, we got bogged down with end of the year holidays and events; now that it is all behind us, we were finally able to find a mutually agreeable date to take our raffle winners from last October on their promised ghost hunt! And also post updates! haha.
Here is a picture of the Hall family and a couple LCP members, as we braved the cold, dark of the hospital on January 6th. They enjoyed a tour of history and ghost stories before we embarked on our investigating, for a side of the fort not many get to experience!

LCP is working in conjunction with Lincoln and Fort Stanton Historic Sites on tour plans that will be taking place March through October 2018. For everyone who has been requesting another round of our Fort Stanton After Dark Ghost Tour, we are happy to announce that 4 such tours are being planned for this year! Stay tuned for details to come!! Last but not least expect to see us at Fort Stanton Live and Old Lincoln days!

I am also finally posting up a few of the submission pictures/videos we received from the hospital tour last October, check them out on our NEW page, Event Submissions!

Last but not least check out these 3 really awesome pictures just submitted to us by our friend Tamsin Silver, from Jemez Pueblo NM!

 Cheers to a happy and abundant year for all!

November 2017

Wow!! Our tour of the Fort Stanton hospital last Friday during Fort Stanton After Dark was an overwhelming success!! Our final rough count of visitors through the hospital was: 765 people, OMG! And we know that not everyone made it through the hospital! Truly, wow. Thanks to our whole team and friends who were able to come out and help, and also a big thanks to the site staff and volunteers for making all of this possible; we couldn't have done it without you all! And thanks to everyone who came out, all the ticket sales went towards helping preserve the fort and keeping its history alive! We were rewarded with money from our raffle ticket fundraiser, which helps us buy batteries, gas, and we will be buying a new piece of equipment soon! Thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket, your support is so appreciated! The winner will get to investigate the hospital with us sometime in the near future!

RAFFLE WINNER: CRUZ HALL!!! and at the last minuet our friend and author Tamsin Silver threw in our raffle, 5 free E-books, so another lucky 5 folks won their choice of one of Tamsin's stories.  If you have not heard of her, she is a wonderful author, book worms check her out! She is working on a historical fiction of Billy the Kid, and let me tell you, what i've read so far is Amazing!

We will DEFINITELY be doing more tours like this in the future, seeing as it was such a big hit! So be sure to check in with us periodically, especially if you weren't able to make it out last week; you will have another chance in the future!

So far we have had a few submissions from folks who went through our tour, sharing some stories, pictures and videos from the night! we are hoping for some more, and will be analyzing what we've got, and hopefully posting some of those soon for everyone to see! Remember we always encourage folks to share with us; your stories, pictures, videos, etc are part of our own local history, and we hope to record it all for everyone to see and share in the future! with everyone's contributions, we can build a more complete and complex catalog of local paranormal happenings, and everyone can benefit and have fun from that! and remember, we will give you full credit for anything you submit, unless you wish to remain anonymous!

We made the news again! CLICK HERE to read the article!


October 2017

{ October is our busiest month of the year, Sorry I have not updated info more quickly! With 3 birthdays, 3 big events and the tour coming up, im surprised i still have my head on. Follow our facebook i have been keeping that more up to date! }

Join us on Friday October, 27th for a one-of-a-kind chance to explore the grounds and buildings of Fort Stanton after dark while interacting with costumed living historians, storytellers, and investigators from the Lincoln County Paranormal Historical Society.

Fort Stanton’s contributions to the history of New Mexico is unparalleled and during its 160 years in operation it served as an Army post, tuberculosis sanatorium, internment camp, and correctional facility.

Although the gates are open every day for visitors, few get to experience the fort after dark. The self-guided tours will begin at 6pm and end at 9pm. Cost is $5 per person, kids under 10 are free. All proceeds support ongoing preservation efforts at the Fort Stanton Historic Site through the Museum of New Mexico Foundation and Fort Stanton, Inc.

Please call (575) 354-0341 to RSVP for the event.

While the tour of the parade grounds will be self guided, Lincoln County Paranormal will be giving guided tours of the hospital, which will start with a short review of some of their best catches in that building over the years, proceeding with a walk through the first and second floors of the building in which they will present the actual locations of the footage they present along with the rest of their own personal stories and experiences. Each round of this tour will last 30 minuets and will be limited to 20 people per group. LCP will also be doing a fundraising raffle to raise funds for new equipment, and costs for future investigations; the prize? The winner of the raffle gets to join our group for a future investigation of the Fort Stanton hospital!!! Raffle tickets will be $5 each, and may be purchased at the event this friday!

LCP encourages those attending the tour this friday to bring their cameras, etc, and try their luck at capturing any unexplainable apparitions! Afterward, any who happen to capture possible paranormal photos may post their pictures on LCP's facebook page so that we can all see what you caught and hear your stories of the event, or even any past experiences for those who have been out there before. If you capture something LCP agrees as being credible, we will publish your picture on LCP's website! Giving you full credit of course, unless you want to remain anonymous; and same goes for any good stories submitted; those will be reviewed and added to LCP's "Local Accounts" page! We all look forward to seeing you there!

September 2017

We bring you EXCITING NEWS!! In October,LCP will be working in conjunction with the staff at Fort Stanton  for an after dark candle tour, just before Halloween! The Historic Site Staff will have living history stations set up around the fort grounds, and groups will be guided from one station to another. Then, what we've all been waiting for! LCP will be set up to take you on a GHOST TOUR of the Hospital! We have been wanting to do this for years, and its finally happening! The Date is set for Friday,October 27th.
We are not sure what the ticket prices or times are just yet, but will be announcing that information as soon as it is available, so keep checking back! Also, the following day, Saturday the 28th, will be Dia De los Muertos, Day of the Dead celebration in Lincoln! Come enjoy all the festivities, from flower making, face painting, to the Mariachi bands and dancers, along with other vendors and activities that will be set up through Lincoln! (I will be there as a fortune teller! ;D ) Many of the activities are free, so be sure to not miss out on the fun!

End note, i had promised to upload our evidence from this summers investigations, but due to

some technical difficulties and time limitations (work/life)  i have yet to be able to upload  online

yet, but i will eventually. Thanks for all your support and patience!


August 2017

Old Lincoln Days is this weekend! We are ready to present our evidence from

this summer! We will be located in the courtroom of the courthouse, so come

see us! We will be there or otherwise wandering around the duration of the

weekend. Our Presentation times are:

Friday:          10am     3pm

Saturday:     10am      12pm     3pm

We will see you there! Thank you for supporting our historic sites!!!

July Update:

We investigated the Lincoln Courthouse, April 28, 2017, following the first "Lincoln After Dark, Murder and Mayhem candle tour."  We investigated the courthouse again in may with RIP Crew paranormal team from Dallas, check them out HERE! In June we investigated the Montono store and the Convento, and have done some sweeps up and down the streets of Lincoln. We were hoping to investigate the Tunstall this month, but have run out of time between work, family, and life. We are finishing going through the last bits of evidence and putting everything together for our presentation during Old Lincoln Days! Check back soon for more updates on that; for now check out our picture evidence page for Lincoln! It has both old and new pictures we've taken in Lincoln. I've also updated our members page, so you can see the new crew members.

Make sure to come out in August for Old Lincoln Days, as we will be having a public presentation on what we find over the summer! More exciting things to come!

This picture is from our investigation of the courthouse, on the second floor in the masonic hall. Definitely the most active room of the night!

February Updates:

Hello 2017! And hello to old and new fans alike! Im happy to announce that after about 3 years or so of hiatus (life happens) LCP is working on some new things!

We are in the works of making a come back, thanks largely to some recent developments in our local historical sites that have lead to renewed interest in what we do; as well as the fact that, at least for the time being, our work schedules, etc, have become more flexible, which should allow us the time/ability to put attention back into LCP. Pretty exciting!

Along with new projects and plans to go hunting again, I've decided to update some things around the site, and time allowing, I'm working on an over-all revamp; so i apologize for any inconsistancies or weirdness until i get it all done! AND, I am working on a a new youtube mini series, where I share ghost stories and local history as I take you on mini tours around Lincoln County. I have already uploaded the first 2 episodes, which were a bit of a trial run. With time I hope to put more into these videos! Please give them a watch and leave us some feedback, and if you enjoy this new content, please like share and subscribe to our youtube for future videos!


Last but not least, I'm excited to announce that we will be adding a couple new members! Several of our old members have moved away from the area and that sort of thing that tends to happen in life. I will be introducing these new members soon!


Ye Old News:





Lincoln County Paranormal created this website to raise awareness and build interest in our organization and the things we do. We specialize in the paranormal. Located in Lincoln County New Mexico, we are a small group of friends who share the passion of investigating anything deemed paranormal, from ghosts and spirits to UFO’s, crypto-zoology and more,  we are interested in anything out of the ordinary.

Our goal is to try to capture scientific proof of the unknown and unexplainable; we do our best understand, explain, and prove which paranormal happenings are real, and which ones are natural occurrences with reasonable explanations. We like to use as many methods as we can.
We do our best to keep a balance of open mindedness, discernment, and common sense. We do not favor any specific method or religion as a group.

As for the Historical Society aspect of our group, ghosts are all about the past; we love our history, be it local or global, as well as the many historical sites and monuments; we hope to spread appreciation for these, perhaps create new and different positive interest in the past, for we'd like to see it well preserved.

We're always on the lookout for places and things to investigate! Got ghosts? Contact us!
Got ghost stories? Share them with us! Know about some hauntings?
Email them to us!

Check out our site for information, stories, and our evidence; then leave us some comments to tell us what you think!

Find us online and support us at these locations! Add us to see updates and more!